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Trump and Patriotism

Just when you think there is a bottom with this president, Trump does something to show that for him, no bottom exists. The Atlantic story made clear just how much Trump disrespects the military. He called the fallen soldiers — who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms — “losers” and “suckers” and said that he doesn’t want the wounded to march in his parades.


What kind of a commander in chief is he to have such disdain for our military and veterans? There are tapes of Trump calling generals “pussies,” and he has posted tweets that insulted war heroes as well as POW John McCain. Trump’s track record shows his lack of respect for veterans, so I am one who believes he said these awful things about our military and vets.


Today the Right is confused about what patriotism is. It is not loving or worshiping the flag: it’s standing up for those who serve, for the Constitution, and for our values of freedom, and holding our leaders responsible when they violate the law.  A real patriot stands up to the enemies of our country, foreign and domestic. Quite frankly, many believe that Trump is an enemy of America.


Aside from Trump’s hostility towards the heroes who defend our country, he has publicly lied to the American people about this pandemic that has killed close to 200,000 Americans so far. I can’t help but think how many Americans would be alive today if he had told us from the beginning how serious it was, if he had worn a mask and persuaded social distancing, if he had told people that it is not a violation of their rights to do these things. I can’t help but think that his actions were premeditated. 


Trump is also taking advantage of the presidential elections by spreading misinformation about mail-in voting, claiming it is fraudulent and should be illegal. He hopes to coerce voters so they won’t vote by mail, knowing Democrats are wary of going to polling places due to the pandemic.  You would think that a president would do anything possible to help voters especially during a pandemic.


Real patriotism is not being afraid to call for the resignation of this tyrannical president, Donald Trump. That is why many military vets who has served in the United States Armed Services and been deployed to Afghanistan, uphold the oath they took when enlisting to defend the Constitution, and call for the resignation of Mike Pence and Donald Trump.  

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Trump’s Alma Mater States Biden Has Plans to Lead to Growth

Along the campaign trial one of Trump’s favorite lies is that he has built the strongest economy ever in the United States and that he will do it again if only the American voters will give you a 2nd White House term.  But recently a new analysis from Trump’s very own alma mater – the University Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, said that Joe Biden actually has the economic proposals that will lead to greater economic growth.


CBS New reports, “Joe Biden’s economic proposals would create a faster growing economy, higher wages for American workers and reduce the debt compared to where the U.S. is headed under President Donald Trump, according to new analysis from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.”


Of course, the business school was unable to do any analysis of Trump’s 2nd term economic proposals since there are none.  But it was able to “compare Biden’s proposals to where the Congressional Budget Office believes the economy will be in a decade with Mr. Trump’s current plans, including the 2017 tax cuts, in place.”


It seems on that score, it is Biden’s policies that will lead to a much more robust economy “productive spending” such as education, health care and infrastructure.

More from the report:

[T]he analysis, published on Monday, found that Biden’s proposals on education, infrastructure and health care would largely pay for themselves. That would be in part by raising taxes, but also by boosting wages and lowering health care costs.

“If you got the U.S. on this path, you would lower the debt and raise GDP,” said Richard Prisinzano, the director of policy analysis at the Penn Wharton Budget Model, a nonpartisan group at the top business school. “It is productive spending that Mr. Biden is proposing.”

Wharton’s analysis was compiled over the past few weeks, and does not include Biden’s recent proposal to penalize, through higher taxes, companies that move jobs and manufacturing overseas. Penn Wharton could not do a similar analysis for Mr. Trump, according to Prisinzano, because the Republican incumbent has not offered any plans for his second term with enough detail to do an analysis.

But Wharton school researchers were able to compare Biden’s proposals to where the Congressional Budget Office believes the economy will be in a decade with Mr. Trump’s current plans, including the 2017 tax cuts, in place.


Since President Trump’s negligence and incompetence on the handling of the coronavirus, the United States is suffering through one of the most devastating economic downturns in its history.  During hours of fact-free press conferences and unhinged super-spreader rallies, President Trump does not even acknowledge the economic damage he has cause, much less offer a plan on how to fix it.  


Meanwhile, Joe Biden is proposing a plan to do what he and Barack Obama spent 8 years doing when they were in the White House. Which is save the economy and get America back to work which is something Trump can’t quite figure out right now. Biden’s plan is one that Wharton Business School says will get the job done.

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What The 1918 Pandemic Tells Us About Today

The pandemic of 1918 influenza was the most severe pandemic in recent history.  It was caused by the virus H1N1 with genes of avian origin.  There is no universal consensus regarding where the virus actually originated, it spread worldwide during 1918 to 1919.  In the United States, it was identified first in military personnel in the spring of 1918.  It is estimated that over 500 million people or 1/3 of the population of the world at that time became infected with this virus.  The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million around the world with about 675,000 occurring the United States.


Mortality was highest in those individuals younger than 5 years old, 20-40 years old, and 65 years and older.  The high mortality in otherwise healthy people, including those in the 20-40 year old group, was a unique feature of this pandemic.  While this 1918 H1N1 virus has been synthesized and evaluated, the properties that made it so devastating are no understood very well.  With no vaccine to protect against influenza infections, control efforts around the world were limited to non-pharmaceutical interventions such as isolation, quarantine, good personal hygiene, use of disinfectants and limitations of public gatherings, which were applied unevenly (sounds familiar doesn’t it).


Everyone is familiar with the signs of the flue: sneezing, coughing, aching and overall signs of physical weakness.  This is probably no different from what our American ancestors encountered before World War I.  But, all of this changed in 1918, when a particularly virulent form of influenza – the so-called Spanish Flu – appeared causing more deaths than had results from the entire First World War which lasted four years.


The victims of the Spanish Flu suffered massive pneumonia and fatal pulmonary complications that caused them to literally drown in their own body fluids. The lungs filled with fluid and then skin became markedly discolored from the lack of oxygen.  Mysteriously, this flu killed more young than old.  The death rate was greatest among the ages of 15 to 40.


Navy medical professionals were among the first to be overwhelmed trying to fight this virus.  Treatment was basically non-existent.  The US Navy was forced to rely on quarantine or infectious disease protocols as the brave doctors, hospital corpsmen and nurses cared for the daily needs of the patients.


Josie Brown, a Navy nurse, who served at Naval Hospital in Great Lakes, Illinois in 1918, later described what occurred there and in many hospitals around the country.

“The morgues were packed almost to the ceiling with bodies stacked one on top of another.  The morticians worked day and night.  You could never turn around without seeing a big red truck loaded with caskets for the train station so bodies could be sent home.   We didn’t have the time to treat them.  We didn’t take temperatures; we didn’t even have time to take blood pressure.  We would give them a little hot whist toddy; that’s about all we have time to do.  They would have terrific nosebleeds with it  Sometimes, the blood would just shoot across the room. You had to get out of the way or someone’s nose would bleed all over you.”

NAVY MEDICAL FACILITIES Navy and Marine patients totaling 121,225 during 1918, were admitted to Navy medical facilities with influenza.  Of these patients, 4,158 died of this virus and sick patients spend over one million sick days in facilities worldwide.


This describes the same situation that we are currently in with the CONVID-19 pandemic – the same prevention strategies are being used while a search for a vaccine is currently underway.   You would think that having gone through this in 1918 our elected officials would take this more seriously – but instead they seem more interested in getting re-elected than in helping the American people.  Do we learn nothing from or past.

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Trump and Campaign Spending

President Trump has been discussing spending as much as $100 million of his own money for his re-election campaign, if need, to beat Democratic nominee Joe Biden who is currently leading overall by 10%.  This is according the people who are familiar with this situation.


Trump has been seeking about on whether he should self-fund as he examines heavy spending by this team earlier in this year that failed to push him ahead of the former VP in the polls.  Additionally, Biden’s campaign and other associated Democratic bodies have recently raised more than Trump and his allies.


A Trump campaign spokesman, Tim Murtaugh, has refused to say whether there has been any consideration of using the president’s personal funds to help fund his re-election effort.

“President Trump’s fundraising is breaking records and we are paying close attention to the budget, allowing us to invest twice as much from now until Election Day than we did in 2016,” Murtaugh said in an email. “President Trump has also built the world’s greatest digital fundraising operation, a dominant ground game, and a third advantage Joe Biden can never match — enthusiasm.”


Trump’s effort for re-election, including the Republican National Committee, has spend over $800 million so far, while Biden and the Democratic National Committee spent about $414 million through July, according to recent financial reports.


But Biden as well as the DNC raised $365 million in August, shattering a previous record one-month record of $193 million set by Barack Obama in 2008.  Biden had $294 million in cash on hand at the end of July, about $6 million less than Trump’s re-election effort.


Trump and the RNC have yet to release their fundraising numbers for August.  They said they raised $76 million during the 4 days of the Republican National Convention last month.


Trump’s advisers seem to have mixed opinions on the president doing any self-funding, with some saying that his re-election effort has enough cash and that he does not nee to dip into his own money.  The campaign will have twice as much money as it had in 2016, and new outside groups are beginning to spend as well, one person familiar with campaign planning said.


It is no clear how quickly Trump can come up with $100 million for his campaign.  His net worth has declined $300 million in the past year to $2.7 billion, erasing 10 percent of his fortune since he took office – according the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


Trump supposedly have between $46.7 million and $156.5 million in an assortment of savings, checking and money market accounts at the end of 2019, according to his most recent financial disclosure.  Government officials disclose the value of their assets in broad ranges.


Trump also listed 20 assets as being worth more than $50 million which is the highest value the disclosure.  This includes Trump’s signature properties such as:

  • Mar-a-Lago resort Palm Beach, Florida;
  • Golf clubs;
  • Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Also listed are debts of at least $315 million, including mortgages on Trump Tower in New York and his Washington hotel.


Brad Parscale, Trump’s former campaign manager, has drawn some criticism for spending during his term.  The New York Times reported Monday that Trump’s re-election effort faces a “cash crunch”, with less than 60 days before election.


The Trump campaign has spent $40 million by airing as on cable and broadcast television in May and June, according to Advertising Analytics.  At the time, the president’s support started to fall in polls during the early parts of the coronavirus pandemic together with the protests over racial injustice that was sparked by the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody.  Unfortunately, the spending on ads did not improve Trump’s standing in pivotal states, which include:

  • Wisconsin;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • Florida;
  • Arizona;
  • North Caroline.

During this same time period, Biden spent $4.9 million.


Bill Stepien, who took over from Parscale as campaign manager in July has sought to rein in expenses and volunteered to take a pay cut when he was promoted, according to those who know about this matter.


The Associated Press reported last week that the Trump campaign has pulled much of its TV advertising, allowed Biden’s team to outspend the president by other 10-to-1 at if the writing.  The Trump campaign’s decision to stop most ads during summer was part of the strategy to focus on key states, and to reply on free media attention during the Democratic and Republican conventions.

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Part of Trump’s Border Wall Risk Collapse

It is being report that part of Trump’s border between the United States and Mexico is at a risk of collapsing only months after it was constructed.  This is due to flaws in construction alleges new reports being filed in federal court this week.


The part of the wall that stretches 3 miles only the river was built earlier this year by a construction firm know as Fisher Sand and Gravel that is based out of North Dakota.  According to the documents, which were obtained by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune, sections of the wall are at risk of collapsing if erosion issues are not fixed and maintained.


Last year, Alex Mayor, a civil engineering professor at the University of Texas, raised concerns about the wall and said the project is like a “$500 (£378) used car,” and added: “It seems like they are cutting corners everywhere.”    Tommy Fisher, the owner of the construction company, dismissed any concerns of erosion and said that “the wall will stand for 150 years,” according to the Tribune.


Mr Fisher did agreed to an inspection, when the National Butterfly Centre and the International Boundary and Water Commission filed a lawsuit against the building of the wall.  Construction still went ahead after the proceedings, as a federal judge ruled that building could not be halted until the potential negative environmental impacts could be determined.


In one of the reports, that will be filed later this week, environmental engineer Mark Tompkins, concluded that heavy rain has caused erosion at the border.

He wrote that “Fisher Industries private bollard fence will fail during extreme high flow events,” and called the construction company’s maintenance inspection plans “completely inadequate.”


In the second report, undertaken by Millennium Engineers Group of Pharr, Texas, after an inspection of the site, the organization said that the fence is stable at the moment but will face problems in the future.


The organization’s conclusion is that “the geography at the wall’s construction location in comparison to the river bend is not at a favorable location for long-term performance.”


When speaking to the Tribune, Mr. Fisher stated that he has not yet read the reports but claimed his company has fixed the issue with erosion, partly by adding a road made of rocks next to the wall preventing border traffic from displacing the structure.  He told the Tribune: “Bottom line, if you want border security on the border you have to think outside the box,” and added: “I feel very comfortable with what we’ve done.”


The wall was partly funded by the We Build the Wall campaign, who raised more than $25m (£18.9m) to help the Trump administration’s project, before its founder Brian Kolfage and president Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Steve Bannon were indicted for fraud related to the organization.  Last month, Mr Bannon was indicted alongside three others, for allegedly funneling “hundreds of thousands of dollars” from the We Build the Wall online fundraising campaign to Mr Kolfage.


We Build the Wall started as a GoFundMe campaign in 2018, and was created to help raise money from public funding to go directly towards building the the US-Mexico border wall at a time when the president was struggling with Congress.


All four of the men have pleaded not guilty and Mr Bannon claimed that “this entire fiasco is to stop people who want to build the wall”, as he left federal court in Manhattan, New York, last month.  Trump has attempted to distance himself from the project, and told reporters last month:

“I know nothing about the project, other than I didn’t like — when I read about it, I didn’t like it. I said, ‘This is for government. This isn’t for private people’”.

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Are We Children of Alien Organisms?

Panspermia means “seeds everything” and that is the concept that represents the idea that life on Earth might have been seeded by biological lifeforms from outer space.  This is a long-divisive idea that recently receive some support experimentally from a new study that came out of Japan.


These extremes of life were tested at the International Space Station examining how microbes might live in space and its extreme conditions.


“The origin of life on Earth is the biggest mystery of human beings. Scientists can have totally different points of view on the matter. Some think that life is very rare and happened only once in the Universe, while others think that life can happen on every suitable planet. If panspermia is possible, life must exist much more often than we previously thought”.

This is an explanation from Dr. Akihiko Yamagishi, a researcher at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.


Dr. Yamagishi in 2018 and his team collected Deinococcal bacteria that floats about 7.5 miles above the earth.  These are microorganisms that have been known to come together in balls with some as large as 1/25 inch across, protected them from UV radiation.  Its hardiness suggests to researchers that these tough bacteria might be able to sustain the conditions and rigors of space.


Back home, researchers rehydrated these bacteria and tested each sample.  The thinnest layers of bacteria were utterly destroyed by the experience, having genetic material completely fried by UV radiation.  In 2015, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly affixed pellets of Deinocuccus (stored as various-sized pellets inside aluminum wells of an aluminum plate) on exposure panels that were outside the International Space Station. These microbes were exposed to the harshest environment of space for periods of 1, 2 and 3 years before samples were returned to Earth.


Samples of half a millimeter to a millimeter in thickness showed damage that was significant from exposure to space.  Most of these samples were killed by the loss of water and UV radiation.


All samples that were thicker than half a millimeter (1/50 inch) thick showed roughly 4% of microbes survived through their ordeal.  As microbes on the outer layers of the samples perished, they created a barrier that protected the rest of the colony.

“We exposed the microbial cell pellet with different thickness to space environments. The results indicated the importance of the aggregated form of cells for surviving in the harsh space environment. We also analyzed the samples exposed to space from 1 to 3 years. The experimental design enabled us to get and to extrapolate the survival time course and to predict the survival time of D. radiodurans,” researchers describe in an article on the experiment, published in Frontiers in Microbiology.


Researchers calculated that any pellet with a diameter greater than half a millimeter (1/50 inch) would survive for between 15 and 45 years on the outer skin of the orbiting space station.  Calculations show a colony twice that thick (roughly the width of a dime) would protect microbes for up to eight years traveling in space — far more than enough time to travel from Mars to Earth.


There is one variation of the panspermia idea, which is the “lithopanspermia theory”, which suggests that microbes might hide within the rocky confines of asteroids, protected from the often-damaging effects of radiation.


One of the great questions of Panspermia is this – once life develops on one planet; how does it travel to another world?  Meteorite impacts could, on occasion, lift life-laden rocks into space.  Some material from other worlds, such as Mars, have been known to land on Earth.


In 1996, news agencies around the world ran stories making the announcement of a possible sign of ancient Martian life in the asteroid Allan Hills 84001, a piece of Mars that crashed into Earth 13,000 years ago, followed a 17 million-year-long-journey.  This evidence for alien life was later found to be inconclusive.


This new study shows that even without shielding from rocks, microorganisms may be protected from swings in both radiation and temperature by huddling into balls.  This idea – known as massapanspermia – could explain how the microorganisms could survive while in space without needing to be shielded by layers of rock.


Life is quite resilient and is found in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth.  Recent studies suggest that radiation might even play a role in supporting life processes, perhaps making life more likely than first thought in the subsurface of Mars and other worlds.  This study might provide a new look at our own world, showing how life may have developed right here on Earth.

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Biden Garners More Republican Endorsements

Reuters is reporting that nearly 100 Republican and independent leaders will endorse Democrat Joe Biden for president on today, including one-time 2020 Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld and the former Republican governors of Michigan and New Jersey, people involved in this effort told Reuters.  This latest Republican led effect to oppose the re-election of President Donald Trump also includes current and former Republicans in the key battleground state of Michigan that will aid in deciding the outcome the Nov. 3rd election.


This group which is head by Christine Todd Whitman, is called “Republicans and Independents for Biden”.  Whiteman, a former Republican governor of New York has become of the fiercest critics against Trump and who also spoke at the recent Democratic National Convention in support of Biden.   She told Reuters,

“Biden is a decent man, he’s a steady man,” Whitman told Reuters. “Trump is trying to paint the world of Joe Biden as horrific – but that’s Trump’s America now.”


Whitman accused Trump of betraying conservative values by understanding the rule of law and national security, lying, dividing Americans along racial lines and failing the country in his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts, briefly and unsuccessfully challenged Trump in the 2020 Republican nominating contest. Another leading member of the group is Rick Snyder, a two-term governor of Michigan who left office in 2019.


Snyder denounced what he called Trump’s divisive and bullying tactics, adding: “Having worked with Joe Biden and Donald Trump when I was Governor, I believe Biden is the clear choice to put our country back on a positive path.”


Whitman, who headed the Environmental Protection Agency under Republican President George W. Bush, said the group will target voters in a a few battleground states, especially suburban women and voters who do not like Trump but still hesitate to back Biden.  This group launches a website today and plans to campaign, buy advertisements and place opinion pieces in both state and national media in support of Biden.

Donald Trump’s daily assaults on our nation’s founding principles pose an existential threat to the future of the Republic,” the group will declare.


The impact of this extraordinary campaign by members of a political party to oppose one of their own running for re-election as president remains to be seen. Polls show that Trump still enjoys nearly 90 percent approval among the Republican rank and file.


Other anti-Trump groups include 43 Alumni for Biden, comprised of hundreds of officials who worked for Bush, the 43rd president; Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden; and The Lincoln Project, founded by Republican political operatives.


Tim Murtaugh, communications director for Trump’s campaign, said the president has unprecedented support among “real Republican voters.”

“Joe Biden has been a failure in the Washington Swamp for a half century, so no one should be surprised when Swamp creatures gather to protect one of their own,” he added.


Biden’s campaign has been trying to build a broad coalition of liberals, moderate Republicans and independents.  When he accepted the Democratic nomination at the convention in August, Biden said if elected he would be a president for all Americans, not just for the Democratic base.


Whitman’s group is affiliated with and will be funded by The Lincoln Project, which by the end of June had raised nearly $20 million, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.  Its members come from around the country but about a fifth are from Michigan, which Trump won by less than a percentage point in 2016. They include former U.S. Republican congressmen Joe Schwarz and Dave Trott, and former Republican state representatives Doug Hart and David Maturen.

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Asteroid Passed Close to Earth

An asteroid about the size of a jumbo jet had a close encounter with Earth yesterday (Sept. 1), zooming past this plant at about 1/3 the average distance to the moon.  Known as Asteroid 2011 ES4 made its closest approach at 12:12 pm, according to NASA.  At that time, it was about 75,400 miles from Earth.  Because the object is not well known, it could even have passed closer than that, at a distance of just 45,400 miles.  NASA added:

“Will asteroid 2011 ES4 hit Earth? No!,”  NASA’s Asteroid Watch outreach arm tweeted on twitter. “2011 ES4’s close approach is ‘close’ on an astronomical scale but poses no danger of actually hitting Earth.”


The asteroid measures somewhere between 72 feet to 161 feet in diameter, or about the size of a commercial airliner.  During its close approach, it will be moving at a speed of 18,253 mph. This asteroid was found by astronomers using the Mount Lemmon Survey at the University of Arizona on March 2nd of 2011, less than two weeks before the space rocks first known flyby of Earth.


Unfortunately, astronomers were only able to observe this asteroid for 4 days before it became much too faint and it has not been directly observed since.  This lack of observation data means that there is some hesitation when it comes to being able to calculate its exact trajectory.   This is according to


Although this is an asteroid that has been know to astronomers for almost 10 years, there are plenty of asteroids that fly by Earth and go undetected until the very last minutes – or remain unknown until after the flyby had occurred.  For example, two weeks ago the newfound asteroid 2020 QG made the closest near-miss on record, and it was not discovered until about 6 hours later.


Every day, Earth is pounded by more than 100 tons of material that spewed off asteroids and comets. Fortunately, the vast majority of this “spillover” is just dust and very small particles. We sometimes see these sand-sized particles brighten the sky, creating meteors, or shooting stars, as they burn up upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere. Roughly once a day, a basketball-sized object strikes Earth’s atmosphere and burns up. A few times each year, a fragment the size of a small car hits Earth’s atmosphere. These larger fragments cause impressive fireballs as they burn through the atmosphere. Very rarely, sizable fragments survive their fiery passage through Earth’s atmosphere and hit the surface, becoming meteorites.


The celestial object known as 2018VP1 is projected to come close to Earth on November 2, according to the Center for Near Earth Objects Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It was first identified at Palomar Observatory in California in 2018.

“Asteroid 2018VP1 is very small, approximately 6.5 feet, and poses no threat to Earth. If it were to enter our planet’s atmosphere, it would disintegrate due to its extremely small size,” NASA said in a statement. “NASA has been directed by Congress to discover 90% of the near-Earth asteroids larger than 140 meters (459 feet) in size and reports on asteroids of any size.”


Based on 21 observations spanning 12,968 days the agency has made the determined the asteroid probably will not have a deep impact, let alone bring Armageddon.  The chance of it hitting us is just 0.41%, data show.

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Documents on President’s Brother Have Been Destroyed By FBI

On August 11th of this year, President Trump’s younger brother, Robert Trump died at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan at the age of 71.  Robert Trump has been involved in quite a bitter legal battle with the president’s 55-yearold niece, Mary L. Trump.


A BuzzFeed journalist Jason Leopold is reporting on Twitter that he filed a Freedom of Information Act requesting the FBI for documents on Robert Trump, with the FBI, “responded in record time, saying any docs it had may have been destroyed.”


Leopold tweeted a copy of this letter, dated August 27th, that he received from the Bureau, which told him,

“Based on the information you provided, we conducted a search of the places reasonably expected to have records.  However, we were unable to identify records responsive to your request.”


The Bureau, in its letter, went on to tell the journalist,

“Records potentially responsive to your request were destroyed.  Since this material could not be reviewed, it is not known if it was responsive to your request.”

This letter was signed by the FBI’s Michael G. Seidel, section chief for record information.


Robert Trump’s legal battle with Mary Trump concerned her tell-all-book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created with World’s Most Dangerous Man,” that was released on July 14th  paints a damning picture of the president as well as the late Fred Trump, Sr – father or President Trump, Robert Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry and the late Fred Trump, Jr. (Mary’s father) and grandfather of the president’s children Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Don, Jr.  Robert Trump fought in court to stop the release of Mary’s Trump’s book, by citing a confidentiality agreement.  But, eventually, the courts sided with Mary Trump and cleared the way for the book’s release.  And it has been quite popular. 

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Thoughts for Today

I had the most wonderful day today – hard to believe with all that has been going on but let me explain.


My mother was from Pennsylvania and I have family in the Ambridge area around Pittsburgh.  When I was growing up every summer Mom would take us to Pennsylvania to visit at my Grandpap’s farm in Glen Campbell PA.  Different types of transportation every time – one summer we would drive, another we would fly.  Took the bus several times and most of the time – the train.  I have such fond memories of those trips spending time with my Mom.


And my fondest memories are of my cousins, my aunt and all the fun we would have.  I was raised an only child, so these wonderful people became my brothers and sisters – I loved the time spend with all of them and taking care of the younger ones.  We would have barbeques, and adventures and most of all – I had family.  This was my connection to my ancestors in Czechoslovakia.


But after my mother died and I was busy raising my own family – I did not keep in touch with those that I should have. I had two first cousins and they had kids, who all grew up with families of their own. There were the phone calls at Christmas and one of my cousins and I talked a lot on the phone as the years passed.  But then my son moved me to a smaller place near him and I lost phone numbers and months turned into years and years into decades.


But thanks to the internet – a person can find almost anything anymore. So, with the COVID pandemic keeping me inside a lot now, I decided I would get in touch with my family again.  And I did and it was great.  Some have passed on now which is a loss for me but it was so wonderful to talk and have phone numbers and addresses for the others again.


Here is the point to my story.  We never know what is going to happen – world events turn and times can turn bad almost overnight.  If you have family anywhere you have lost touch with – drop everything and do not rest until you get in touch with these people again.  It is so important as these are the memories from our childhood, and the people that have the same blood that we have.  Do it now – do not let another minute go by – it will brighten your day as it did mind. And these are the times when we could use brighter days.

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