Posted by: maboulette | May 29, 2020

My Life With An Addict


I am so tired of trying to keep up with current events that I decided to take a break today – no politics and no pandemic.  Instead today I would like to talk about a problem that is most serious to me.


I spent more than 11 years with an addict. It has been over 20 years ago, and I am just now able to talk about it.  I guess I should have left but I just could not.  I was living with a cat that had a serious addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper.


This cat was very special to me – she was chased by a bunch of puppies into the house of a boss that I had years ago.  She scratched my boss who was trying to get the kitten out from under her bed, so this kitten ended up in rabies quarantine for several weeks.  Yes, a jail record beginning at a young age.  She was given all her shots and my boss had all those puppies so they did not want her back.  Knowing that I was a cat lover, they asked me if I wanted her.  How could I say no??


I named her KayKay and she was a torte cat.  Tortoiseshell describes a coat coloring found mostly in female cats. Cats of this color are mottled, with patches of orange or cream and chocolate, black or blue. They are sometimes called torties for short.  Cats of this coloration are believed to bring good luck (none here) in the folklore of many cultures. In the US, these are sometimes referred to as “money cats”.  Why money cats – I have no idea since the entire time we lived together, she never held a job or made any money


She was basically my cat and I was her human – but KayKay had one problem.  She was an addict – had a vicious problem with Diet Dr. Pepper.  I am the Diet Dr. Pepper addict who got her hooked so I guess I was an enabler.  Every time I put my glass down, she had her head as far down the glass as she could get – I am unsure if she was snorting the cola or drinking it.


The only effects that I could see was that she remained skinny her entire life after being “fixed” and she had these unique bursts of energy where she ran through our apartment for long periods at a time – so fast that she didn’t even look where she was going – from the bedroom, down the hall, around the living room, down the hall, into the bathroom, over my bed and then the same pattern again.  Now, I know that all cats have these bursts of energy where they just start running for no reason at all – but normally it does not last very long – except with KayKay.  It could last for 30 minutes or more or until she would run into something and gets stunned.  That is right – she got high and ran into things.

If you are living with an addict – get help for both you and the cat, before the cat injures themselves.


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