Posted by: maboulette | June 2, 2020

Open Letter to Impeached President Trump

@realDonaldTrump Mr. Impeached President – lets be clear about what happened yesterday.  You once again showed you have no clue what is going on with the American people.


You threatened to send military to “dominate” protestors, and your advisors referred to our streets as the “battlespace”.  You ordered the military to use force on peaceful demonstrators so you could walk across the street to stage a photo op at the Episcopal Church. The American people watched as an armed attack instigated by you, Mr. Impeached President, on peaceful, demonstrators who were exercising their Constitutional rights.  All of your actions as well as words will be etched into history as a terrible moment for our country.


This was all done so you could go to this church, not to pray or read scripture but to have a very awkward, PHOTO OP, holding up a Bible in the air and pointing to it as if it was a Trump product for sale.  Citizens (and voters) were pepper sprayed to make space for this to happen. You cannot seem to get anything right as you are a weak, uneducated man who is a weak leader and has never read the Constitution.


And the way that you were holding that Bible shows that you are a complete fraud who does not know a thing about the Bible. You admitted that it was not even your Bible!!  Like everything else you have done during your life – it was all a con.

Hilter and Trump


You always show how uneducated you are by threatening to do things that you do not have any legal right to do.  You cannot order federal troops under Insurrection Act of 1807 on to American Streets unless the governors of each state asks you to – so once again you threaten something that you have no RIGHT to do.  You are not a dictator – but it is becoming very clear you want to be.


This impeached president and every Senator that supported him during the Impeachment Removal Trial need to be voted out of office in November as they will not speak up against this man even when he threatens illegal act.  This uneducated man has no plan to solve:

  • Massive unemployment;
  • Raging pandemic already killed 103,000 plus;
  • Long lines at food banks;
  • Economy that is on the verge of collapse;
  • War with social media.

food banks

He does not have a plan for anything because all he does is threatens acts that he cannot legally do, while watching his image on television and tweeting all day.


blue wave

Vote Blue in November – the GOP does not care about you; they only care about keeping their plush government jobs.  This president does not care about you – only about his image as an “Law and Order” president. What a joke!


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