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The GOP party needs to wake up and get rid of Trump – the sooner the better. Trump’s latest hateful bloviating has reached and gone over a indecency line that is becoming impossible to ignore. He is articulating rhetoric last heard from Nazi Germany.

Trump picture

Yesterday Trump told Yahoo News that he was in favor of supporting the databases and other systems that would support tracking and monitor people in the United States on the basis of religion.   And he will not rule out having Muslims carrying papers or badges to identify themselves. In Nazi German they worn the Star of David.

Yahoo News asked Trump whether this level of tracking required registering Muslims in a database or give them some type of special identification that notes their religion. Guess what Trump’s answer was – that he would not rule it out.

If this continues it will be mostly impossible for the Republicans to divide themselves from Trump’s distasteful views.  Same with Fox News. Both will forever be linked with the outright appeal to the policies of the Nazis unless they renounce Trump and do it soon – they will both be noted as fascism.


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May 22, 2012 – Wichita, KS, USA – Charles Koch, 76, speaks during an interview, May 22, 2012, in his office at Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas, where Koch Industries manages 60,000 employees in 60 countries. (Credit Image: © Bo Rader/TNS/


In an interview with USA Today, billionaire industrialist and conservative influencer Charles Koch expressed his dissatisfaction with the current crop of Republican primary candidates and said he has “no plans” to support anyone at the moment.


 “If they start saying things we think are beneficial overall and will change the trajectory of the country, then that would be good,” Koch said, “but we have to believe also they’ll follow through on it, and by and large, candidates don’t do that.” He conceded that he and his brother, David Koch, will likely support a Republican candidate in the general election next year.

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At least once in your life someone will ask you how you feel about the death penalty. It is one of those questions like abortion that everyone has an opinion about. It is also one of those questions that is not easy to answer

I am strongly against the death penalty which is hard to admit after 5 years in law enforcement. The state does not have the right to take a life.

At least 4.1% of all defendants sentenced to death in the United States are innocent according to a first of its type major study. This study was an attempt to calculate how often states get it wrong when giving out this ultimate punishment.
This study concludes that were all innocent people who were given the death sentence to be cleared of their offenses, the exoneration rate would be 1.6% to 4.1%. So that is how many times an innocent person is executed.

This means that for every 100 prisoners executed at least 2 to 5 were innocent.

Why I am writing about the subject is due to a documentary that I saw on the internet. It concerns a man that lives near Austin, Texas who spent 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. If he had been given the death penalty the state of Texas would have executed an innocent man.

This man was arrested for the murder of his wife and was the only suspect looked at. His trial was quick and he was found guilty. There was very little evidence. A bloody bandana was the only evidence found on the property. This was before the time of DNA sampling as well as the huge database of fingerprints that the FBI currently has.

Twenty-five years later, the Innocence Project ask the court to re-examine this bandana. Found was the DNA of the wife and of another person – not the husband. The fingerprint after running through the FBI extremely large fingerprint database matched that of another man who currently was serving time for another crime.

After twenty-five years, the husband was released from prison. If he had been killed under the death penalty, an innocent man would have been executed. And there are story, after story of innocent people being released from prison after serving years of time for a crime they did not commit.

You can get more information about this subject at the Death Penalty Information Center.




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The Sheslow Auditorium at Drake University was inundated with the colors of France Saturday night with the audience a bit subdued for this 2nd Democratic debate. College campuses normally rock out on debate night. But 2 of the campaigns had canceled their traditional events with their supporters to honor those victims of Friday night’s terror attacks. As the sun set the auditorium’s tricolor lit the night.

This debate revealed a contradiction about Hillary Clinton. Clinton has been former first lady, senator for 2 terms and secretary of state for 4 years. So she clearly knew more concerning world affairs than either Senator O’Malley or Sanders. She answered critical questions showing the intricate global challenge of defeating ISIS, and she is now front and center in the presidential campaign. The majority of polls showed Clinton overwhelmingly the big winner.

But one question remains – will her vote to go into Iraq disqualify her in 2016? I say no – and here is why. As Secretary of State her main job responsibility is to support and apply the President’s foreign policy. She agreed to this when she accepted that position. If she thought she could not support President Obama policies she should have not accepted the position or Obama should not have appointed her.

Those 4 years as Secretary of State showed her where her mistake was and she has admitted and apologized for that mistake several times. She is also the only candidate that has experience in almost all parts of our government and as well having a personal relationship with most of the world leaders who she visited with during her term as Secretary of State.

During this debate the Democrats did act as adults discussing the difficulty currently in the world; while the characters in the clown car across the aisle showed such dumb opinions. Trump said he would consider closing US mosques; Jeb Bush who we thought was smarter than his brother, said we should only admit Christians among the Syrian refugees and junior-varsity Marco Rubio slammed the Democrats again for refusing to use the term “radical Islam.”

Clinton seems to be the only candidate that knows anything about the Office of the Presidency and we cannot afford someone who has to learn on the job. We learned that is not a great idea since Obama was working with a learning curve until this year.

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ISIS Or Daesh Militants Control Yarmuk Palestinian Camp - Damascus

A photo posted on internet on April 7, 2015 shows ISIS or Daesh (Daech) or “Islamic State” group militants posing in Yarmouk (Yarmuk) Palestinian camp, located in a suburb of Damascus, Syria, that is partially now under their control. Photo by Balkis Press/Sipa USA

The Islamic State released a video today warning that countries that are taking part in air strikes against Syria may suffer the exact fate that France did and they also they threatened an attack on Washington.

The video that seemed to be on a site that was used by Islamic State  to post messages, begin with footage of Friday’s aftermath in the Paris attacks where at least 129 people were killed and over 350 were wounded.

The message to all countries involved in what Islamic State is calling “crusader campaign” was done by one man dressed in fatigues and a turban and was id’d in subtitles as Al Ghareeb the Algerian.

“We say to the states that take part in the crusader campaign that, by God, you will have a day, God willing, like France’s and by God, as we struck France in the center of its abode in Paris, then we swear that we will strike America at its center in Washington,” the man stated.

The video has not been immediately verified as to its authenticity which is supposed to be the work of Islamic State fighters in the Iraqi province of Salahuddine, north Baghdad.

The government of France called the attacks in Paris as an act of war and said it would not end its air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Fighter jets from France launched their largest raids in Syria to date on Sunday targeting the Islamic State’s stronghold in the city of Raqqa. This operation was carried out with coordination of U.S. forces.

Police also raided homes of those suspected Islamist militants overnight across France after the Paris attacks.

“Al Ghareeb the Algerian” warned at the same time Europe in the video telling them that more attacks are coming.

”I say to the European countries that we are coming, coming with booby traps and explosives, coming with explosive belt and (gun) silencers and you will be unable to stop us because today we are much stronger than before,” he said. This was apparently pointing out to international talks to end the Syrian war, another man id’d as Al Karrar tells the President Francois Hollande “we have decided to negotiate with you in the trenches and not in the hotels.”





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Since the Friday terrorists in Paris France I have heard several people comment “if they were allowed to carry guns, it would not have been so bad”.   To these people and others who believe the same way, I wish to remind them that when the United States was attacked it was not with bombs or guns, it was by airplanes flown into buildings and box cutters.

Our prayers and thoughts go with the people of France.

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Pope Francis blesses the faithful as he arrives for his weekly general audience he held in the Pope Paul VI hall, at the Vatican, Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

When Galileo proclaimed that the earth orbits the sun, the Pope put him under house arrest for spreading an idea contrary to Catholic dogma. A later Pope tried to heal this rift between science and theology by directing the construction of an observatory within the Vatican.

Today, the Vatican Observatory is staffed by Jesuit astronomers. One of their missions is to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.

They believe the words of a Catholic saint suggest that extraterrestrials can become our friends.

Who is this saint?  And what did he say about peaceful coexistence between humans and extraterrestrials? 

To discover the answers you are able to watch a Web Exclusive Video: Vatican Observatory.

The Vatican Observatory is an astronomical research and educational institution supported by the Holy See. Originally based in the Roman College of Rome, the Observatory is now headquartered in Castel Gandolfo, Italy and operates one of the largest telescope in the world at the Mt Graham International Observatory in the United States.

In 1910 Saint Pius X gave the Observatory a new and larger space at a villa built in the Vatican Gardens by Leo XIII. He appointed Jesuit Father Johannes Hagen as Director. However, at the beginning of the 1930s, it eventually became obvious that the urban growth of the Eternal City was brightening the sky to such an extent that the fainter stars could no longer be studied.

Thus it was then that Pope Pius XI provided a new location for the Observatory at the Papal Summer Residence at Castel Gandolfo in the Alban Hills some 35 kilometres southeast of Rome. It is here that the modern observatory, entrusted to the Jesuits, was refounded in the mid-1930s with the construction of three new telescopes, the installation of an astrophysical laboratory for spectro-chemical analysis, and the expansion of several important research programs on variable stars. With the installation of a Schmidt wide-angle telescope in 1957 research was extended to other topics such as new techniques for the classification of stars according to their spectra. This is still an active program at the Observatory.

With the continuously increasing population of Rome the skies above the Observatory again became too bright. For this reason in 1981, for the first time in its history, the Observatory founded a second research center, the Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG), in Tucson, Arizona in the United States, one of the world’s largest and most modern centers for observational astronomy. The Observatory staff have offices at Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona where they also have access to all of the modern telescopes located in the Tucson area. 

In 1993 the Observatory, in collaboration with Steward Observatory, completed the construction of the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) on Mt. Graham, Arizona, probably the best astronomical site in the continental United States. This is the first optical-infrared telescope of the Mt Graham International Observatory (MGIO), a project which in the coming years will see the construction of some of the world’s most sophisticated and largest telescopes. The VATT has pioneered the new technology of creating large (2 meters in diameter), lightweight, stable mirrors in a rotating furnace. With the VATT in Tucson, the astronomers of the Observatory can finally continue long-term research programs, as done in the past in Castel Gandolfo.

My question is – what is the Vatican expecting and forgot to tell the rest of us?


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Did Dr. Ben Carson actually have a childhood that was violent where he hit a classmate in the head with a lock on his head, among other violent incidents? CNN took the ball and went looking for any person who knew Carson when he was young and who remembers this GOP presidential candidate having a violent temper which he repeatedly written in his books as well as speeches. But they found no one to remember Carson in that way.

Carson is outraged that CNN would question his accounts of his own youth. But he doesn’t answer why these details shift from telling to telling. He also talked about the media not vetting President Obama in this way.

Having mastered the “I’m a victim of the media” tone. He also seems to not remember President Obama’s birth certificate problem, as well as all the other questions that the media used again Obama.

CNN stated that they interviewed Carson’s classmates from elementary through high school and also talked to neighbors and the most they found was that they had heard a rumor of one of the violent incidents which Carson has repeatedly described in varied details over time. Carson maintains that these bouts of violence are well documented. Of course that means he is documented by his own claims, changing details each time.

Carson also lied about an incident concerning West Point, attacking his mother with a hammer, and also tried to stab a relative. There are also a host of ideas concerning the Bible and biblical history while giving the Bible the credit for saving him from his problems with violence.

The amazing point is that having been caught in so many untruths is not hurting his campaign as Carson is leading the field of GOP presidential candidates.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts has proposed a bill that would give any social security recipient a lump sum one-time payment of $581.

This bill (the SAVE or Seniors and Veterans Emergency), Benefits Act is proposed to give seniors and other recipients a 3.9% increase in Social Security Benefits. This follows October’s announcement of no cost of living adjustment in 2016 which is the third time since 1975. This increase matches raises that America’s top CEOs received last year.

Warren in a written statement stated that “The bill is paid for entirely by closing a tax loophole that allows corporations to write off obscene executive bonuses as a business expense for ‘performance pay’ – a loophole that would generate so much revenue that we could give every senior this $581 check and still have money left over to extend the life of the Social Security trust fund.”

If you live on Social Security it is important to lobby your Senators and Representatives to pass this bill. Lobbying is the way huge companies get bills passed that are in their favor. Lobbying by companies reminds Congress who supports them with perks but the American public lobbying would remind them who puts them in office.

Call or write a letter to your Congress members if this is important issue to you. Phone numbers and emails address can be found by clicking this link.

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We have not gone more than eight days without a mass shooting in this country this year. That means that each week, more families are grieving, more communities are being pieced back together. As a nation, we’re holding everyone affected by these heartbreaking events in our prayers.

But our thoughts and prayers simply are not enough. We have had more than 300 mass shootings in the United States so far in 2015 — because of which, nearly 400 Americans have been killed, and more than 1,000 have been injured. These numbers are horrific. But it’s important that we talk about them. We can’t sweep this problem under the rug, or allow ourselves to become numb to it, or accept that there’s nothing we can do because “stuff happens.”

Let me be clear about this: Unless we do something — change our politics and change our laws — these painful tragedies will continue. And we will have allowed them to continue.

I don’t want this to be our reality, and I know the majority of Americans feel the same. Despite what some might claim, this is not about the Second Amendment but about the will of the American people who overwhelmingly want to see commonsense reform measures.

But I cannot change this by myself. I need members of Congress, state legislatures, and governors who will work with me — who will stand up and say that this reality is unacceptable. That we don’t have to see innocent lives cut short, time after time, and stand idly by. And I need people like you to stand up and say that enough is enough.

Together, you and I have made so much progress during my time as President. We have helped more than 17 million Americans get the health coverage they need. We have seen hearts and minds change on civil rights issues like marriage equality. We have taken action to help secure a healthy planet for future generations. But this is one thing we haven’t been able to do. We have not reformed our gun laws to help reduce the unnecessary deaths we see in this country every single day. We still can — by making sure we urge future leaders to act where we have been stalled.

It’s up to us to speak up for the countless voices lost to gun violence. If you believe we can do this, together, then add your name today:

Thank you.

President Barack Obama

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