Posted by: maboulette | June 3, 2020

President Orders Troops

President seems to be shifting his threat to deploy US troops to  response to protests over the death of George Floyd’s that have been rocking this nation.  This is being reported by the Associated Press Wednesday.


Officials at the White House told the AP that the president in private is backing off his warnings of deploying troops as a response to the demonstrations that have at time become violent.  These officials say that law enforcement’s response to the protests this week shows that local government are able to suppress any violence.


Current as well as former administration and campaign officials also told news service that photos from the weekend showing the setting of fires in Lafayette Square with the White House in the background had angered the president especially with reports that he was in the White House bunker due to Friday’s protests.   One senior White House official said that Trump wanted to show an aggressive response in Washington DC to be an example for the remainder of the country.  Trump announced these plans for the deploy the military in the capital city on Monday as well as threatened to send troops to other cities if the governors did not activate their National Guard.


It is the Defense Department has made continency plans for deploying the military if needed.  This were plans on protecting the White House and other federal buildings if other law enforcement should loss control the protests.


The 82nd Airborne Division sent 715 soldiers to the DC area on Monday and two more battalions of 1300 soldiers are on standby at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, according to documents the AP has obtained.


A White House official told the AP that all states with protests have National Guard resources. The official also said if governors did not make use of these tools, they should not expect a generous response when requesting federal funds for recovery and cleanup.


After Trump’s Monday announcement, he then visited the nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church after a crowd of protesters in Lafayette Square was dispersed at least 15 minutes before the 7 p.m. curfew.   The order to forcibly remove protesters reportedly came from AG William Barr. He gave the verbal order when he arrived in the area.

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