Posted by: maboulette | June 23, 2011


A remarkable discovery has been found in the Amazon area of Brazil.  Researchers in an airplane have found four big huts and believe these huts belong to a tribe previously uncontacted in that area.  These huts are thatched and are surrounded by crops.   Researchers state that they will not make contact with this tribe since the tribe members undoubtedly do not have any immunity to diseases brought in from the outside.

These huts were located in the Vale do Javari region which is on the Peruvian border and is an area believed to have the greatest number of uncontacted tribes in the world.  Brazil in recent years has discovered a dozen tribes previously uncontacted in the Vale do Javari area which bring the number of uncontacted individuals making this area home up to 2000 people.


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  2. there ssome of those out here in Hawaii too, lol seriously, amazing in this modern day

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