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  1. Seeing that you mention the Tides Foundation, that is frightening enough for me to say to you: “Get away, as you must be involved with Van Jones and George Soros — two of the biggest losers on God’s green earth!!!”

    • Yes, I do mention the Tides Foundation as well as Van Jones – and I don’t agree with Glenn Beck’s opinion about George Soros. But as for being “involved” with them – I am not sure what you mean by “involved”. Don’t know either person personally so I can’t really say I am “involved” with them. I do not believe that they are losers – but against we have differences of opinions.

  2. I like your thoughtful, pensive website.

    I am surprised, from a quick glance, that you do not get more kudos.

    I also admire your calm with such angry/fixed idea personalities.

    Good luck. ~ anon

  3. Maboulette- I am fascinated by your stand on the tax cut issue. First of all, we aren’t really talking about a tax cut at all, only keeping the current tax rates the same as they are. How does that cost 700 plus increase in the defecit? It is an increase because the Al Frankens and the rest of the people like you think it’s a good idea to steal from productive Americans ang give what doesn’t belong to them to people that won’t work or produce. Your hero Al states that giving a 2% tax cut will somehow stimulate working people to ‘put back” into the economy. If that’s true, which it is by the way, why not give everybody that PAYS taxes an across the board 10% tax cut? If you really want to stimulate the economy, how about an across the board 10% cut in all government spending. How about even a 15% cut in Federal waste and fraud? Now you’re talking. The problem with all you libs and your feel good, fuzzy, Mary Poppins BS is you continue to think you have a right to spend MY hard earned money any way you see fit. That is NOT benevolence, that is THEFT!!!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by – as for Al Franken being my hero – I have no idea where you got that from. As for the 2% payroll tax cut vs the 10% payroll tax cut – you are correct, it would put more money into the economy. I don’t write the bills although you write as if I have soon control over it. The only part of that bill that I really cared about is help for the unemployment and the payroll tax cut. As for waste and fraud – you need to talk to someone else because I understand that President Obama has already told each department to find cuts everywhere. As for my lib, feel good, fuzzy, Mary Poppins BS, I have no idea what you are talking about – as I have no control how your tax money is spent. If it were up to me, I would have healthcare for all. You act as if you are the only one who pays taxes – we all pay taxes – and those taxes pay for our army, the wars we are in, and all of the other benefits that we have in this country. How do you propose we pay for fire, police, education, healthcare of children, army, navy, air force etc. And roads, bridge etc, not only building new ones but taking care of the older ones. How do you propose this country pay for all of this – all of these benefits that everyone uses. I am against the wars but my money goes to pay for the war. I have no kids in school but I pay for schools. That the point of our country – the United States of America – I don’t understand why you don’t like how your tax money is spent as if you are the only one who feels this way. Didn’t Christ teach that we should take care of the poor, the sick,the hungry, the children – isn’t that what he said? Isn’t our country built on Judeo-Christian beliefs?

      And yes, in bookkeeping – continuing the Bush tax cuts does create a 700 billion dollar deficit for the following reason – budgets are create a year ahead of time. When the budget for next year 2011 was created it took into account that the Bush Tax cuts would have expired and therefore our income would be 700 billion dollars MORE – but after passing the bill extending the tax cut, the budget is now 700 billion dollars short of funds – thus creating a deficit.

      In closing, you asked who had the right to spend your hard earned money. Steve, that is the price you pay for living in a civilized society – you have to pay for the things the government provides for all – whether we all use them are not.

      Thanks for visiting my site – I hope you have a great Christmas and the New Year is good for you and the people in your life that you love!

      • So they’ve already spent another $700 billion dollars they don’t have? You think that’s a good idea?

      • No, I was against extending tax cuts to the top 2% because it does not have a stimulates affect as extending the tax cut in the middle class does!

  4. Our country was based on Christian Judeo principles. Yes, we are to take care of the poor. Optimum word here is WE, not the government. We are to take care of the poor because we want to not because the government says we have to. In my opinion that is a huge difference. As far as taxes go. I understand we have to pay for certain things as a society but not most of the things we are doing now. Forced benevolence is not benevolence but theft at the point of a gun. What the government is doing with our tax money is exactly the same as the bully on the playground does when he steals your lunch. we need to get back to the Constitution and stop all this nonsense before it’s too late. Please tell me where in the Constitution it says that I should work to pay for someone else’s healthcare?

    • “Please tell me where in the Constitution it says that I should work to pay for someone else’s healthcare” – that is a stupid question and you know it is. You are already paying for healthcare for the uninsured. Example – an uninsured person gets very ill, goes to the emergency room, the bill is $10,000. Now, the uninsured person can’t pay that, so they don’t pay the bill. The cost of that bill is passed on to you in higher insurance premiums and high cost of other healthcare fees. So, Steve right now – right now, you are paying for someone else’s healthcare.

      As for the rest of your thinking on “forced benevolence” etc – those are just talking points you picked up somewhere else – perhaps someone on Fox News?

      • actually, I am not paying for someone else’s insurance as you describe because I don’t have insurance for me or my family, we can’t afford it. We do without and make arrangements to pay the doctor and/or hospital when we need any type of healthcare. I find it immoral to expect someone else to pay for my obligations, as should you and everyone else. Like I asked, what gives you or anyone else the right to take from me to give to someone else, no matter which tax bracket you are in? Why should someone else that makes more money than me or you be expected to pay for someone else’s responsibility. I maintain that is immoral and nothing more than theft. The basic premise formerly guaranteed by our Constitution is that what a person works for is theirs, not yours or the governments! I suggest you take time and investigate that which actually made this country great. It certainly was NOT forced redistribution of wealth which is what is going on.

      • So I guess you don’t drive on any of the public roads either? Or call the police when there is a problem at your home? And if your house catches on fire – you won’t be calling the fire department? And I guess you don’t pay income tax either – or any of the other taxes State or Federal? Steve – you are an idiot and don’t tell me I need to study the Constitution – I have a copy of it that I carry with me everywhere.

        And the redistribution of wealth line – that usually comes from people who are racist and can’t stand it that a black man is currently living in the White House!!! Either that are you are one of Glenn Beck’s cult!

        By the way – and I have no idea why I am even trying to explain this to you – but if everyone buys into the new insurance plan it will make it affordable for everyone. Do some reading on the healthcare act – you might learn how very uneducated you sound.

      • You are still paying for those like you who don’t have insurance – the doctors and hospitals have to make up that lose so they raise the prices that you and others pay for healthcare. So you are paying for others healthcare now. And others are suffering because you don’t have insurance. Everyone is affected because the doctors, clinic etc, just raise the prices and everyone gets hurt. So if you think that is immoral or theft, then just look at yourself – because others are suffering and paying more because you don’t have any insurance. Why do you think the cost of healthcare in America is so expensive? The doctor spends five to ten minutes with you, uses one pair of rubber gloves and asks a few question and the bill is over $100 – now is that a fair price? That over $1000 an hour, $8000 for an 8 hour day. But he won’t have to charge that much if everyone had insurance. Do you understand any of this? And I getting thru to you on some level somewhere to make you understand? Probably not – what do you do for a living anyway? Do you have any children?

  5. Yes, I certainly do pay taxes and my beef isn’t against paying for roads and police and other services that the government SHOULD provide. That is not what is happening and you know it! It is absolutely about redistribution of wealth. The whole graduated income tax system is predicated on it since it’s inception. Why should the wealthy be punished for working hard and producing the things we all enjoy? Why should someone be punished for being productive and rewarded for being lazy? As far as the guy currently sitting in the White House, I could care less if he’s black or purple for that matter and I resent you insinuating that I must be a racist because I don’t support his Marxist, socialist agenda. As long as the healthcare system is run by Washington it will be screwed up just like everything else the Federal government touches. I guess Social Security, Medicare, trillion Dollar bailouts and the like are success stories in your world. I have read alot of the healthcare act by the way and still don’t like it Comrade.

    • First my friend, Obama’s agenda is fair from Marxist or socialist – look up the words and stop listening to Republican talking points from Fox News and Glenn Beck. In fact, in some areas, Obama is almost too conservative for me! Yes, social security, Medicare are very successful programs – just try to take away social security and Medicare from grandma and grandpa – they will fight you over that. There were no trillion dollar bailouts – they didn’t cost that much which is another Republican talking pointl And they did save a complete meltdown of the economic system in our country and a great depression. Once the heathcare system is set up and running – then Washington will not be running it – it is not a government take over of healthcare. If you have any grasp about the overall healthcare act, then you will see that it will be beneficial for everyone not just the few who can afford insurance and higher healthcare cost. I have a question for you – you say you have no insurance. What if you and your family got into a car wreck and were in the hospital for weeks – how do you intent to pay for that? Now, if insurance cost got to a point where you could afford it, don’t you believe it would be smart to buy it?

      • Are you kidding me? Far from Marxist and Socialist? What world are you living in? He is the poster child of a Marxist. “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need” Isn’t he the same guy that said, “at some point I think you’ve made enough money” and to Joe the plumber ” I just want to spread the wealth around’? Just what do you think he means? He wants to take mine and give to someone else. That is the very definition of theft. If he did that on a street corner they would put him in jail, but because he’s a politician that makes it ok. The only thing he doesn’t have is a mask. What is it that you libs call it when someone takes something from someone that doesn’t belong to them? Here in Pennsylvania we call that theft, but go ahead and make excuses and try to justify it. It’s still wrong. You don’t think the government is controlling healthcare? Please send me whatever it is you’re smoking I could use some. Social Security and Medicare are good programs? They’re bankrupt because the government has spent the money. Just because people are willing to fight you over something doesn’t prove it works. Try taking heroin away from an addict, he’ll fight you to, what does that prove. You still haven’t responded to my original question as to where in the Constitution the government has the right to force me to purchase what I may not want. You claim you have a copy, please respond. To answer your question, yes I do think it would be beneficial to purchase healthcare if it was affordable, which is why I can’t. Please explain just who is stupid enough to pay for healthcare if the government is going to give it away? If you punish good behavior and reward bad behavior what does your logical mind suggest the outcome will be? Take off the rosie colored glasses and think. You have things upside down. You seem like a very nice person with a kind heart but what you are trying to do is impossible, it can’t work.

      • Doesn’t it say in the Constitution that Congress should “provide for the general welfare”? And I still believe that you are wrong about almost every we are discussing, just as you believe I am wrong. That being the case, I really see no reason to keep the conversation going. We are just beating a dead horse!

  6. As for carrying the Constitution with you, wow, why don’t you sit down and read it. Let me know what it says about property rights and please tell me where it says the government has the right to force me to buy goods and services that I may not want? I’m waiting. You won’t answer me, my guess is you will resort to calling me names as you did before when you have no answer. Racist, idiot, uneducated, Glen Beck cult member.

  7. I am a carpenter and I have 5 sons that have been blessed with good health. We use very little healthcare. the main reason, not the only reason that healthcare is so expensive is because the federal government has gotten involved at every level to “help”. next time you go to the hospital or doctors office and take notice how many people it takes just to do the administrative aspects of meeting your need. That is because the government has so many regulatory requirements. the next biggest reason is that every single healthcare provider at every level takes painstaking precautions to avoid lawsuits because everybody in this country now has their hands out to try to sue somebody else so they don’t have to work anymore. the third main reason is that nobody is paying for their own healthcare and has no vested interest in containing costs because someone else is or will pay for it. I don’t pretend to know the fix for the problem but I can say for certain it is NOT to turn total control of it over to the Federal Government. Washington has never done ANYTHING efficiently or well and health care will never be the exception. Look at their track record. What have they ever done efficiently. What makes you think this will change? Deregulation is the answer not more regulation. The best way to fix things is to get Washington to stop helping! I enjoy discussing topics and find most of the left leaning people unable to support their position with logical thought. Most think with their hearts and not their heads and usually resort to name calling as did you.

    • “resort to name calling as did you” – and just what are you doing with that remark – calling me names. So I believe we both do it. I hope you and your 5 sons had a great Christmas. You said you are from Pennsylvania – I have family there – near Pittsburgh, actually in Ambridge. My grandparents lived in Glen Campbell near Indiana. Growing up I spent many summers in PA and loved it.

      Deregulation is not the answer – it is deregulation that caused the Wall Street mess as well as making airline flights almost unaffordable for most people. Deregulation is also the reason that the healthcare insurance market is so out of control. But too much regulation hurts profits so in my opinion you have to had a middle ground somewhere. But you have to have some regulations. What would society be if there were no laws in place – it would be anarchy – thats like have a highway system with no rules on driving! I live in Texas and the oil industry tries to get by with no regulation and we saw what happened in the Gulf this last summer.

      By the way – Healthcare reform is not turning healthcare over to the government – in fact after it is set up, the government won’t be in it that much except for providing assistance for those who can not afford to purchase health insurance. But the government will not be involved in the actual healthcare part, at all.

      The government has done some thing rights – Social Security “Social Security is one program so effective that the entire decline in poverty can safely be attributed to it, even by the most cautious academics. “Our analysis suggests that the growth in Social Security can indeed explain all of the decline in poverty among the elderly over this period,” concluded Gary Engelhardt and Jonathan Gruber in a rigorous 2004 National Bureau of Economic Research report on the program”

      Medicare is a good program that has been underfunded – and except for that fact, Medicare is an good example of the type of healthcare insurance that should be provided for everyone. Medicare for all would be a great system but of course the insurance companies lobbied against that. I can send you a good website link of a blog written by a doctor who is also involved in studying the way healthcare is provided. He is the most knowledgeable on healthcare insurance and what works and what doesn’t work.

      Sorry that you feel most of the left can not support their positions – if that is so why do you keep debating them? That would seem to me to be a lesson in futility if they can’t ever support their position.

      • As far as deregulation goes, I think we have more than enough regulations already. What we don’t have is enforcement. It does no good to have regulations and then let these guys get away scott free when they break the law. Here’s a new concept for you…throw these guys in prison when they break the law, especially career politicians that betray the public trust for campaign contributions, guys like Charlie Rangell and the guy from Louisiana(his name escapes me, jefferson I think) belong in jail not sitting behind a desk in Washington.

  8. I didn’t call you any names as you did me first off. the only thing demeaning I called you was Comrade which you probably took as a compliment anyways seeings you think Barack Obama is more conservative than you. I find that downright scary that anyone can be left of him. By what rational standard can you possibly declare Social Security and Medicare cost effective, good programs? they are both hopelessly mired in debt and cannot possibly live up to the promises they’ve made to future retirees like myself. the government has forcefully comfiscated large percentages of my income for years and has no possible means to fulfill their promise to fund my retirement. If you think for one minute that the Federal government is going to step out of healthcare once they taste the power of controlling approximately 1/7 of the US economy you are delusional. There is no way the healthcare provision can work. They are already getting funds and will tax away more and more for the next four years before any benefits start to get paid out. Taxation for 10 years, payout over 6. What happens after 10 years? Who funds it then? Who is going to pay for it if the government is going to give it away to a large group of non-payers? It would be nice if everybody could have free healthcare but it can’t work. How’s that “free” healthcare working out for the Brits and Canadians? Small government, low taxes, let the American people provide for themselves. Free market capitalism is the answer not more government control. Government is the PROBLEM, not the solution

  9. I have just received an email about the letter to Sen.. Simpson. Great letter .
    I reviewed some of the entries and I can add to the discussion .
    You must read Soros biography , he explained what he wants to about the world at large. This is a man who alsmost brought down the English pound his Edging tactics He got very rich .. I read the French newspapers and some years ago he was sentenced for insider trading to a 2.5 millions dollar fine. On appeal ,he lost. at the Cour de Cassation = Supreme court.
    If you want to really know what happened with Fanny mae and Freddy Mac , please read : “Reckless Endangerment “. some people should be going to jail . So many people should have paid more fines or gone to jail. I’ll be fair they should have done both.

    A good way to save money in this country would be to investigate 1,2 million so called charities.. i researched charity for wounded soldiers and their expenses and Adv. cost 91% of their receipts , it should be between 45-50%.

  10. The link just above goes to a site that does not appear related to yours. Feel free to edit or fix, and feel free to delete my message as well.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about – as every link seems to be going to where it is suppose to. As for your comment – no I will not delete it – I only delete spam!

    • Found what you were talking about – thanks! I really should go through by links more often.

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