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Sarah Huckabee Sanders has gone AWOL

Press secretary

Last week it was reported that Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was preparing to resign. She denied this, but since that time, she’s begun steadily backing away from the job. Palmer Report pointed out earlier that she’s heavily scaled back her presence on the official @PressSec account on Twitter. Now it turns out she’s gone AWOL in the real world too.


The first sign of trouble came when Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t show up for her own White House press briefing just as Trump’s immigrant child cage scandal was exploding, and Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen was flown in to handle the briefing instead. Now there are no briefings at all. CNN’s Jim Acosta posted this today: “For the fourth straight day there was no WH briefing. No officials to explain how the admin plans to return the separated kids to their parents. This is how the briefing room looks… a few reporters waiting for answers that aren’t coming yet.”


He included a photo of some reporters working out of a half empty briefing room, while someone was casually leaning against the podium for support, as sign of just how long it’s been since the podium has been used for any briefings. Of course, the question is whether White House press briefings have come to an end because the Trump regime is hiding from the child cage scandal, or because Sarah Huckabee Sanders is too uncomfortable with the scandal to be willing to go out there and lie about it, or some combination of both.


Either way, at this point, the White House press briefings are no longer a thing, and the White House Press Secretary has gone AWOL. She can deny all she wants that she’s preparing to quit her job, but this isn’t how anyone behaves if they’re planning to remain on the job. Come to think of it, why isn’t her Deputy, Raj Shah, doing the briefings in her place? Of course, it’s been reported that he’s preparing to resign as well.

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Nielsen Stands By ‘Zero Tolerance’

Homeland Security Head

In a contentious press conference Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy that has led to the forced separated thousands of children from their families. Asked if the separations were tantamount to child abuse, Nielsen tersely replied, “Be more specific, please.” Echoing President Donald Trump, Nielsen blamed congressional Democrats for refusing to close “loopholes.”


One problem that is being ignored is the hundreds of children who have been sent all over the country to be “housed”.  If records were not kept well, some of these children might never be united with their parents again.  This is what some reporters need to be looking into.


I also advise everyone who is angered by the tragedy to call their Senator and Congressmen.  There will be votes coming up with week and tell them your vote when they next run will be dependent on how they vote on this current problem.


climate change

By Associated Press June 13, 2018

WASHINGTON — The melting of Antarctica is accelerating at an alarming rate, with about 3 trillion tons of ice disappearing since 1992, an international team of ice experts said in a new study.


In the last quarter century, the southern-most continent’s ice sheet — a key indicator of climate change — melted into enough water to cover Texas to a depth of nearly 13 feet (4 meters), scientists calculated. All that water made global oceans rise about three-tenths of an inch (7.6 millimeters).


From 1992 to 2011, Antarctica lost nearly 84 billion tons of ice a year (76 billion metric tons). From 2012 to 2017, the melt rate increased to more than 241 billion tons a year (219 billion metric tons), according to the study Wednesday in the journal Nature .

“I think we should be worried. That doesn’t mean we should be desperate,” said University of California Irvine’s Isabella Velicogna, one of 88 co-authors. “Things are happening. They are happening faster than we expected.”


Part of West Antarctica, where most of the melting occurred, “is in a state of collapse,” said co-author Ian Joughin of the University of Washington.


The study is the second of assessments planned every several years by a team of scientists working with NASA and the European Space Agency. Their mission is to produce the most comprehensive look at what’s happening to the world’s vulnerable ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland.

Outside experts praised the work as authoritative.

Unlike single-measurement studies, this team looks at ice loss in 24 different ways using 10 to 15 satellites, as well as ground and air measurements and computer simulations, said lead author Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds in England.


It’s possible that Antarctica alone can add about half a foot (16 centimeters) to sea level rise by the end of the century, Shepherd said. Seas also rise from melting land glaciers elsewhere, Greenland’s dwindling ice sheet and the fact that warmer water expands.

“Under natural conditions we don’t expect the ice sheet to lose ice at all,” Shepherd said. “There are no other plausible signals to be driving this other than climate change.”


Shepherd cautioned that this is not a formal study that determines human fingerprints on climate events.

Forces “that are driving these changes are not going to get any better in a warming climate,” said University of Colorado ice scientist Waleed Abdalati, a former NASA chief scientist who wasn’t part of the study team.


In Antarctica, it’s mostly warmer water causing the melt. The water nibbles at the floating edges of ice sheets from below. Warming of the southern ocean is connected to shifting winds, which are connected to global warming from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas, Shepherd said.


More than 70 percent of the recent melt is in West Antarctica.

The latest figures show East Antarctica is losing relatively little ice a year — about 31 tons (28 metric tons) — since 2012. It was gaining ice before 2012.


So far scientists are not comfortable saying the trend in East Antarctica will continue. It is likely natural variability, not climate change, and East Antarctica is probably going to be stable for a couple decades, said study co-author Joughin.

Another study in Nature on Wednesday found that East Antarctic ice sheet didn’t retreat significantly 2 million to 5 million years ago when heat-trapping carbon dioxide levels were similar to what they are now.

Twila Moon, a research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center who wasn’t part of the studies, said “ice-speaking, the situation is dire.”


News & Politics Alternet

When federal investigators searched and seized documents from the work and home of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump immediately denounced the action taken against his lawyer and seemed fearful about what the records might show.

In a new court filing from the FBI on Friday, it has now become clear why: Investigators have uncovered a large trove of documents and data that Cohen appears to have kept hidden.

The letter reveals that investigators reconstructed 16 pages of Cohen’s documents that had been shredded — indicating that they contained sensitive information he was trying to conceal.

The FBI also now has 731 pages of messages that Cohen sent on apps such as WhatsApp and Signal. These programs allow users to message other people while keeping the content of their texts encrypted. If Cohen was conducting criminal business over his phone, he was almost certainly using an encrypted messaging app — and the FBI may now have evidence of those crimes.

In addition, the FBI has two of Cohen’s BlackBerry phones. While it has been able to extract 315 megabytes of data from off the phone, the bureau notes that it is “in the process of attempting to extract data from the second phone.”



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Not A Good World Leader

G7 meeting Canada

Donald Trump’s performance at the G7 Summit was not one of United States best moments. He succeeded in offending the leaders of our closest U.S. allies, to the point that German Chancellor Angela Merkel stared him down and French President Emmanuel Macron all but told him off. First off, Trump arrived late, left early, and established his status as Putin’s puppet when he commanded that Russia be added to the G7. Now that Trump has failed on such a historic level, he’s launched one of his unhinged melt-down on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Earlier in the week, while talking with Trudeau on the phone, Trump falsely accused Canada of burning down the White House in the War of 1812 (Canada didn’t even become an independent nation until decades later). Now, Trump is going utterly berserk over Trudeau in a Twitter melt-down that’s all most of the edge of being scary.


First, Trump posted this hostile but meaningless threat: “Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!” Then Trump launched into a whine-fest about how Trudeau conducted himself: “PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, “US Tariffs were kind of insulting” and he “will not be pushed around.” Very dishonest & weak.”


Over the past week Donald Trump has attacked viciously or insulted the leaders of Canada, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom – even while praising Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Whatever team Trump is playing for, it’s not the one that’s on the side of America, freedom or democracy.

The man is a complete embarrassment to our country. Trump is driving our allies always with the tariff and trade war he is trying to start, while being big buddies with Putin and North Korea’s leader.



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New York AG Sues Trump, Children and Charitable Foundation

Trump and 3 oldest chldren

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed a lawsuit Thursday against President Donald Trump and three of his adult children alleging a pattern of illegal conduct over a decade related to his personal charity, including unlawful political coordination with his 2016 presidential campaign and self-dealing transactions to benefit Trump’s personal and business interests.


The suit before the New York Supreme Court grew out of an investigation launched by the Democratic attorney general’s office in June 2016. It also seeks special proceedings from the court to dissolve Trump’s charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, and obtain $2.8 million in restitution and other penalties.


Underwood, who succeeded Eric Schneiderman in May, also sent referral letters Thursday to the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Election Commission raising possible federal law violations.


“As our investigation reveals, the Trump Foundation was little more than a checkbook for payments from Mr. Trump or his businesses to nonprofits, regardless of their purpose or legality,” Underwood said in a prepared statement. “This is not how private foundations should function and my office intends to hold the Foundation and its directors accountable for its misuse of charitable assets.”

Trump and his foundation immediately blasted the lawsuit as politically motivated.


“The sleazy New York Democrats, and their now disgraced (and run out of town) A.G. Eric Schneiderman, are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took in $18,800,000 and gave out to charity more money than it took in, $19,200,000. I won’t settle this case!” Trump tweeted, adding, “Schneiderman, who ran the Clinton campaign in New York, never had the guts to bring this ridiculous case, which lingered in their office for almost 2 years. Now he resigned his office in disgrace, and his disciples brought it when we would not settle.”


Trump’s foundation issued a statement also panning Underwood’s action as a blatant political move.


“This is the NYAG playing politics and nothing more. In fact, the Foundation had already proposed its own voluntary dissolution over a year and half ago,” the statement read.


The foundation went on to criticize Underwood for releasing the lawsuit on the same day that the Justice Department inspector general is due to release a report on whether former FBI Director James Comey and other officials improperly handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. It also noted that the release came after Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


“The political motivations behind this are made all the more obvious. The NYAG decision to file this petition on the very day of the issuance of the Inspector General’s Report on the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation; and on the heels of an historically successful diplomatic mission abroad,” the statement said. “And this filing comes after the NYAG had already interminably ‘investigated’ this matter for almost two years.”


trump meeting

Information Palmer Report

Donald Trump appeared to flip flop yet again on whether or not he’s willing to be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Just days ago he told reporters that he would do it because he’s innocent, but two days later he told reporters that such an interview is “unlikely” because he’s innocent. Trump is running out of time, as Mueller reportedly wants the interview to happen within the next few weeks. Now one prominent legal expert says that if the interview doesn’t happen, Mueller is ready to file criminal charges against Trump.


Trump said today that “it seems unlikely they could even have an interview” between him and Mueller. As has been explained, his hesitant flip flopping on this matter is a sign that he knows he’s screwed either way. If he grants the interview, he’ll have to either admit to obstruction or get charged with lying about obstruction. If he pleads the fifth to avoid the interview, he’s finished politically. But now it turns out Trump is really screwed if he doesn’t grant the interview.


Norm Eisen, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, summed it up this way on Twitter: “Given the state of the obstruction evidence, if POTUS refuses an interview, Mueller WILL file charges.” He went on to add “either criminally or more likely with Congress.” But considering how thoroughly the Republican majority in Congress has thrown its weight behind protecting Trump from prosecution over the past few weeks, it’s difficult to imagine that they would allow impeachment hearings to begin, no matter how damning the charges are against Trump. Mueller has clearly been going for the kill from the start. We believe it’s more likely that he’ll file criminal charges against Trump.


Many among the public are under the mistaken impression that Robert Mueller can’t file criminal charges against a sitting president. However, there is no solid legal precedent to substantiate this. Richard Nixon was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator, a route Mueller could go here. But he could also get Trump indicted, and seek to put him on trial in a court of law; the Supreme Court would have to rule on whether he has this power. But one way or the other, some kind of charges against Trump are coming if he doesn’t give Mueller an int

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Trump as A World Leader


Donald Trump spent the entire G7 Summit embarrassing himself and the United States and alienating himself from key U.S. allies in the process, while absurdly pushing for Russia to be added to the G7. But when it was all over, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that all seven leaders – including Trump – had signed a communique condemning Russia. Trump then insisted this wasn’t true and began viciously attacking Trudeau. That’s when Senator John McCain decided to intervene.


On Saturday evening, Trudeau announced to the media that all seven G7 leaders had signed this statement: “We condemn the attack using a military grade nerve agent in Salisbury, United Kingdom. We share and agree with the United Kingdom’s assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation was responsible for the attack, and that there is no plausible alternative explanation.”


Less than an hour later, Trump jumped on Twitter and announced that he was not signing the statement, even though he had apparently already done so. Trump went on to accuse Trudeau of being a liar, while also calling him “meek and mild” and “very dishonest & weak.” This set off instant controversy. Trump had been jawing at Trudeau for days, but this was a new low, even for Trump, turning the G7 into a full-blown scandal and international incident.


Not long after, John McCain took to Twitter to push back against Donald Trump, tweeting “To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t.” McCain, who is terminally ill, has made clear that he does not want Trump at his funeral, and he instead invited President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush to deliver his eulogy.

How embarrassing this President is for our country!

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A Brief History of Trump’s Political Lies


What’s the most recent lie Donald Trump has told? Was it his lie about the Philadelphia Eagles showing that they don’t respect the flag and our national anthem when they didn’t show up at the White House on Tuesday? In fact, none of the Eagles “took a knee” during the playing of the national anthem last season. Was it his umpteenth denunciation of his Attorney General for refusing to warn him that he would recuse himself from the Russia investigation? In fact, neither Trump or Sessions had been made aware of any investigation of Trump’s campaign at the time he appointed Sessions to the office of Attorney General in November of 2016, so Sessions could hardly have warned him about something he had no knowledge of.

Trump’s lies are so fast and furious — the Washington Post estimates that he has told five or six of them a day since he took office — that I got curious about what the very first lie he told when he started running for president, so I went back and had a look at his announcement for president in June of 2015.

I have to say, we should have seen him coming: a fake candidate, running a fake campaign, making a fake announcement for president in front of a fake crowd. That was Donald Trump on June 16, 2015, the day he descended the escalator in Trump Tower and announced that he was running for president. The lying began with the very first words out of his mouth as a candidate for president: “Wow. Whoa. That is some group of people. Thousands. This is beyond anybody’s expectations. There’s been no crowd like this.”

He had a row of American flags behind him, and he faced a crowd of what could have been, because of the size of the lobby of Trump Tower, only several hundred spectators. Who were they, these cheering “thousands?” Many in the crowd had been hired from a New York-based casting agency for movie extras, Extra Mile Casting. Four days previously, the agency had put out a casting call: “We are looking to cast people for the event to wear T-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement,” the agency’s email said. “We understand this is not a traditional ‘background job,’ but we believe acting comes in all forms and that is inclusive of this school of thought,” the agency explained. 

CNN would later report that on the street outside Trump Tower, “campaign volunteers flagged down pedestrians to hand them the campaign T-shirts and invite them inside for the announcement.”

With his fake crowd looking on, Trump began telling lie after lie after lie. What were we doing that day? Weren’t we paying attention to him at all? Because the lies poured out of him like a geyser.

“When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time.” This from the man who would go on to impose fake tariffs on China and move to bail out the Chinese communications giant, ZTE, recently fined $1.2 billion for violating sanctions on trade with North Korea and Iran. $1.2 billion! That fine will never go through, they’ll never feel its pain, because the man who said “I beat China all the time” has let them off the hook.

Quickly, he pivoted to the country that would become his chief campaign whipping boy, Mexico. “And now they are beating us economically,” he wailed. They are not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically.” Mexico, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.15 trillion that year. United States GDP in 2015? $18.04 trillion. Hell, California’s GDP was more than twice that of Mexico at $2.45 trillion. I looked in vain for a story about Trump’s presidential announcement that would pick up just this one lie, about Mexico “killing us economically.” Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Trump was standing right there in front of us telling lies, and nobody called him out. Hell, nobody even noticed.

Then came his famous denunciation of Mexican immigrants. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” To support this outright gibberish, Trump told another lie: “I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting.” He didn’t speak to a single border guard. He didn’t pay attention to statistics that prove immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes than native born Americans. He just stood there making shit up.

Muslim terrorists were next: “Islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the Middle East. They’ve become rich. I’m in competition with them.” Huh? Trump is competing with ISIS? WTF? Where did that come from?

“They took the oil that, when we left Iraq, I said we should’ve taken,” Trump declared. Oh, I get it now. We should have driven oil tankers into the desert in Iraq and “taken” the oil. That makes total sense. In 2015, Iraq’s oil production averaged 4.1 million barrels a day. With 42 gallons of oil in each barrel, that’s 160 million gallons of oil being pumped to the surface each day. With an average semi-truck oil tanker carrying 9,100 gallons, “taking” Iraq’s oil would have meant driving about 18,000 tankers into the oil fields each day and filling them up and driving away. And doing the same thing the next day. And the next. That’s what we would have had to do to “take” Iraq’s oil.

Did anyone point out this obvious lie Trump told about “taking” Iraq’s oil? Nope. Nobody did.

Off he went on Obamacare, first attacking the website used to sign up for the program: “And remember the $5 billion website? $5 billion we spent on a website, and to this day it doesn’t work. A $5 billion website.” Lie and lie. Estimates of the cost of setting up ran from $834 million to $2.1 billion. Did it work? Almost 9 million Americans signed up for Obamacare from November 2014 to February 2015, the official sign up period. Prior to the implementation of Obamacare, 47 million Americans were without health insurance. By 2015, that number had dropped to 29 million. A year later, that number dropped to 27 million.

Trump was out there on the very first day he ran for president lying over and over and over again. He lied that he would impose a “tax” of 35 percent on cars imported into the U.S. Never happened. He said Ford Motor Company would change its mind about building a new plant in Mexico and “beg for a little while,” and say “please, please, please.” Ford cancelled the plant in Mexico and moved it to China. Will those Ford cars made in China face tariffs when they are shipped back here? Take a guess.

He said the Saudis would start paying for the protection we give them with our military. “There is so much wealth out there that can make our country so rich again, and therefore make it great again. Because we need money. We’re dying. We’re dying. We need money. We have to do it. And we need the right people.”

Where do you begin? We’re “dying.” “We need money.” He yelled about the national debt, said we’d soon be at $20 trillion. Well, he got that one right. But what has he done about it? Pass a tax cut that will produce an annual deficit of $1 trillion by next year, according to the Committee for a Responsible Budget, a non-partisan watchdog group.

He said, “we need the right people.” Hard to argue with that. Who would he go on to hire in his cabinet? Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. How long did he last? 231 days. Out because he had spent one million dollars on private jets flying around the country and overseas. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt: currently facing at least 14 investigations for flying first class on the taxpayer’s dime, spending over $3 million on his private security detail, renting a sweetheart deal room on Capitol Hill from a lobbyist doing business with the EPA, and using one of his EPA assistants to run personal errands for him on the taxpayer’s dime. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who’s been flying around on private planes. HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who tried to spend $31,000 of tax-payer dollars on a new dining room table for his office.

He claimed Obama couldn’t get anything done because he was always “out playing golf.” Trump has been in office for 495 days. He has spent 115 days playing golf. That’s about 25 percent of his presidency spent hitting a little white ball and chasing it on an electric cart. At least Obama walked.

Trump trumpeted his love for generals: “I will find — within our military, I will find the General Patton or I will find General MacArthur, I will find the right guy. I will find the guy that’s going to take that military and make it really work. Nobody, nobody will be pushing us around.” He hired General Michael Flynn as his first national security adviser. Fired. Under indictment for lying to the FBI. Cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He replaced Flynn with General H.R. McMaster. Fired. He lasted one year and one month. Do you know who the U.S. commanders are in Iraq and Afghanistan? Neither do I. Oh, I could look them up on Google, but why bother? Trump probably doesn’t know who they are, either.

He bragged about his phony 10 billion dollar net worth, and attacked the stock market as “so bloated.” Practically every time the Dow Jones Average has gone up, he’s taken credit for it. When it goes back down, you couldn’t find him with a bloodhound.

He claimed he was going to “save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts. Have to do it.” What did Republicans do the day after they passed their tax cut for billionaires and millionaires? They started claiming that they were going to have to cut Medicare and Social Security because they were blowing up the deficit. Where was Trump? He was walking through a big dinner down at Mar a Lago telling his rich friends, “you just got a lot richer.”

“Sadly, the American dream is dead,” Trump concluded. “But if I get elected president I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again.”

He trademarked “Make America Great Again” as a campaign slogan in 2012, three years before he announced for president. You can buy an “official” MAGA hat on his own personal website, A red one costs $25. A pink one will set you back $30. He’s offering a 20 percent discount on blue and yellow hats at $40.

Or you can get the official North Korea Summit coin, depicting Donald J. Trump and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim jung Un for $24.95. If you act fast, you can pick one up at a discount for $19.95, from the website offering them,, which has nothing to do with either the White House or Donald Trump.

Trump has been lying to us from day one. He told dozens of whoppers every time he stepped before an audience at campaign rallies in 2016. He ordered his press secretary to go before the press on the day he took office and lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. He has kept lying, day after day, lie after lie.

We weren’t listening closely enough on June 16, 2015 when he told one lie after another making his announcement for the presidency. We’ve been paying for it ever since.


Another Trump

Small business owners who supported Donald Trump are complaining about troubles hiring foreign seasonal labour.


After interviewing multiple landscaping business owners it is shown that they are unable to hire Americans for the same wages as foreign labour.  One such owner is Eddie Devine who voted for Trump but worries he may go out of business if he is unable to continue hiring 20 foreign workers a season though the H-2B visa program.  “I feel like I’ve been tricked by the devil,” Devine admitted. “I feel so stupid.”


Devin says Trump’s policies are more about race than economics, noting that Trump properties in New York and Florida rely upon the H-2B visa program for 144 jobs a year.   “I think there’s a war on brown people,” he argued. “I want to know why it’s OK for him to get his workers, but supporters like me don’t get theirs.”


 “We live and die by these visas,” said Ken Monin, owner of Monin Construction. “Last year we about went bankrupt. The workers we were supposed to get in March didn’t show up until August because they couldn’t get visas.”   “Americans don’t want most of these jobs,” Monin claimed.


Coal mining jobs Trump campaigned on bringing back no longer exist. In Decatur, Ill., far from the coal mines of Appalachia, Caterpillar engineers are working on the future of mining: mammoth haul trucks that drive themselves.


The trucks have no drivers, not even remote operators. Instead, the 850,000-pound vehicles rely on self-driving technology, the latest in an increasingly autonomous line of trucks and drills that are removing some of the human element from digging for coal.


Trump promised he would bring coal-mining jobs back to America. But the jobs he alluded to — hardy miners in maze-like tunnels with picks and shovels — have steadily become vestiges of the past.  Out of work coal miners voted in large numbers for Trump after he promised to bring coal mining jobs back.


“However way you spin it, gas and renewables are going to continue to replace coal,” said Nicolas Maennling, senior economics and policy researcher at Columbia University and an author of the automation study.  “And in order to stay competitive, coal will have to increase automation,” he said.


Back during the election, anyone who had researched just a little would never had made these promises to out of work coal miners of bring coal mining jobs back.



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