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John Bolton National Security Advisor

President Trump appointed John Bolton for National Security Advisor.  This is the man that is ready to go to war with North Korea now.  Members of  President Bush’s administration have tried to warn the President that this is not the man to put into his administration because of Bolton’s readiness to go to war with almost any country.   Bolton is considered radical even by neo-cons standards.


Bolton is one of the key figures of neoconservatism, a political tendency that believes the United States should follow and defend primacy or unlimited power – especially by military means.  Many head the drum beats in the background and they are beginning to get louder and louder.


The neocons originally were a small group of conservatives who were upset with the US’s refusal to spend adequately on military defense. Many started working for the anti-communist Democratic senator, Henry Jackson, in the 1970s, but by the Reagan era, they had become Republicans. In contrast to conservatives who favoured détente with the USSR, the neocons advocated an aggressive confrontation and huge increases in military spending. Under Ronald Reagan, they began to get what they wanted


After the Cold War ended, they still advocated a much more hostile foreign policy, insisting that all options be kept on the table to tackle new “threats” facing the US.  But the neocons, still encouraged a much more hostile foreign policy, insisting that all options be kept on the table to tackle new “threats” facing the US.


They spent the 1990s crafting a blueprint for American power,which included military intervention and nation-building in the Middle East. With the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001, this blueprint became Bush administration policy.  Neocons advocated the invasion of Iraq in order to follow a democratic change to the Middle East; in the words of Donald Rumsfeld, to pursue terrorists in the region and “drain the swamp they live in”.


Bolton was one of the largest proponent of the 2003 invasion ofIraq, boasting that at the time that Iraqis would “welcome U.S. troop” with open arms.  It didn’t really work out that way!  Can you hear the drums of war?

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Falsehoods During the Month Leading Up To Mid-term Election

According to the reporting of Daniel Dale of the Toronto-Star, President Trump told 815 false claims in his rallies leading up to the mid-term election.  Daniel Dale fact checked every claim that President Trump made during the 30 days prior to the election and showed that the President broke previous records for any one month. 


Trump make 664 false claims in October which was double his previous record for a calendar month; April was 320.  Trump averaged 26.3 lies per day in the month leading up to the midterms, while before that he was averaging 2.9 per day.  To get a update weekly on the president’s lie or false claims, go to or the Star Online at Facebook.


How could we have elected a president whose most important achievement is the number of false claims or lies he tells every day?  I just don’t understand this when the person he was running against was labelled many times as the most intelligent person to ever run for the presidency of the United States.  


I only hope the United States has learned a lesson and does better during the next presidential election scheduled in November of 2020.  Perhaps we each should do our own fact checking on what the candidate who will be running against Trump is saying.  That would be easier than trying to fact check all of Trump’s falsehoods.

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Honoring Veterans of World War I

Did Trump Embarrass Only Himself or Also the United States

Over the weekend, President Trump traveled toFrance to mark the centennial of the end of World War. While there, Trumpskipped a ceremony honouring fallen American WWI soldiers.


Trump as the elected leader of the United States totally embarrassed the United States by his disgraceful actions,because he is the representative of the United States. He showed a completelack of respect for fallen veterans. It is very difficult to imagine anyAmerican official acting this way?


He is so craven & out of touch that he managed to offend international allies and every American veteran, embarrass the entire country, surely put off GOP donors and highlight the members in the Senate … all in 36 hours.


I’m not even mad at Trump anymore. I’m more angry at the 62.9 million voters that allegedly voted for him, and the well over 50 million eligible voters that DIDN’T vote in the 2016 election, and the fact that the electoral college exists. We have to direct our frustrations and outcries toward the resolutions to the problems at hand. Next time, just remember last time!

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Is Trump Losing Control of the White House?

Trump crying

In the week since President Trump’s party lost control of the House of Representatives, almost guaranteeing that his criminal scandals are about to become the focus of the nation, many are seeing him acting in an unhinged fashion getting progressively while ignoring the most basic aspects of the job. Behind the scenes, things are even worse; far worse.


Donald Trump is circling the drain so quickly, his own people are running to the media to sound the alarm – and many of them are cracking up as badly as he is. One instance, some of Trump’s people are telling MSN that since the midterms, he’s retreated into a “cocoon of bitterness and resentment” and they are all trying to keep their distance from him. Another Trump insider is telling Politico that Trump has become so withdrawn, allowing his people to run amok, this White House has become something out of an episode of  Maury Povich.


In other words, Trump is not a guy who’s eagerly gearing up for the impending fight of his life. Instead he’s falling apart and withdrawing, isn’t bothering to do what it takes to try to protect himself, isn’t bothering to do the job, and isn’t even interested in keeping up appearances.


This all comes as President Trump’s lawyers are finalizing his answers to Robert Mueller’s questions about Donald Trump Jr’s Russia crimes, as Mueller seems only days away from handing down indictments. Trump’s one post-midterms strategy, the weird and somewhat risky move of installing Matthew Whitaker at the DOJ, is already falling apart. Oh, and here come the subpoenas – Mr. President are you ready of any of this?


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6,420 False or Misleading Claims Over 649 Days – Guess Who?


The Washington Post on Friday reported that Trump made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days


 During the first nine months of his presidency, Trump made 1,328 false or misleading claims, an average of five a day.  But in the 7 week leading up to the midterm elections, the President made 1,419 false or misleading claim – that is an average of 30 a day.


 That adds up to a total of 6,420 claims through Oct. 30, the 649th day of his presidency, according to The Fact Checker’s database that analyses, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the President.


 The President’s tendency to twist data and fabricate stories is on full display at his rallies. He has his greatest hits: 120 times he had falsely said he passed the biggest tax cut in history, 80 times he has asserted that the U.S. economy today is the best in history and 74 times he has falsely said his border wall is already being built. (Congress has allocated only $1.6 billion for fencing, but Trump also frequently mentioned additional funding that has not yet been appropriated.)


 In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump definitely denied he had imposed many tariffs. “I mean, other than some tariffs on steel — which is actually small, what do we have? . . . Where do we have tariffs? We don’t have tariffs anywhere,” he insisted. The newspaper responded by printing a list of $305 billion tariffs on many types of U.S. imports.


 Most striking, the tone of Trump’s attacks on Democrats escalated the closer the election approached. The president always had slammed Democrats, but his rhetoric became sharper and increasingly inaccurate in recent weeks.   “They want to erase our gains and plunge our country into a nightmare of gridlock, poverty, chaos and, frankly, crime, because that’s what comes with it,” he said on Oct. 4. “The Democrat Party is radical socialism, Venezuela and open borders. It’s now called, to me — you’ve never heard this before, the Party of Crime. It’s a Party of Crime, it’s what it is. And to pay for their socialism, which is going to destroy our country.”


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Arizona’ Senate Race – Good News for Dems

Arizona Democrat

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner in Arizona’s Senate race on Monday by the Associated Press. She defeated Rep. Martha McSally for a seat previously held by Republican Jeff Flake. This gives Democrats their 2nd Senate pickup of the cycle.

Sinema had 49.7% of the vote to McSally’s 48% when the Associated Press finally called the rate on Monday evening. Through McSally led narrowly on Election Night, Sinema took the lead in the race two days later and continued to pad that edge as the state counted outstanding votes through the weekend and Monday.

Sinema’s victory gives Democrats their 2nd pickup of the election, and limits Republican gains in the chamber to only one seat so far, pending a recount in Florida and a runoff in Mississippi. Her victory guarantees Democrats will hold at least 47 seats in the Senate.

McSally, in a Twitter video Monday evening, said she called Sinema to concede the race and congratulated the Democrat for becoming Arizona’s first woman elected to the Senate after a “hard-fought battle.” She thanked her campaign staff and voters who supported her.

Sinema, in her victory speech Monday night, said she was grateful to McSally for her service, but said there was a clear choice in the race between them.

“Arizonans had a choice between two very different ways forward: One focused on fear and party politics, and one focused on Arizona and the issues that matter to everyday families,” Sinema said. “Arizona rejected what has become far too common in our country: name-calling, petty personal attacks, and doing and saying whatever it takes just to get elected.”

She also praised late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) several times, calling him “irreplaceable” and saying “his example shines a light on our way forward.”

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Veteran’s Day Honoring My Uncle



George Lightman was my mother’s younger brother and my uncle who was executed by the Japanese during World War II. I found his name today on a list of WWII servicemen whose bodies were never recovered. We knew that he was missing in the Philippines but never really knew what happened to him.

During that time my mother had continually bothered the War Department to try to find out what she could and finally did find out that Uncle George (known as Buster to his family)  was captured but then escaped from a Prisoner of War camp in the Philippines. He escaped and fled to the mountains where other natives as well as escaped prisoners of war had formed a guerrilla force and were helping other POWs escape as well as fighting the Japanese the best this small group could do.

On one of their raids, my Uncle George was captured again and because he was in such good physical shape and had helped the guerrillas, the Japanese executed my uncle in a very gruesome way and we never knew what they did with his body.

On this blog I have written by my father who was a retired Marine Corp captain and my cousin Samuel Lightman, Jr who was also a Marine and was killed in Vietnam but I have never written about my uncle who I never knew.

So, today I wanted to honor George Lightman who died in World War II somewhere in the Philippines and whose body was never recovered for his family. God Bless You Uncle Buster and thank you for your service.

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Mass Shooting in California Bar

guns - usa

Breaking News – Mass shooting in California with 12 dead and one police officer also killed.  When is this country going to do something about the continuing mass killings.  We have almost become numbed to them – we just watch to be told how many dead.


What is wrong with this country?  This doesn’t happen in other countries.  And no, I am not saying taking guns away but someone in this government needs to come up with some way to get this stopped.


I am just horrified that this has happen again – we cannot let this continue to happen!  But who am I kidding if nothing was done after the massacre of all those 6 and 7 year olds in Sandy Hook, nothing is ever going to be done. 

Shame on us, shame on the United States and shame on our lawmakers.

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An Immoral Man

Before departing as White House counsel, Don McGahn was blamed by President Trump for special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.  This once again shows what the President is, a lawless sociopath who has no respect for order, or institutions or account ability.


This bears repeating, because it can’t be overemphasized: Trump is a lawless sociopath who has no respect for institutions or order or accountability, either in theory or in practice, and he will not move from this position; no one can convince him that there are things greater than he is that he must submit to, or that they must submit to, against Trump’s interests.


Donald Trump thinks he is a law unto himself, and he expects all around him to behave accordingly. Donald Trump has no allegiance to the Constitution or to our way of life, or to law, or morality, or democracy, or to logic, or decency, or civility themselves. Donald Trump barely believes in the difference between right and wrong, and Donald Trump believes that if there is such a thing, he is above it, and everyone around him must agree.


Don McGahn was in the Trump administration, the White House counsel, and so he did not work defending our laws or our Constitution as much as he was expected to protect Donald Trump from accountability, at any cost to the rest of it. Don McGahn is quite conservative, but he must have been the most worn-out person anywhere by the time he left, because he knew who Trump is, and that no lawyer has a chance when dealing with Trump. Donald Trump is a sociopath, and he is the president. That means that anything is possible. any kind of lawlessness.


 II you believe this same way about the President and I know there are millions of people in the United States who do, then tomorrow on election day, you must vote Democratic for the House and the Senate.  If you don’t, who knows what Trump will do in the rest of his term.  He is an immoral man, and these are the people that can really mess up this great social experience that our Founding Fathers set up for us.


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Vote Beto In Texas

There is so much confusion and outright lies about this Senate candidate.  This is an interview where Beto talks about this positions on almost everything.  Please listen to this interview before you vote.

Most of all – vote tomorrow – polls open at 7 AM.

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