Posted by: maboulette | November 17, 2016

Michael Flynn Can’t Keep Confidential Information Secret


Lieutenant General Michael Flynn spent the complete 2016 campaign siding with Donald Trump while (incorrectly) claiming that Hillary Clinton mismanaged classified information via her emails. In fact Flynn spent his Republican National Convention speech hammering Clinton with these accusations, even though she had already been fully vindicated by the FBI.


Now, even as Trump is eying Michael Flynn to be his National Security Adviser, it turns out Flynn himself has mishandled classified information on at least two separate occasions.


CNN is now documenting two instances in which Michael Flynn purposely shared classified information with people who weren’t supposed to have it. In the first instance he leaked classified U.S. intel to the rogue nation of Pakistan because he was hoping to influence the behavior of the nation’s military. He had no authority to do so, and according to CNN, he was “informally reprimanded” for it.


In a second instance he leaked classified information, was caught and investigated, and was quoted as bragging about having done so in disobedience of protocol.


Because so few respected politicians or military leaders are willing to take jobs in a Donald Trump administration that they fully expect to fail, Trump is left relying on his own surrogates to fill key positions – even though most of his surrogates only latched onto his campaign in the first place because they had become too thoroughly discredited to get work anywhere else.

While some news organizations has been reporting for some time that Michael Flynn has only a loose connection to sanity, the major news outlets are just now getting around to vetting him.

Unbelievable what this administration is going to look like!


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