Posted by: maboulette | March 27, 2020

What Doctors Across the United States Are Saying

Press conferences

Doctors across the country are furious. The things they are learning about the lack of U.S. preparedness are truly alarming. And after weeks of ringing alarm bells, they still don’t have the tests, PPE, and support they need on the front lines.


We all have learned that since Donald Trump took office, he cut 2/3s of the CDC staff in China.  In short, he sidelined professionals who could have helped China as well as provide critical information to the US Government.  Experts are now telling us that is the worst intelligence failure in the history of the US.  The Intelligence Community has been warning and asking Trump to prepare since at least January.


There are copies of the National Security Council’s Pandemic Playbook from the Obama administration that many have been able to read.  Worse than the fact that Trump’s team failed to follow it; they are still not implementing many of the recommendations that are in the playbook.  What was the biggest failure – testing!


The moment that it looked like something could turn into a pandemic, the report offered a question to ask early and often “Is diagnosis capacity keeping up?” It wasn’t and it hasn’t – and it is still not.  Doctors see rationing of tests every day.  You have no idea the scope of the problem if you don’t know how many people are positive – but Trump doesn’t understand this.


As Dr. Rob Davidson continues to say in interviews, our first case was the same day as South Korea. They were ready and started testing immediately.  If the United States were testing at their level scaled for population, we would be testing 130,000 people daily.  We are barely halfway there.  We all know or should understand that this will all begin to end when we fix the testing problem.


We also need:

  • National lockdown for the next 4 to 6 weeks in order to slow the spread;
  • Massive expansion in testing – to test, trace and isolate;
  • In the next year or more find a vaccine and test it.


Now we have more problems, but the top of the list is that when we need a hero who steps up to boldly solve problems, we instead have a President who continues to lie and fails to act boldly.


The human consequences of lack of preparedness, lack of tests, lack of PPE, lack of ventilators and lack of bold leadership are beginning to add up and quickly.  A Michigan nurse was breaking down after her shift as she described what felt like a war zone.  While in NYC a doctor described his experience in detail. “He treated a woman in her mid-sixties with telltale signs of covid-19: fever, shortness of breath, coughing up blood. She was terrified.”  In New Orleans, New York, Detroit, Atlanta and so many other communities, hospitals are at or near at capacity – running out of beds and ventilators.


With personal protective equipment (PPE), the situation is dire everywhere.  In Colorado there are reports of sowing stations at hospitals and in New York nurses are wearing trash bags.  Many of our medical professionals, public safety personnel and emergency service professionals are being taken out of the line of duty due to COVID-19 infections.


Imperfect as it may be, economic relief is on the way, but now the President is talking about opening the country in the next few weeks – Easter to be exact.  This is deeply dangerous language and that is why ER doctors are speaking out.  They believe this is reckless and it will cost thousands if not millions of lives.  Information from other countries shows clearly that setting up 6 to 8 weeks shutdowns verse opening life in America right away will produce a disaster of epic proportions.


Mr. President needs to mobilize the nation under the Defense Production Act, move to a National Shelter in Place and give the tests that are needed.  Professionals who work in the medical settings agree that the following is needed and are sending letters to the President to do the following:

  • A widespread national testing regimen;
  • Federal action for a national shelter-in-place order;
  • Operationalize the National Defense Production Act for PPE, ventilators and testing.




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