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Trump Will Be Out Soon – At Least Others Believe So

Donald Trump

When suspected career criminal Paul Manafort was informed that he was finally going to be indicted and arrested in the Trump-Russia scandal, he didn’t suddenly try to straighten up his act. Instead he took a high paying overseas consulting job, which seemed remarkably like the gigs that got him into legal trouble to begin with, to land one bigger payday before he had to hunker down and fight a lengthy battle against impending criminal charges.


Manafort’s logic must have been that if he was going down for his past actions then there was nothing he could do to prevent it, and he might as well cash in one last time, so he’ll have the money waiting for him if he somehow beats the rap. There’s a lesson in here about people like Paul Manafort tend to behave when they think they’re about to be finished. It informs us that Donald Trump’s other allies, the important ones around the world who pull his strings, are hurrying their own plans because they think that Trump is about to be finished.


Last night the crown prince of Saudi Arabia had 11 of his fellow princes arrested on what appear to be bogus corruption charges, including the wealthy and powerful Prince Alwaleed, in a hostile power grab. Last weekend, Jared Kushner took a secret trip to Saudi Arabia. Just hours before the arrests began, Donald Trump posted a tweet about the IPO of a Saudi Arabian government oil company. We don’t know what role Trump and Kushner played in the palace coup – but from their actions it’s clear they had some role in it.


These actions of the Saudi Arabian crown prince seemed rushed and hasty, as if he’d been planning it all along but suddenly concluded that he’d better hurry up and go through with it before Donald Trump is finished. It’s the weakness and involvement of Trump that allows these kinds of naked aggression to play out in foreign countries. They’re now suddenly taking their best ambitious shots, revealing that they know Trump is finished. Now we see what Vladimir Putin does next, as he too certainly concludes Trump’s time is more and more short.

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Turn Out the Lights, the Trump Administration is Over

turn out the lights 2

Trump’s ejection is not a question of if, but when – and even sooner than you think. Things changed when the Trump campaign’s voter data analysis head was trapped admitting to having tried to collude with Russian-controlled hackers about Hillary Clinton’s emails. This Trump administration is dead; it’s only a matter of how long until the carcass flops. So, what now?


In the past days there have been many of the Republican Congress frantically scrambling to find some way to protect Trump from his Russia scandal a bit longer. They’re frantic to pass their tax cut package for the wealthy, so they can affirm at least one victory for their billionaire backers before settling for the reality that nothing else is getting done for the rest of this term. Trump’s instability, his toxic unpopularity, and now his exploding scandals have guaranteed that.


With this scrambling, it’s clear that the GOP knew this Trump-Russia voter data bombshell was coming. It’s also clear that they know a lot more is coming to the surface, and soon. Things are now so shaky that the GOP no longer even feels safe that Trump will still be able to get around to the Congress voting on their tax plan.  


Therefore, suddenly the Republican Congress are going along with the phoniest of phony uranium scandals about Hillary Clinton. The GOP is now throwing everything at the wall to at least create a temporary disruption from Trump’s own exploding Russia scandal, so it can at least pass tax giveaway to the wealthy. Once the shoes drop on the Trump-Russia voter data scandal, no one will care or remember the sideshows the GOP is trying to create this week. But that doesn’t matter, it’s all about buying time.

With Trump on his Asia trip, I would not be surprised if the next arrests by the Special Prosecutor will be sometime in the next 11 days.



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Multiple Tapes Are Not Fake News – What Could Be Worse

New donald

In what might be the worst story of all time, the account of Trump performing lewd acts with Russian prostitutes (and being videotaped by the Russian government for blackmail purposes) just keeps finding ways to become worse. Two days after the story first came to light from a British intelligence figure, CIA agents are now telling the BBC that the entire thing is very much real — and that Russian has multiple tapes of Trump filmed on multiple dates in multiple hotels.


Trump loudly insisted that the entire thing was nothing more than “fake news” and proceeded to shout a CNN reporter before writing off BuzzFeed as being “garbage” for their roles in bringing the story to the public. But Paul Wood of the BBC is now reporting that he’s been communication with “active duty CIA officers dealing with the case file” who have established to him covertly that Russia truly does have blackmail tapes of Trump with prostitutes. Moreover, these CIA agents are stating that there’s “more than one tape” and that Trump was secretly filmed with the prostitutes in both Moscow and St. Petersburg.


So where does this leave us? If only the Russian government has the tapes in question, which is not a guarantee, then we’ll never see them unless someone in the Russian government releases or leaks them. But at this point we have MI6 and CIA agents avowing that the supposed tapes really do exist. That’s bad news for Donald Trump, both because it suggests Russia can blackmail him at any time, and because it makes him look foolish for trying to write off the entire intel report as being fake.

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Who Is Next On The Arrest List

man in jail

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already arrested three people in Trump’s Russia scandal, with 2 of them under house arrest and a third having pleaded guilty. Now comes the question of who’s next. Some names are easier to guess than others, based on existing grand juries and previous leaks. But now the experts are focusing on seven names who could be the next to be arrested – and most of them are major players in the scandal.


This week we saw the arrests of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates, along with the announcement of the earlier secret arrest of Trump adviser George Papadopoulos. Now Mueller may be looking to make it an even ten. A source inside Trump’s inner circle has given seven additional names to CBS News. The first two are not a surprise: Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who is the focus of a federal grand jury in Virginia, and Michael Flynn Jr, who is suspected to have conspired with his father.


Also on the CBS News list is former Trump adviser Carter Page, who testified to the House Intel Committee on Thursday that he did indeed meet with Russian government officials during his summer 2016 Moscow trip – and that he notified the campaign about it. Trump campaign official Sam Clovis is also on the list; he reportedly testified before a Mueller grand jury this week, and it’s unknown if he was testifying in his own defense or in a case against another player. Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is on the list, which may explain why the Senate Intelligence Committee recently canceled his scheduled public testimony at the last minute.





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Is Donald Trump Throwing His Son-In-Law Under the Bus?


Here is information on why Donald Trump let it leak to the media earlier in the week that he blames his son-in-law Jared Kushner for giving him advice to fire FBI Director James Comey. Special Counsel Robert Mueller seems to have now targeted Kushner regarding Comey’s firing, which would be a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice – and now it turns out Kushner is collaborating with Mueller.


Trump had someone leak to Vanity Fair earlier this week that it was Kushner’s idea to fire Comey in the hope of incapacitating the Trump-Russia investigation. Now CNN is reporting that Kushner is cooperating with Mueller by voluntarily turning over all documents that are related to that firing. That same report says that Mueller has been questioning other witnesses about Kushner’s role in the firing. It’s not hard to piece together what’s going on here with Mueller’s approach.


Mueller is building a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice case against Kushner, and he’s made sure Kushner knows it. Accordingly, Kushner is now cooperating with Mueller, in a rather clear effort at saving himself. Kushner is giving evidence that will help incriminate Donald Trump on obstruction of justice for the firing of Comey. Thus, Trump is suddenly trying to blame the Comey firing solely on Kushner, in an attempt at shifting the criminal culpability off himself.


This does not necessarily mean that Kushner has formally cut a deal. He may simply be informally cooperating with Robert Mueller hoping to avoid criminal charges. It may also explain why Kushner hasn’t yet been indicted or arrested, as many political pundits have been expecting. However, this doesn’t mean that Kushner won’t eventually be arrested. In any case it means that Kushner has begun selling out Donald Trump to Robert Mueller, to save himself.

Isn’t the interesting!

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Trump Lied to the Coal Miners and Everyone But The Miners Knew

coal mining

We’re going to bring the coal industry back 100 percent,” Donald Trump told a Virginia audience of campaign supporters in 2016. At another rally in West Virginia, Trump announced, “Miners, get ready, because you’re going to be working your asses off.”


Among the many lies Trump told on the campaign trail, the promise of a invigorating the coal industry was probably the most obvious. Even as coal plants were shuttered across Appalachia and experts named the unalterable market forces driving down demand, most of those in coal country voted for Trump in large numbers. Despite widespread evidence that coal jobs will never return to their hometowns, miners cling to Trump’s empty words to their own damage. Across the region, many former coal workers are turning down federal and state job training openings that could lead to new jobs and steady incomes.


Reuters writer Valerie Volcovici spoke with “more than a dozen former and prospective coal workers, career counselors and local economic development officials.” She found that in parts of Pennsylvania, delusional optimism about a coal comeback, fed by Trump’s continuing persistence that he will jumpstart the industry, is helping keep out-of-work miners from learning new skills that might help them escape the dying industry. Volcovici spoke with a southern Pennsylvania miner’s son named Mike Sylvester who visited a career training center offering courses in “everything from computer programming to nursing.” Avoiding the chance to learn a potentially profitable new skill, Sylvester signed up for a coal mining course.

“I think there is a coal comeback,” Sylvester told Volcovici.

Two brothers, Steve and Sean Moodie, echoed the same misplaced faith. “I am optimistic that you can make a good career out of coal for the next 50 years,” Sean told Volcovici.


The fantasy that coal mining will have another heyday is rooted both in desperation and delusion, the latter fueled by a White House all too willing to exploit its base. Reuters cites Appalachian Regional Commission numbers showing 33,500 mining jobs have disappeared from the area since 2011. In spite of the industry’s growing employment void, federally funded career retraining programs in southern Pennsylvania are less than 20% full. Volcovici points to programs in Greene and Washington counties, where “120 people have signed up for jobs retraining outside the mines, far short of the target of 700,” while in “Westmoreland and Fayette counties, participation in federal jobs retraining programs has been about 15 percent of capacity, officials said.”


“I can’t even get them to show up for free food I set up in the office,” Dave Serock, a former miner who now works for a Fayette County career training center, told Reuters.


Experts have been clear about the contradiction of Trump’s coal claims. Last year, Robert Murray, the CEO and owner of the “largest U.S. private coal miner,” told CNN Money that he had urged Trump both before and after the election to tone down promises of a coal industry resurgence.


“I’ve suggested to Mr. Trump that he temper his expectations,” Murray told the news outlet, adding that coal industry employment “can’t be brought back to where it was before the election of Barack Obama.”


Even Trump’s chief economic adviser and director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohen has spoken about the advantage of other energy forms compared to coal.


Coal doesn’t even make that much sense anymore as a feedstock,” Cohn told CNN Money back in May. “If you think about how [much] solar and how much wind power we’ve created in the United States, we can be a manufacturing powerhouse and still be environmentally friendly.”


Kushner and Trump

When it was announced Friday night that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was about to begin arrests in Trump’s Russia scandal, one strange detail stood out. Jared Kushner, a key player in the scandal, had just covertly left the country. By the time the arrests began on Monday morning, Kushner was back in the United States, and he wasn’t among those arrested. But still he’s immediately leaving the country again.


Kushner snuck off to Saudi Arabia over the weekend, and after it became clear that the arrests were about to start, Trump’s White House was unwilling to provide details about why Kushner had left the country. Was he going there to do something that was simply underhanded, or was this the most half-baked attempt at dodging arrest of all time? In any case, he did end up coming back to the US. But now he’s heading right back to Saudi Arabia, in even more mistrustful fashion, this time with Ivanka.


The Jewish Chronicle reveals that Jared Kushner requested a special rabbinical pass to travel on Shabbat, just so he can head back to Saudi Arabia on Friday. This means he’s making two different round trips from the United States to Saudi Arabia twice in the same week. That’s insane. It’s not something that anyone does for above-board reasons.


A cynic might suggest that Jared Kushner booked the first mystery trip to Saudi Arabia because he feared he was going to be among those arrested, and then he came back when he got word that it wouldn’t be him, and now he’s making up another excuse to leave because he fears more arrests are coming this weekend. If that’s not the case, then whatever he’s cooking up in Saudi Arabia – two round trips in the same week – something doesn’t smell right about these trips.

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Donald Trump Just Fell into A Bottomless Russia Pit


All along it’s been clear to any keen observer that Trump’s Russia scandal would eventually find a way to unravel him. There was enough “there” there that the investigations, controversy, revelations, and his own paranoid attempt at a coverup would unravel him to the point that the American people would be ready for him to be thrown overboard. But now something else is happening, and it’s something that was never a guarantee until right now: we’re going to see actual proof that Trump and Russia colluded in actual election rigging.


Up to now we’ve had an endless parade of Trump campaign advisers, Trump business associates, and Trump family members with personal, social, ideological, and monetary connections to the Russian government. The odds of this all being a coincidence were almost literally zero, so any thinking person could see that Trump and Russia were colluding. But knowing it was one thing, and proving it was another matter – until now.


Cambridge Analytica, the voter data analysis arm of the Trump campaign, has been caught confessing in an email that it tried to conspire with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to steal Hillary Clinton’s emails. Assange is a foreigner, which makes that effort illegal. He’s also a cyberterrorist and a Russian government puppet, meaning that this was an attempt at colluding with the Russian government. Even if this particular attempt didn’t go anywhere, it proves that the Trump campaign was willing and actively trying to work with Russian hackers and criminals to rig the election. This isn’t something you try once and then give up when it fails. This is something which, once you decide to go there, you see through to the end.


So now we know we’re going to see proof that the Trump campaign conspired with Russian hackers to do illegal things in the name of rigging the election in Trump’s favor. That’s coming, and based on the artery of information that’s just ruptured, it’s probably coming soon. Rather than the Trump-Russia scandal simply driving Trump from office by ruining his tenure, he’s going to be chased by ironclad proof of his actual guilt. This means his ouster, while still not quite imminent, will come sooner than had been expected.


Politico is reporting that a former foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign secretly pleaded guilty earlier this month to lying to the FBI about his outreach to Russian officials, court records made public on Monday show.


George Papadopolous, 30, entered the guilty plea in a closed courtroom in Washington on Oct. 5, special counsel Robert Mueller’s office announced.


Unlike the just-unsealed indictment against Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and adviser Rick Gates for money laundering and other charges, the single felony count against Papadopolous directly relates to 2016 presidential campaign activity.


Papadopolous admitted to lying to the FBI in January, before Mueller took over the probe, about his contacts with a Russian professor and a representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Read more:


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Visa of Key Witness Revoked


Trump seems to have a novel approach in the Trump-Russia scandal: how to punish anyone who go against him. Hermitage CEO Bill Browder – a British citizen – delivered devastating evidence to Congress, explaining that there was no doubt as to the collusive type of Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian régime councils during the election. Now the Trump administration has simply revoked the visa of Browder, successfully stopping him from entering into the United States, even as Russia has issued a fraudulent warrant for his arrest.


Browder tweeted that not only did Putin add him to the Interpol list, but the US at the same time extracted his visa. This encouraged Michael McFaul, the former U.S. Ambassador to state how disgraceful this is, calling on Trump to walk back the decision.


This move indicates Donald Trump’s most deliberately illegal move to date when it comes to his continuing efforts at obstructing justice. Browder has already testified, and Trump can’t undo that. But he seems to be trying to threaten future probable witnesses by making an issue out of Browder. Seeing Vladimir Putin’s longing for killing political dissenters, Trump may have just put Browder’s life in danger.


Congress is unlikely to allow Trump to get away with this unopposed, as Bill Browder was their witness to begin with. This also gives Special Counsel Robert Mueller yet another viewpoint from which to tackle Trump for obstruction of justice. It’s also a sign of just how anxious and irresponsible Trump is becoming, as his Russia scandal continues to close in on him. If the Republican Congress were doing its job, it would impeach, eliminate, and delay Trump based on this latest criminal move alone.

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