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Warren: Big Oil Took $5B From Taxpayers in 2014

Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts condemned what she sees as the major oil companies and the double standards by enjoy profits that are huge while all the time taking taxpayer subsidies in order to keep themselves afloat, reported by the National Journal.

In a speech that Warren delivered to Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference in Washington DC went after what she called “corporate polluters” as she talked about issues related to climate change, the Journal said.

Warren while citing ConocoPhillips, Shell, ExxonMobil, BP and Chevron, said that these companies had combined profits of $90 billion last year while sucking down $5 billion in subsidies from the American people.

In a speech to environmental  and labor activists, Warren supported regulation as a solution that is fair, the Journal said “A lot of people think that regulations bring higher costs, “she said.  “But regulation is also about bring sure that someone doesn’t get to beat out the competition because they’re dumping filth in the river or spewing poisons in the air.”

Warren added that with no oversight the outcome of pollution that is unchecked will harm generations in the future and end with children who can not drink the water.

These harsh remarks come even as Warren, famed for her assault on Wall Street greed, is not known for her environmental activism.  Warren further added that her criticism of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that activists fear could further weaken environmental protections, have make her a new rising star in the environmental world.

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Since we have been in Afghanistan many have posted the question of why we are not getting out – they have no oil or anything else that could help them pay for their own protection.

Well, Afghanistan has something else – loaded with minerals that are deposited by the violent collision of the Indian subcontinent with Asia.  The USGS (The United States Geological Survey) started inspecting what mineral resources that Afghanistan had after US – led forces drove the Taliban from power in the country in 2004.  It turns out that Afghanistan Geological Survey staff kept Soviet geological maps and reports up to 50 years or more that hinted at a geological gold mine.

In 2006, U.S researcher flew missions to conduct gravity, magnetic and hyperspectral surveys over Afghanistan.  These magnetic surveys probed for iron-bearing minerals up to 6 miles below the surface.  While the gravity surveys tried to ID sediment-filled basins which are usually rich in oil and gas.  The hyperspectral survey looked at the spectrum of light reflected off rocks to ID the light signatures unique to each mineral.  70 percent of the country was mapped in two months.

The task force values Afghanistan’s mineral resources at $908 billion, while the Afghan government’s estimate is $3 trillion.    These are the minerals that are used in computers and other digital equipment.

These resources provide the potential for Afghanistan to develop its own economy, create jobs, build infrastruction and lift that country out of poverty and fight crime and terrorism – all without any money from the United States.

These minerals include rare Earths such as praseodymium, cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, samarium and gadolinium.


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Here is a breaking news story that I am almost certain no one has seen – it was covered up so deeply that it was not even on the radio or television.   You either had to know where to look or just stumble upon it.

The American Pharmacists Association has voted to encourage its 62,000 members not to assist any prison officials in carrying out any death penalty case on convicts sentenced to capital punishment by lethal injection.  In fact, the last several months several states have started to rethink capital punishment.  Most states that have the death penalty – only have it by lethal injection as all the other ways of putting convicts to death have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

This is exactly how you can get things done in this country.  Form a large association and hire a team of lobbyists.  I don’t believe that many understand that those in Congress vote in favor of what large organizations want as they give a Senator or Congressperson the most money for their next campaign or other kickbacks. Oh, and I bet you thought they voted the way that “we the people” wanted them to.

For example, vote the way the Koch brothers want you to vote and you will have lots of money for your next run for office and some nice places to vacation at.

It time to get big money out of politics. 


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A yet unnamed polar bear cub is out and about with its mother ‘Vilma’ for the first time in their enclosure at the zoo in Rostock, Germany, March 25, 2015.  The 3.5 months old polar bear cub weights just about 20 kg and is to be baptized on March 31,2015. (EPA/BERND WUESTNECK)


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Arms negotiations between 7 nations could have been compromised last week when a letter was written to Iran by 47 lawmakers who are all US Republicans.  These are highly sensitive negotiations between the U.S., Russia, China, UK, France, Germany and Iran. 

In this letter written in Arabic these Republicans informed Iran that no matter what President Obama agrees to, these signees can take it off the table.  Two of the names are 2016 Republican presidential candidates Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rand Paul. 

Condemnation came from everywhere – American people, President Obama, Democrats as well as Republicans.  That’s not all, world leaders and officials have expressed their disgust and shock.  It has shown the United States to not be trusted in almost any other treaties we could be involved in. 

The lawmakers wanted to show Obama in a bad light but instead they have only made our country look bad. 

Is this treason?  Do the 47 lawmakers deserve the offices they hold?  Should they be reelected?  I am so appalled in these members of Congress and the extremes they will go to in order to make the President look bad.  These 47 signees do not deserve the offices they hold and certainly should not be reelected.





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What the hell is wrong with our Congress?   Seriously – I am furious with the people who are supposed to be supporting the people in their Congressial Districts and States.

I can’t believe that first Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said that the current deal being discussed to limit Iran’s nuclear program would never be passed in the Senate.

Then Senator McConnell and 46 of his best buddies sent an open letter to Iran telling them the same thing!  They are interfering with foreign policy that is the responsibility of the Executive Branch of the government.  There is also the Logan Act that could have been broken so these Senators could be in deep, deep trouble.

There is something the citizens of our government are responsible for – my father told me about this when I was 10 years old.  We always respect our President and the Office of the Presidency whether we agree with his policies or not – we don’t do what Senate Majority Leader McConnell did when he was Minority Leader.  He stated several time ON TELEVISION that his responsibility was to get the new President out of office.  This is right after Obama was elected – so it really couldn’t be his policies but more likely could probably be his skin color.  Let’s just call it what it really is – racism!

There is also something the Republicans do well and that is condemning a public person and judging them as having committed a crime before the matter has even been investigated.  It is a whisper campaign – it is meant to assassinate a person’s character and there is a lot of this that goes on in the political system of the United States. 

This was done to Ann Richards in Texas on her run for a second term as governor of Texas.  This politics of personal destruction was done for 8 years to the Clintons while President Clinton was in office.  They were accused of murder, trading in drugs, and numerous other things that except for the Monica scandal, did not have a bit of evidence.

Then followed the Republicans accusations about President Obama – (pssss have you heard this – Obama is not a real citizen of this country – – he is a Muslim who was born in Kenya and associates with domestic terrorists- pass it on – pssss). 

Now no one should be surprised to see this tactic being used against Sec. Clinton as she is making a decision on running for President.  The Republicans are smearing her over EMAILS – personal and private emails – her mother’s funeral, planning Chelsea’s wedding and other private matters that had nothing to do with her job as Secretary of State. OMG – the Congress has gone crazy.

After having already been accused of other scandalous personal matters do you really think that she is so stupid to have not followed the rules on government emails – really?  – you aren’t really going to smear her with this.  How many of you in Congress can say that your emails are all properly sorted, filed and in perfect order.  Or perhaps you are just like Lindsey Graham and don’t write any emails.  Besides the NSA have copies of everyone emails.

 I am so angry about all of this and tired over it also.  No wonder other countries don’t feel that we are an “exceptional” nation.



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The U.S. Justice Department probe found systematic, racially biased policing in Ferguson but did clear a white officer who was involved in the fatal shooting of a black teen who was unarmed back in August.

This shooting started a national debate on race, led to months of protests on the streets in several cities and added loudly to the long-time complaints around the country of harassment by many police departments and mistreatment of minorities.

This report stated that police in this suburb community of St Louis issued almost all of its traffic tickets to blacks as it tried to raise revenue through fines and court fees.  The report further stated that police also targeted blacks for arrests, many on sceptical grounds as well as spread racist jokes through their emails system.

The report by the US Justice Department further wrote that the emphasis on income had conceded the real established personality of Ferguson’s police department, contributing to an arrangement of policing that was considered unconstitutional. 

The report further stated that city officials on a routine basis urged Chief of  Police Tom Jackson to create revenue for the city through enforcement actions against the town’s  67% of population that was mainly black.

Promotions for officers were based in part on the number of citations issued, and civilians were seen less as constituents to be protected but more as potential offenders and sources of revenue.

The report further stated that Ferguson police conduct stops without suspicions that were reasonable and made arrests without probable cause.  Further African Americans in this community were more likely to be charged with petty offenses as well as held longer in jail than any other races.

This report led to renewed calls for the city’s chief of police to step down as well as the mostly white leadership of the town.  

In closing, my question for my readers is this – do you believe that this report would have been the same if the President and the Attorney General of the United States were both white?  Is this just another indication of how racially divided the United States is and how our racial  problems have being hiding only coming to the surface when there are incidents occurring such as this?


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Reuters in Rome is reporting that the Vatican is on alert for a possible attack by Islamist militants on this city-state or Pope Francis.  It was further stated they are not aware of any specific plot, the head of Vatican security said in a rare interview Monday. 

Domenico Giani told Polizia Moderna that the threat exists and they learned of these threats after conversations were held with Italian and other foreign colleagues.  This was the answer when asked if threats from Islamic State militants were credible. 

Giani further stated that the threat does exist but there are not any specific plans ready to attack the Vatican or the Holy Father. 

Islamic State militants have made threats against Catholic targets in Rome that have been given much space in Italian media.  But Giani did say that the alert level was constantly high in and around the tiny city-state, which sits inside Rome. 

Last month, in a video that showed the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya with one of the killers stating, “Safety for you crusaders is something you can only wish for….we will conquer Rome, by the will of Allah.” 

The Vatican has of force of 130 agents along with the more ceremonial Swiss Guard protecting most of the Vatican and the pope, while Italian police guard the exterior, as well as St. Peter’s Square. 

4,800 soldiers were placed on the streets throughout Italy, after the killings by Islamist militants in Paris and Copenhagen.

The pope has several times condemned attacks by Islamic militants further called on Sunday for an end to their “intolerable brutality”.

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I was never more ashamed of our Congress than I was yesterday with the fiasco of keeping Homeland Security funded.  The Republicans, Tea Party and Democrats once again played the game of bringing the government to a halt by not funding Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is one of our most important departments in the government and is charged with the primary responsibilities of protecting the United States from and responding to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters.  A partial shutdown would require 30,000 staff to be put on furlough and require 170,000 essential personnel to keep working without pay. 

Homeland Security was set up during a Republican administration in order to keep our country safe from any terrorist threat that comes up to harm our country and its people.   And in case you don’t know they have stopped many times incidents of terrorism before they could be executed causing harm to your life, my life, and thousands of American lives.

The Homeland Security Department also includes the Coast Guard, Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It’s a very important Department and what Congress did yesterday to keep from funding this department for pure political reasons was just appalling. 

 Funding this department for 3 weeks, turned into 2 weeks and late last night they managed to get this department funded for 7 days. The House and Senate were playing football to gain the upper hand to avoid the partial shutdown of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.   This seems to happen every time funding comes up, yet the difference this time is that we have a problem going on with ISIS that could cause great harm to our country. 

House Republicans insist that any long-term Homeland Security spending bill must block Obama’s November orders shielding 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportations. Democrats oppose any move to link the agency’s funding with immigration policy, and Obama has said he would veto legislation that would undo his action on immigration.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, agreed with Democrats that the Senate would address the dispute on immigration policy in a separate bill. This is all fairly responsible but not for the House oh, no, no, no.

All of this took me to the point yesterday of tearing up my Democratic Party membership card.  And I am sure most of my readers know how I feel about the Republican Party.

Funding of Homeland Security is vital to our country’s safety and when the two parties start this game uses Homeland Security as the football that does not set right with me.  Homeland Security protects me and my family and they can’t when the Congress is fighting over funding of this Department.  

All I can imagine is what our allies and other countries are thinking when they read about yesterday’s Congress Bowl which ended in a tie ballgame and looked very foolish when they refused to play fair and all I can say right now is shame on you Congress, shame on you!  I am going to play a new game – pay all Americans for their vote next election – now just stop and think about  that.

The Democrats can also  stop sending me tons of spam everyday asking for funding – I am not even going to go there – I just don’t know who is getting my $5 yet!

It has been months since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was formally declared an accident.  Now the wild rumours and conspiracy theories have begun to circulate about what the real fate of this Boeing 777.

Almost from the minute the news on this aircraft had gone missing, the numerous conspiracy theorists around the world have been coming up with all the explanations of what they believe happened to the aircraft causing it to disappear while investigators continue failing to find it.

Of course the crash of flight MH17, which was shot down over the eastern Ukraine during last summer only added to the speculation and a lack of clarity from Malaysian officials about the earlier mystery only allowed more rumors to flourish more various theories.

There are relatives of the passengers on MH17 flight who have offered a $3m reward for any information believing that the investigators have withheld from them.

Even the Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim has accursed his own country’s government of holding back saying how could “one of the most sophisticated” systems of radar in the world just lose track of an airplane.  These same doubts have been expressed by the chief executive of Emirates.

If you have any theories, send them to my blog and let’s have a discussion to see what other theories are out there.  We could split the $3 million.

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