Posted by: maboulette | November 17, 2016

Trump Surrogate: Muslim Registry ‘Legal’


On of Trump’s surrogate, Carl Higbie, heading up the Trump-backing super PAC Great America, rationalized that a Muslim registry that is being proposed is legal and he is citing Japanese internment camps used doing World War II.


Higbie on Fox News Wednesday night argued that if internment camps of Japanese Americans were acceptable then a Muslim registry shouldn’t be any different. “It is legal, they say it will hold constitutional muster.  I know the ACLU is going to challenge it, but I think it will pass.  And we’ve done it with Iran back–back a while ago, we did  it during World War II with the Japanese, which, call it what you will it may be wrong.”


He was being interviewed by Megyn Kelly and she finally jumped in and asked him if he was seriously suggesting that the country return to the days of internment camps. 


Higbie countered what he was simply saying “the president needs to protect America first”.  The former Navy SEAL said that protecting America “means having people that are not protected under our Constitution, have some sort of registry so we have and understand – until we can identify the true threat and where it’s coming from, I support it.”


Mr. Higbie has you lost your mind.  Muslim Americans are protected under our Constitution – so what the hell are you really talking about?

This is exactly how Nazi Germany justified having a registry of German Jews.  Are you saying this is what America needs to become because for if it is, the ACLU will fight you, I will fight you and a lot of other Americans will turn again the Trump administration just as quickly as many Americans turned to Mr. Trump as their leader.

You tell your new president that he needs to come up with another idea as this one is against the Constitution.  Under the Constitution every one living is America is afforded the same rights and privileges that a white America born on this soil is afforded.





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