Posted by: maboulette | May 24, 2020

Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady: Who’s Better Golfer Heading into ‘The Match 2’?


One of the best individual rivalries in football history is making its way to the green.

Peyton Manning (and Tiger Woods) vs. Tom Brady (and Phil Mickelson). The dialogue and trash talk between those players will be must-watch television by itself. And on top of that, there’s golf. But who’s going to have bragging rights at the end of “The Match: Champions for Charity?”


The early money is on the pairing of Tiger and Manning. As of Monday, they’re the odds-on favorite to win at -230 — Mickelson and Brady are at +190.  But of course, being favored does not mean you are better – just ask Tiger.  He entered the Match in 2018 as a heavy favorite over Mickelson but lost in extra holes.


Regardless: While it’s likely the professionals will do the heavy lifting in Sunday’s competition, both Manning and Brady will be called on several times over the course of “The Match,” and their play could be the decider in who comes out with a victory.


Manning has played in several pro-AMS over the years, including four with Tiger (2005 Bay Hill Invitational; 2009 Quail Hollow Championship; and the 2018 and ’19 Memorial Tournament Pro-AMS).  In that sense, he may have a slight advantage over Brady since he has already built a camaraderie with Tiger. Speaking of which, the pro was clearly impressed with Manning’s improvement the last time they played in the 2019 Memorial Tournament Pro-AM:

“He’s gotten so much better,” Woods said (via USA TODAY). “When we first played, he was just kind of starting out in the game. But now that he’s retired he can play a lot more golf. That’s been pretty cool for me to be able to play with him throughout the years. To know what he’s gone through and see him get ready for the season and what he’s been able to accomplish after all those surgeries, to walk around greatness like this, it’s always fun.”


While Brady’s certainly behind Manning in how much golf they’ve played — Manning’s retired, after all — he does have one thing Manning doesn’t: a tournament win.

That came when Brady, paired with infamously competitive golfer Michael Jordan, won the 2006 Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational.  He also have won some Pro-AM events of his own.


The Match: Champions for Charity will be broadcast live on TNT, TBS, truTV and HLN on Sunday, May 24, beginning at 2 p.m. ET.

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