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Earlier last month, the United States, Iran, and other world partners signed what is being called a historic agreement that limit Iran’s nuclear program. The Nation has called this agreement a “victory for all who favor patient, sometimes frustrating diplomacy over those who favor confrontation, even war,” and acclaimed its apparent ability to transform US-Iran relations.

But the right wing warmongers are threatening to undermine all of this evolution. Some of the same people who brought us the invasion of Iraq are advising members to discard the deal, a move that would risk bringing us closer to another war.

Some members of Congress are threatening to interference with the deal. If they get their way, it would put us back on the path to conflict with Iran and increase the possibility of war.

Let all your Congressional members know you are against anything that would cause another war in the Middle East as America has already lost too much money and too many young men and women in the current conflicts in the Mid-East.

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A vaccine recently developed against Ebola virus has a 100 percent protection in preliminary study.  In fact, it showed so much promise that the World Health Organization is beginning vaccinations to “all people at risk.” 

According to a statement release today Friday, the VSV-EBOV vaccine is being hailed as “highly effective” and might help to prevent the spread of this deadly disease in current and future outbreaks. 

Trials began in March in Guinea, one of the 3 West African nations rocked in the most recent outbreak.   Over 4,000 people who came in contact with almost 100 Ebola patients participated in the trial, according to the WHO release.  Officials with WHO said it could take as much as two months to develop more supply.  More than 10,000 people have died in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia since the beginning of the epidemic last year.



Pope Francis began a week long trip to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay last Sunday, where he has focused much of his attention on the church’s embrace of the poor, as well as promoting ecological awareness.  

But on issues of the family, the pontiff hinted that “scandalous” changes could be on the Catholic Church’s horizon after bishops gather in Rome for a meeting on the topic later this year. 

The meeting is a continuation of a synod that began in fall of 2014 and which addressed contentious issues, such as allowing communion for divorced Catholics and extending a welcome to people in the LGBT community.

The catechism, or official teaching, of the Catholic Church states that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and that people attracted to the opposite sex must remain celibate. Pope Francis signaled a more understanding attitude, however, when he famously said in 2013: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” 

In a sermon Monday in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the pope said the bishops will “consider concrete solutions to the many difficult and significant challenges facing families in our time.”

“I ask you to pray fervently for this intention,” he said of the search for solutions, “so that Christ can take even what might seem to us impure, scandalous or threatening, and turn it … into a miracle. Families today need miracles!”

Jesuit priest James Martin cautioned that it’s still unclear what the pope meant, exactly, when he said change was on the horizon.

“Notice that he said that God turns what we think is ‘impure, threatening or scandalous’ into something beautiful,” Martin said in an email to HuffPost.

“That could mean almost anything. Remember, though, that Jesus frequently went out to people seen as ‘impure’ (tax collectors, prostitutes, the sick) and healed them and restored them to the community. The Pope may be asking us to remember that God can do the same today.”

Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of Catholic LGBT organization DignityUSA, said she thought the pope’s statement sent “clear signals” that he recognizes the damage Catholic teaching does to LGBT familes.

It’s high time, she argued, the church amended its stance on LGBT issues in order to better serve the Catholic flock.

“The current reality, where we are too often denied sacraments, means we are not full members of our Church,” she told The Huffington Post. “It’s time for the pain and alienation this causes to be stopped.”

The church has showed signs recently, she added, “that there may be openness to reconsidering the official stance on LGBT people and our families, as well as other kinds of families currently alienated by Church teachings.” 

Francis DeBernardo, executive director of LGBT Catholic organization New Ways Ministry, told HuffPost he wasn’t expecting “big policy changes” at the synod in October. But he added that the debate, which got underway at the 2014 synod, signaled “an important and big first step towards eventual changes down the road.”

A drafted report released during the course of last year’s meeting of bishops proposed greater openness toward divorced Catholics and members of the LGBT community. “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community,” the document stated. “Are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a further space in our communities?” 

Many applauded the report as a “revolutionary” shift away from more condemning attitudes in the church, but celebration didn’t last long. The bishops promptly backtracked on the document, rewording passages that seemed to stray too far from traditional teaching. 

Pope Francis welcomed the “animated discussions” the document engendered at the time, but warned against “hostile inflexibility, that is, wanting to close oneself within the written word, (the letter) and not allowing oneself to be surprised by God.”

Holy See press officer Tom Rosica said the pope asked for the entire document, including the rejected paragraphs, to be made public “to show the degree of maturity that has taken place and that which still needs to take place in discussions over the coming year.” 



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Hillary Clinton Democratic presidential candidate stated she never sent or received e-mails considered classified at the time through the private e-mail account she used while secretary of state.

“I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received,” she told reporters in Iowa, after news occurred this week that a federal watchdog had asked the FBI to appraisal whether possible classified material in her e-mails had been threatened during a State Department review of the messages ahead of public release.

“The facts are pretty clear,” she said, recapping her campaign’s message on Friday as news of the referral unfolded.

The current confusion, Clinton said, comes from disagreements between federal agencies about whether certain information should have been characterized as classified at the time.

“What I think you’re seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion—to some extent disagreement—among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released,” she said.

In a line of argument related to the defense from the candidate and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, about some of the Clinton Foundation’s donors, Hillary Clinton said the debate over whether some messages should have been classified had only become an issue because of her request that the State Department release her e-mails in the interest of transparency.

“If I just turned it over, we would not be having this conversation,” she said. “But when I said, ‘Hey, I want it to be public,’ it has to go through the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] process. That’s what’s going on here. And I am going to continue to say that I want it to be made public as soon as it possibly can. And we will do whatever we can to try to get the process to move along.”

Clinton ignored a question about whether the Justice Department should investigate the possible sending of classified materials through unsecured channels.

“They can fight over it or argue over it. That’s up to them,” she said, holding up her palms to the reporters. “I can just tell you what the facts are. And there is nothing contradicted in those facts by anything that anybody has said so far.”

An article from the federal watchdog said the office had found 4 e-mails out of a sample for 40 containing classified intelligence community data that should have been marked and handled at the secret level. 

Asked whether she knew what those four e-mails were, Clinton said, “I have no idea.”

The Times article never discloses that this is about an after-the-fact review of Clinton’s emails conducted long after she left the State Department is simply inexcusable. That this all comes from a concern about the accidental release of classified information—a fact that goes unmentioned—is even worse.

In other words, the Times has twisted and turned in a way that makes this story seem like something it most decidedly is not. This is no Clinton scandal. It is no scandal at all. It is about current bureaucratic processes, probably the biggest snooze-fest in all of journalism.

Concerning the Times’ reporting on Clinton’s email story; the paper revealed the existence of her private email address last spring, a major scoop, but was missing information on whether it established a violation of laws or regulations.

Recent polls released today have Clinton leading all the other candidates from both sides of the political parties.   She is 44% ahead of the Republican candidates.

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A piece of plane debris has mysteriously washed up on the island of La Reunion which is an island in the French Indian Ocean.  This has prompt speculation that it could be a part of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.  The wreckage that was 2 metric long, seems to be a part of a wing and found by people cleaning up the beach. 

“It was covered in shells, so one would say it had been in the water a long time.”  Officials with the French air transport has already opened a probe to study where the wreckage could have come from.  Xavier Tytelman, who is an expert in security in aviation, stated that it could not be ruled out that the wreckage belonged to MH370 that vanished without a trace in March of last year. 

No part of the wreckage has ever been found in one of aviation’s great mysteries and Malaysian authorities in January declared all on board presumed dead.  The plane disappeared en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 souls on board. 

Tytelman also stated that local media photos showed “incredible similarities between #B777 flaperon and the debris found “referring to a Boeing 777 – the type of plane that disappeared.  

He also noted a reference on the wreckage: BB670.  “This code is not a plane’s registration number, nor serial number.  However…it’s clear that this reference would allow a quick identification.  In a few days, we will have a definitive answer.” Tytelan said. 

Boeing released a statement saying “committed to supporting the MH370 investigation and the search for this airplane.”  “We continue to share our technical expertise and analysis.  Our goal, along with the entire global aviation industry, continues to be not only to find the airplane, but also to determine what happened – and why.” Said the US aviation giant.    

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From the Daily Beast

The man who shot eleven people in a Lafayette, La. movie theater on Thursday left a destroyed, booby-trapped house behind when he was evicted last year.

The brick home on 32nd Street in Phenix City, Alabama is empty. Its suburban white trimmings and sprawling backyard pool are littered with weeds, while purple paint splatters stain the mahogany wood patio.

When John Russell “Rusty” Houser was evicted from this quiet corner house in March 2014, sheriffs said, he trashed the place, dousing it in paint and gasoline and stuffing concrete down its pipes.

When the new home-owners decided to renovate, they had to call the fire department twice in one day after booby-trapped doors burst into flames.
“There was some tampering with the gas line that ran into the fireplaces,” said Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor. Tracie Chancey, who has lived on 32nd Street with her husband and children since 2007, feared that the arson could have been much worse. “It shook us up when we found out what he did to that home.”

Houser is now dead after shooting eleven people, killing two young women and eventually himself in a Lafayette, La. movie theater on Thursday. But his path of self-destruction was visible inside and outside his former 32nd Street house in Phenix City.

His yard was unkempt and littered with vehicle parts and the automobiles he tinkered with, cursing up a storm that led to his elderly next-door neighbors building a single-story brick fence between them. He offered to fix his neighbor’s cars from time to time, or invited them to use his pool, but otherwise kept to himself.
“He was eccentric,” Chancey said. “Just kind of different.”

He appeared to live alone in the house after his wife, Kellie Maddox Houser, requested a protective order against him in 2008.

When the new home-owners decided to renovate, they had to call the fire department twice in one day after booby-trapped doors burst into flames.

The tiny Alabama town that Houser left behind in a manic huff now wonders aloud at what could have been a tragedy in their own backyard.

“I like it here because it’s so quiet. It’s really mind-boggling that something like that would happen so close,” said Russ Lenig, who lived two doors down from Houser. “It could have happened here.”
Houser grew up and lived most of his life in Columbus, Ga., a mile across the state border from Phenix City. He had lived in the 32nd Street home, though he still owned property in Columbus, in 2005—the same year his wife accused him of domestic violence. (No official charges were filed.)

The next year, Houser applied for a concealed carry permit but was denied based on a previous arson charge and his wife’s allegations. He was then committed to a mental hospital in Columbus in 2008.

“Alabama’s dealing with a mental illness issue around the state. We’ve had, I believe, two or three mental hospitals close in the last several years,” Taylor said. “Obviously, that might not be the first place we need to cut funding.”

The sheriff said it’s now tougher to deny gun permits than in 2006, when authorities were able to keep Houser from legally carrying a concealed weapon.

“Today, it would be extremely difficult to potentially deny that very case,” Taylor said. “This could have went a lot worse than it did.”


In a stunning attack on a leader of his own party, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of lying to him and said he couldn’t be trusted. At issue were assurances Cruz claimed McConnell, R-Ky., had given that there was no deal to allow a vote to renew the federal Export-Import Bank – a little-known federal agency that has become a rallying cry for conservatives.

While the Republicans are arguing among themselves, Texas will turn blue.

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Jeb Bush wants to get rid of tax credits for the oil and gas industry.
“I think we should phase out, through tax reform, the tax credits for wind, for solar, for the oil and gas sector, for all that stuff,” the 2016 Republican candidate said Wednesday in New Hampshire according to a video make by grassroots environmental group 350 Action.
“I don’t think we should pick losers and winners,” Bush added, saying: “I think tax reform ought to be to lower the rate as far as you can and eliminate as many of these subsidies, all of the things that impede the ability for a dynamic way to get to where we need to get, which is low cost energy that is respectful of the environment.”
Bush’s remarks arrived in response to questions from a 350 Action activist after the 2016 Republican candidate appeared at an event held by the conservative support group Americans for Prosperity in Manchester, New Hampshire.
When pressed by the activist on whether he would get rid of all fossil fuel subsidies, Bush replied: “All of them. Wind, solar, all renewables, and oil and gas.”
That position is sure to ruffle feathers in the oil and gas industry, a sector that has fought long to maintain its current treatment under the tax code.
The appeal to end credits for fossil fuels might win the 2016 Republican contender sedate praise from environmentalists who say that the oil and gas industry unfairly benefits from tax breaks that put clean energy at a competitive disadvantage. His call to end tax credits for solar and wind, however, won’t sit well with green activists.

A Bush spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment.

Bush has previously called for a phase-out of the wind production tax credit, a policy endowment that has helped the American wind industry get off the ground.

The 2016 Republican contender called for tax reform during an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader earlier this month, saying he would support “simplifying the code as dramatically as you can.”

Certain cities in the United States began designating themselves as sanctuary cities during the 1980s. Officers shall not arrest nor book persons for violation of title 8, section 1325 of the United States Immigration code (Illegal Entry). Some of the 31 American cities are Washington, D.C.; New York City and Austin, Texas

Days after an undocumented laborer was charged with the murder of a San Francisco woman, former Gov. Rick Perry called for federal funding to be pulled from so-called sanctuary cities — the common term for local governments that don’t enforce federal immigration laws.

The alleged gunman, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, was released by San Francisco law enforcement despite a request by immigration and Customs Enforcement to notify the agency before his release, according to a CNN report.

Perry’s proposal, released via email on Thursday, includes making sanctuary cities ineligible for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, a U.S. Justice Department program that awards millions of dollars to local governments to ease the cost of jailing undocumented immigrants.

Today on Meet the Press, former Gov. Perry stated that Texas doesn’t have any sanctuary cities. Oh, no, no, no Gov. Perry, you just flat out lied on this subject as Austin Texas where I live is a sanctuary city as well as Houston and El Paso. Gov. you need to study before any television appearances – and you really need to study before the 1st debate. You must think that Texas Democrats are just flat dumb.

So repeat after me – “Texas does have sanctuary cities and I just misspoke on Meet the Press Sunday the 17th of June”. And something else I don’t understand is that no one on Meet the Press asked you about sanctuary cities in Texas but you just popped off with your little gem of wisdom anyway.

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<> on May 19, 2015 in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

<> on May 19, 2015 in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Boosting her social media outreach to younger voters, Hillary Rodham Clinton offered comfort to gay youths in a Facebook posting that is getting wide attention online.

Advancing her social media outreach to younger voters, Hillary Clinton is seeking to offer support to GAY YOUTHS in a posting that is drawing wide online attention.

“Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing,” Clinton wrote Friday on the Facebook page for Humans of New York, a popular blog. “You will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of and the incredible things you go on to do. Find the people who love and believe in you — there will be lots of them.”

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