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‘Hillary Clinton is on the road to raising $45 million during her first quarter as a candidate, the Democratic front-runner’s campaign said on Wednesday, adding that 91 percent of donations have been $100 or less. The total captures the amount Clinton has raised since she launched her presidential run in mid-April.
The campaign has said it is aiming to gather $100 million before the end of 2015.’

After getting the above email yesterday I did a lot of thinking. There is something bothering me about the amount of money that is spent every year by people running for political office. Especially every 4 years for president. Currently there are 14 or 15 Republicans running for this office and 4 Democrats. If all these candidates raise half of what Clinton has what could be done with that amount of money?

In America 1 out of every 5 kids goes to bed hungry at night. Hunger is not caused by a lack of food but poverty – no money, no food. And yet millions and millions of dollar are spent by candidates running for some political office.

Every night around 640,000 people spend the night on the streets with over a quarter of these people being families. 12 percent are veterans.

Worst of all is that there are around 6 million elderly who are living in poverty and most living alone.

Christ taught that we should feed the hungry, take care of the elderly and orphans and provide shelter for the homeless. Yet millions are spent every year by people running for political office all promising to solve these problems. And things just get worse as yearly more and more is spend by those running for office and then doing nothing about the problems when they are elected.

It is time that we vote for those candidates who want to take the big money out of running for office. Ask your favourite candidate how they feel about this issue as I am certainly going to ask mine.

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I wrote this post 5 years ago – and I hoped we would be more tolerant by now.

Originally posted on As My World Turns:

British Library Add. MS 59874 Ethiopian Bible ...

I take offense at the Bible being used as a weapon as it seems to be happening with increasing frequency in today’s society. I take offense especially as it is being used in the ongoing debate over same sex marriage or homosexuality itself.

We live in a country that embraces freedom of religion as one of its founding principles. Even if you think homosexuality is against your religion, you have no right to persecute or discriminate against homosexuals or any group of people nor deny them any basic rights that other groups enjoy in this country. But it happens over and over again usually by some fundamentalist Christian holding a Bible in hand while spouting extremely un-Christian verbiage. I am frankly sickened by this narrow-mindedness. Granting a class of people freedom from harassment is not equal to condoning their lifestyle. And granting a class of people a basic human right…

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Published on Jun 26, 2015
Eulogy for Rev. Pinkney

Obama eulogizes pastor in Charleston shooting. Obama at funeral of Charleston shooting victim Clementa Pinckney and the other eight killed after Bible Study. This is the President being pastor in chief.

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President Barack Obama will this week release a long-awaited overtime rule aimed at raising wages for 5 million people as soon as 2016, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The proposed rule will more than double the salary level under which virtually all workers qualify for overtime pay whenever they work more than 40 hours in any given week. That threshold, now $23,660, will rise to $50,440.

The regulation would be the most sweeping policy undertaken by the president to assist the middle class, and it would constitute the most ambitious intervention in the wage economy in at least a decade.

Obama will announce the proposed regulation formally on Thursday during a trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin, but details will begin to be released by the White House on Tuesday.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Sunday county clerks who object to gay marriage can flout the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling to require states to recognize same-sex marriage. Paxton said the top court’s decision on Friday does not apply to First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion, which means county clerks can deny performing same-sex wedding ceremonies over their religious objections.   Paxton added that officials may face a lawsuit if they refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, but he vowed to provide legal support.

My home state of Texas just loves to stir up the waters.







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After Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling, there’s no longer any doubt: Barack Obama is one of the most significant presidents in American history — and he will be a towering figure in the history of American progressivism.

National health insurance has been the single defining goal of American progressivism for more than a century. There have been other struggles, of course: equality for women, African-Americans, and LGBT people; for environmental protection; against militarism in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. But ever since its inclusion in Teddy Roosevelt’s 1912 Bull Moose platform, a federally guaranteed right to health coverage has been the one economic and social policy demand that loomed over all others. It has been the gap between our welfare state and those of our peers in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

For more than a century, efforts to achieve national health insurance failed. Roosevelt’s third-party run came up short. His Progressive allies, despite support from the American Medical Association, failed to pass a bill in the 1910s. FDR declined to include health insurance in the Social Security Act, fearing it would sink the whole program, and the Wagner Act, his second attempt, ended in failure too. Harry Truman included a single-payer plan open to all Americans in his Fair Deal set of proposals, but it went nowhere. LBJ got Medicare and Medicaid done after JFK assassination, but both programs targeted limited groups.

Richard Nixon proposed a universal health-care plan remarkably similar to Obamacare that was killed when then–Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) walked away from a deal to pass it, in what Kennedy would later call his greatest regret as a senator. Jimmy Carter endorsed single-payer on the campaign trail, but despite having a Democratic super majority in Congress did nothing to pass it. And the failure of Bill Clinton’s health-care plan is the stuff of legend.
This all lead to employer based healthcare which added higher prices on any product manufactured in the USA and sent most larger companies fleeing the United States to other countries where the manufacturing costs were smaller because the employer did not have to provide healthcare to employees or their families in other countries.

Currently many are signed up with the Affordable Care plan but are not happy with the prices or deductibles. But the cost will get better as more and more citizens are signed up and when all states have their own exchanges. When all insurance carriers are selling through these state exchanges, the price of healthcare in our country will go down. If you research you will see that this is the goal that will finally become attainable.

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Separate attacks see gunman open fire on beach in Tunisian tourist resort, as man is decapitated in ‘Islamist attack’ near Grenoble.
What is known now:

• At least 27 confirmed dead in Tunisian tourist beach gun attack;

• British tourists caught up in shooting and now hiding in hotel rooms;

• Attacker ‘had gun battle on beach’ in Sousse, Tunisia;

• Man found decapitated at factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon, in separate attack;
• Head was found hanging from company enclosure with arabic writing on it;

• Several others also injured after attackers rammed their way into factory;

• Attackers caused explosion with gas containers;

• Suspect, aged 30, arrested and ‘thought to be the bomber';

• Two incidents come in wake of third attack at Kuwait mosque; 10 dead.

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Pope Francis called last Thursday for a cultural revolution that is bold in order to correct what he calls the “structurally perverse” economic system of the rich exploiting the poor that is turning Earth into an “immense pile of filth.”

In a sweeping manifesto that is aimed at spurring action in U.N. climate negotiations, domestic politics and everyday life, Francis explains the science of global warming, which he blames on an unfair, fossil fuel-based industrial model that he says harms the poor most. Citing Scripture and past popes’ and bishops’ appeals, he urges people of all faiths and no faith to undergo an awakening to save God’s creation for future generations.

On Sunday, the Pope told the weapons manufacturers around the world that they cannot call themselves Christian but instead that those who invest themselves in the weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christian.

Pope Francis continues to speak up about the problems of today’s world which many find unsetting while others find refreshing in a pope.

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The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a challenge to the reach of the Obama health care law, rescuing the program from a potentially fatal legal challenge for the second time since Obamacare’s inception.
By a 6-3 vote, the justices said consumers qualify for a subsidy that lowers the cost of premiums whether they buy their coverage through federal or state exchanges.

More than six million lower-income Americans who get their health insurance through the federal marketplace or exchange — HealthCare.Gov — depend on the subsidies, reducing their premiums an average of 72 percent, saving an average of $270 a month.

Opponents of the law claimed that the actual wording of the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress made subsidies available only to insurance customers who bought their policies through “an exchange established by the state” where the policyholders live.

If the challengers had prevailed, customers who bought their insurance on the federal exchange — by far the majority of those insured by Obamacare — would have lost the subsidies. Only 16 states now have their own health exchanges up and running.

The health insurance industry had warned that if the challenge succeeded, the Affordable Care Act would have entered a “death spiral” — with costs rising for a shrinking number of participants, eventually causing the system to collapse.
Among the law’s provisions are requirements that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions and that nearly all Americans obtain health insurance. Congress knew that those components of the health care system would not work, the Obama administration had argued, if the subsidies that make insurance affordable for millions of people were available only on state exchanges.

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There are many Americans who thought that when we elected Barack Obama as our first black president, we were cured! Racism was over – boy, were we wrong!
Just look at how many times Congress has gone against some change that Obama wants to make – they even go against what is good for their own constituents in order to deny Obama getting something he wants passed. If you have not noticed this then you are just blind. It didn’t happen just a few times – it has happened for Obama’s entire first term. That’s when we learned that racism isn’t cured; it was only hiding.

Since then it has exploded all over the place. Over and over again – black against white or white against black in law enforcement, in schools, in work and almost everywhere in our society. And we have to do something to stop it. We can no longer let this go on. No more – no more shootings in a black church by a self-avowed racist.

Back in 1963 four young black children were killed by a bomb in a black church in Birmingham Alabama. Fast forward to 2016, Bible Study in a black church in Charleston South Carolina- 9 adults shot and killed. Looks like things are worse not exactly better.

How do we stop this problem? Attitudes such as this have been passed down from generation to generation. Those of us who live in the South have heard words and attitudes against blacks our entire life, passed from grandparents to our parents. We stop this only by not passing these attitudes and words down to our children. Let the next generation be the first generation that does not have these attitudes to permeate their lives. Let this stop right here – right now.

This time has come when we all need to realize that the only difference between white and black Americans is just the color of their skin.

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