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Alex Jones: ‘F-ck Trump’ for Blasting Syria

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Many of President Donald Trump’s top media allies blasted him over the decision to launch strikes against Syria on Friday.


In one major conservative media ecosystem after another, the president met opposition, and concern about the financial cost of another foreign intervention, from many of the people who are normally his most vocal cheerleaders.


On Fox News, the strike was met with heavy skepticism by several of the show’s primetime hosts. While close presidential ally Sean Hannity praised Trump’s assertiveness, hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham both questioned the decision to strike.


Ingraham sparred with former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka, saying she’d learned from her support of the Iraq War that intervention can be incredibly costly.

“I guess it feels good because there are horrible things happening there,” Ingraham said. “But what do we really accomplish here tonight in Syria? This is not why Donald Trump got elected.”


Among conservative radio personalities, the reception was equally frosty.


Ann Coulter spent the evening retweeting criticism of the strike, remarking on Twitter that former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe might beat Trump in 2020 “if you promised no more ‘stupid wars.’”


Michael Savage, a popular conservative radio talk show personality, livestreamed himself at dinner blasting the president, saying that America had become “a nation of idiots” in the wake of the attack.

“My opinion is that this is the greatest disaster of the Trump presidency,” Savage said while pointing the camera at a plate of beans.


Many critics of the strikes noted Trump’s skepticism about foreign wars in general, and the Iraq war in particular, during his presidential run (even as he also pledged to “bomb the shit out of” ISIS).


“This is clearly not something he ran on, and it’s inconsistent with a lot of things that he’s said over the years,” Carlson said on Fox News before Trump’s announcement.


Trump found even greater hostility in the far-right alternative media ecosystem online, where many of his most bombastic supporters are also stauch anti-interventionists, and have previously condemned his foreign military actions.


Infowars founder Alex Jones, a former libertarian Ron Paul supporter, launched into several conspiratorial rants about the nature of the strike, breaking down in tears and railing against Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

“F-ck Trump, and f-ck these f-cking people,” Jones said.


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BREAKING NEWS: Ryan to retire after this year


Speaker Paul Ryan just told his staff this morning that he will not seek another term in Congress, according to two sources with knowledge of his plans. Ryan does not intend to leave Congress early, the sources said.


Third Trump

The FBI’s raid of Michael Cohen’s office and residence was a large enough deal on its face that it’s sent shockwaves across the landscape. Cohen is possibly closer to Donald Trump than anyone outside of Trump’s own family, meaning that the Feds are now striking at the heart of Trump’s financial works. But upon closer inspection, the whole thing turns out to be even worse for Trump than you’d think.


It’s rare for the Feds to execute a search warrant for documents without bothering to subpoena them first. It’s extraordinarily rare for the Feds to take this kind of action against a criminal subject’s attorney. The real upshot here is that a federal judge signed off on this kind of search warrant against Trump’s attorney. That alone means that the judge believes Cohen was in possession of documents of a crime that involved Trump.


In other words, this isn’t merely the Feds raiding Michael Cohen to gather evidence against him in the hope of pressuring him into cutting a plea deal against Trump, though that’s part of it. This was an attempt at gathering physical evidence of Trump’s guilt. And again, this wasn’t just a stab in the dark or a fishing expedition, because a judge had to be convinced that the resulting evidence was likely to justify the extraordinary step of raiding Trump’s attorney.


There’s one other crucial factor here. Even if Michael Cohen’s Office contained documents that showed Donald Trump committed a crime, it still wouldn’t be admissible as evidence due to attorney-client privilege. So, this means the judge believed evidence would be found that Trump and Cohen conspired to commit a crime together, which is the only instance in which attorney-client privilege is forfeited. We don’t know what evidence was or was not found, and only a jury can decide guilt, but we’re now in a whole new ballgame.



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Trump: ‘Attorney–Client Privilege Is Dead!’


President Trump has declared “attorney–client privilege is dead” the morning after the FBI raided the offices of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Officials in New York are said to have seized documents relating to the $130,000 payout to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in a raid the president has called a “disgrace” and an “attack on our country.” Tweeting Tuesday morning, the president said the raid marked the end of attorney-client privilege—which keeps communications between an attorney and clients secret—and said that it was an unfair targeting of his personal lawyer. “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!” blasted the president in a second tweet.

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Happy Easter To Everyone

Empty tomb

Christ the Lord is risen today –  Let us rejoice and be glad in this Easter Day!

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Happy Easter To Everyone

Empty tomb

Christ the Lord is risen today –  Let us rejoice and be glad in this Easter Day!

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Hint’s Who Robert Mueller Is Going To Arrest Next

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has hit a quiet stretch when it comes to his publicly visible indictments and arrests in the Trump-Russia scandal, even as he’s made other kinds of moves that have given away a lot about what he’s plotting behind the scenes. So who’s getting arrested next in Trump-Russia? Here are some hints.


Weeks ago, longtime Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg announced on cable news that he’d been subpoenaed for a Mueller grand jury targeting Roger Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, among others. It was then revealed that Mueller had at least one other cooperating witness against Stone. Now Mueller has detained Stone associate Ted Malloch and subpoenaed him to testify against Stone. With the grand jury already well underway, and cooperating witnesses against Stone mounting almost daily, the indictment against Stone should arrive soon. No wonder Stone is melting down..


It’s seemed fairly evident for awhile that Mueller is looking to indict Assange as part of the grand jury he has going against Roger Stone. but how do you arrest a guy who’s found asylum in a foreign embassy? That all changed this week when Mueller detained Malloch and began asking him about Assange, on the same day the Ecuadorian Embassy began cracking down on Assange. we now suspect Ecuador will turn over Assange to Mueller for arrest, once he’s been indicted.


There’s too much smoke here. Kushner’s pay-to-play deals ranging from U.S. based investors to the United Arab Emirates. George Nader’s decision to flip, and his ties to UAE. We still expect Mueller is trying to get Kushner to agree to a plea deal against Trump, which he’ll have to take eventually unless he wants to risk spending the rest of his life in prison. At this point the potential for an amicably negotiated deal may be the only reason we haven’t yet seen Kushner in handcuffs.






Donald and Melania

Earlier today, it was predicted by Palmer Report  that Donald Trump and Melania Trump were in for quite an ugly weekend. Melania had made a point of spending the week at Mar-a-Lago, away from Donald, even as she was having her friends tell reporters that she wants to divorce him. Then last night Donald travelled to Mar-a-Lago for Easter weekend. Now the trouble between Donald and Melania has begun already, and it appears to have him rattled.


The first sign of trouble was when Donald Trump tweeted nothing at all this morning. That’s very rare, and when it has happened, we’ve generally learned afterward that it was because something specific had rattled him. Trump would have launched his usual morning Twitter tirade between 6:00 and 7:30am. So, it’s notable that just five minutes before that window of time began, Slate published a new article quoting Melania’s spokesperson as saying that she was backing down from her anti-cyberbullying campaign.


It has been long suspected that Melania launched the anti-cyberbullying campaign as a way of sticking it to Donald the most notorious cyberbully on Twitter. Now, just as Donald is arriving at Mar-a-Lago to spend an Easter holiday with Melania, at a time when she obviously doesn’t want to be around him, Melania has her spokesperson saying, “We really want people to stay away from saying it’s a cyberbullying campaign.” Well what is it, then? That seems to be the point: Melania is suddenly putting this out there to get people to focus negatively on Donald. Sure enough, immediately after the Slate article appeared, Donald skipped his usual morning cyberbullying routine.

So less than twenty-four hours after Donald Trump arrived in Mar-a-Lago to spend the weekend with Melania Trump, he’s already too rattled to tweet (though we suspect that’ll change by tomorrow), and she’s putting more weird stuff out there in the media. Just two days ago she had her friends tell Us Magazine that she wants out. How much uglier will this get by the end of the weekend?


Anti-vaccination headlines—like “HPV vaccine leaves another 17-year-old-girl paralyzed”—populate the Internet. That, and “Mom researches vaccines, discovers vaccination horrors, goes vaccine free,” are just a few examples of the fake science news stories shared this month on Facebook.


If you are a parent on social media, you’ve likely seen many posts just like these. Maybe you’ve even clicked on one, curious. What’s the harm, right? The writer of this article is a family physician with four decades of experience fighting preventable disease around the globe and a professor of anthropology, risk and decision science studying global vaccine confidence, they’ve seen the deadly harm that fraudulent science and unfounded claims can cause.


The vaccine-autism myth is one chilling example of fraudulent science. February 28, 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of an infamous article published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, in which Andrew Wakefield, a former British doctor, falsely linked the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine to autism. The paper eventually was retracted by the co-authors and the journal. Wakefield was de-licensed by medical authorities for his deceit and “callous disregard” for children in his care. It took nearly two decades for the UK immunization rates to recover. By the end, UK families had experienced more than 12,000 cases of measles, hundreds of hospitalizations — many with serious complications — and at least three deaths.


Stunningly, the vaccine-autism myth still persists. It was amplified by the British media during its early years, later by celebrity endorsement and more recently by worldwide social media. Wakefield has continued his own relentless personal campaigning, moving well beyond the initial MMR vaccine scaremongering to attacking the CDC in his controversial film Vaxxed. The film was pulled before screening at the Tribeca Film Festival but found its way into independent theaters in the U.S. and Europe. Europe’s four-fold increase in measles cases and 35 measles-related deaths in 2017 — due largely to people not getting vaccinated — also reflects how Wakefield’s vaccine-autism scare can spark vaccine refusals that lead to debilitating and fatal cases of measles.


In the U.S., measles was declared eliminated in 2000. Since 2000, however, there has been a resurgence of measles, with more than 2,216 reported cases. Wakefield’s anti-vaccine fanaticism contributed to the 2015 outbreak in Disneyland in California, which eventually infected more than 130 people, and to the 2017 measles outbreaks in Minnesota, where his message persuaded many parents not to vaccinate their children.


The vaccine-autism myth has also prompted an alarming number of millennials — the generation that came of age in the era of Wakefield’s misinformation —in the U.S. not to vaccinate their children. Vaccine reluctance does not apply just to measles; flu kills 100 to 300 children under age 5 each year, and up to 85% of them were not vaccinated when they died.


First, trust is vital in order for people to accept health interventions. The messenger can be more important than the message. Thus, the advice of trusted primary healthcare providers, families and friends is often much more influential than the cold facts of official sources. Fortunately, trust can be built or rebuilt over time, as the UK demonstrated when it reached 95% measles immunization coverage.


Second, the medical community must redouble its efforts to ensure the integrity of its evidence. And it must move rapidly to address suspected scientific fraud. Wakefield was not disciplined by the UK medical authorities, nor was the article retracted by The Lancet until 2010, despite serious concerns raised by experts at the time of publication and the 2004 expose on Wakefield’s sloppy science and retraction by co-authors.


Third, print and broadcast media have a special responsibility to provide clear, evidenced-based reporting. The decline in MMR immunization following Wakefield’s article was accelerated by the pro-Wakefield UK media, despite increasingly strong evidence refuting Wakefield’s claims. Conversely, the recovery from Wakefield’s damaging impact was catalyzed by the 2004 investigative journalism reports exposing Wakefield’s flawed science and conflicts of interest. Truth wins, if we’re committed to telling it.


Fourth, state health officials must ensure that public health policies are enforced as intended. The rise in measles cases in many states resulted from the loosening of immunization requirements for school entry. California has raised its vaccine coverage by enacting stronger vaccination policies to curtail such exemptions.


Too much is at stake for ourselves and our children to not apply the lessons from the vaccine-autism debacle to avert the dangerous long-term consequences when fake science gains traction and threatens the health and lives of everyone.


Dr. Quick is a senior fellow at the nonprofit Management Sciences for Health and an instructor at Harvard Medical School. His new book, “The End of Epidemics: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It,” will be published January 30 by St. Martin’s Press.

Note from publisher: The results of a recent study was released over the weekend– it showed that more autistic children have not been given any vaccines.  So, little can be said that the vaccines caused the autism.  In other words, Alex Jones stop spreading rumors.

March for My Life

While the children of America marched for their lives today in an effort to speak to those charged with protecting them from gun violence, the “President” who took the highest oath of office, chose to ignore their cries for help and went on vacation, instead. Not only did people all across the country participate in the March for Our Lives, it turned into a global event.


Among the millions of faces worldwide and here at home, the one face that was noticeably absent was the face of the President of the United States. Considering how much he loves a crowd, his cowardice was on full display. Any legislator collecting a paycheck from the taxpayer can not afford to ignore these children. They’re not marching for tax reform or a new xBox. They’re marching for their lives. They are giving up their play time to march for the right to grow up and grow old. They are marching for their to right leave their house and not get shot.


If the President of the United States can’t take the time to listen, or use his uncontrollable Twitter finger to tweet an ounce of support, it proves that once again, Donald J. Trump is completely unqualified to protect the lives of the American children. When children cry for help, you don’t rob their piggy bank and go on vacation.


Not only did the President ignore the cries of millions of Americans and their children at the March for Our Lives today, he’s putting millions of their precious tax dollars into his pocket each time he visits himself at one of his properties. At least Nero was on stage entertaining the whole audience while Rome burned. Not Trump. You’ll find him hiding on the back nine cashing in bigly.


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