Posted by: maboulette | May 27, 2020

Should Trump Communicate with The World on Twitter

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Impeached President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down social media platforms after Twitter, his communication tool of choice, began fact-checking his tweets. The president suggested that social media “totally silences” conservative voices and this is also damaging his right to free speech.

“Republicans feel that Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices. We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen,” he wrote. “We saw what they attempted to do, and failed, in 2016. We can’t let a more sophisticated version of that happen again.”

“…. Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!


The president continued his statement by again criticizing mail-in-voting, which many states are beginning to establish in response to safety concerns amid the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Just like we can’t let large scale Mail-In Ballots take root in our Country. It would be a free for all on cheating, forgery and the theft of Ballots,” he said. “Whoever cheated the most would win. Likewise, Social Media. Clean up your act, NOW!!!!”


As many news outlets have previously reported, a recent study from Stanford University’s Democracy and Polarization Lab has found that contrary to the widely-held belief among the GOP that vote-by-mail gives Democrats an advantage over Republicans, vote-by-mail options do not benefit one party more than another.


Many US citizens have criticized the President for using Twitter as part of his continued efforts to spread falsehoods and innuendos about many of the issues that are currently in the news.  In fact, many question whether Trump’s use of Twitter is even proper for the President, any president, to be using in this way.  But especially for Trump since he does not seem to know how to filter out anything that is on his mind.  This “no filter” has led to Trump in the last few weeks to accuse a talk show host of murder, spread the falsehood of mail-in-voting being a large scale method of cheating, and distorting the facts and figures of the COVID-19 crisis.


Perhaps it is time that we have a conversation about whether Twitter is the proper format for airing grievances about certain matters by the President who is followed by many in other countries because he is the leader of the free world.  Although many might also suggest that Trump has lost that title as many countries are turning to other nations and leaders to take up the mantle of leadership since that title has been so damaged while Trump has been in office.  


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