Posted by: maboulette | February 6, 2020

What Senate Republicans Are Doing

Senate Oath

Senate Republicans have covered up Donald Trump’s criminal extortion scheme, and everyone knows he will do this again. And they are all eager to punish those who dare speak up about it.   Senate Republicans are on a warpath to expose the whistle-blower—whose complaint ultimately led to the president getting impeached.  What they are doing could get this person killed.


Lindsey Graham told a TV reporter he hopes the Senate Intelligence Committee will subpoena the whistleblower to expose “how all this crap started” and then launched into propaganda-based conspiracy theories about who the whistle-blower was allegedly “working with.”  After Chief Justice John Roberts declined his request at the impeachment “trial” to name the whistle-blower, Senator Rand Paul read the alleged whistle-blower’s name in a speech on the Senate floor.


Whistle-blowers are protected for reasons an alleged libertarian like Rand Paul should appreciate: it encourages people to come forward when they see something wrong in government.  This is no joke. Trump supporters have already sent death threats to Congressman Adam Schiff, for leading the impeachment effort. Exposing the name of the whistle-blower could incite a Trump supporter to go after them too.


At best, it will deter other federal government employees from complaining about corrupt behavior when they see it—which is exactly what Republicans want.  We know that Trump will now feel vindicated to commit more impeachable offenses, and we need to be ready to protect future whistle-blowers.


What Senate Republicans are doing to expose the whistle-blower is extremely dangerous and could get this person killed.  All steps to protect this whistle-blower are needed, and make it safe for other government employees to speak up when they see something corrupt happening. 

Go to Daily Kos <> to sign a petition to Congress.




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