Posted by: maboulette | January 31, 2020

Open Letter to the United States Senate


I truly believed that some Senator could be a Profiles in Courage and stand up for witnesses at President Donald J Trump’s removal trial but I guess there are no people of courage in the Senate.  The last one that we will probably see in our lifetimes is the late John McCain.  You would have thought that Senator Lindsey Graham would have learned something from his good friend Senator McCain but I guess not.

What this trial showed is that President Trump will do almost anything to be elected.  And he will probably do that again this year in order to be re-elected this November. 

But to say the House Managers did not prove their case is just wrong.  They proved without any doubt that the President withheld military funding from a country involved in a hot war with Russia, until that country provided information on the President’s possible opponent in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.  They also showed that President Donald John Trump only released those funds after a whistle-blower came forward with a complaint.  This all happened and is true and every person in the Senate knows this.

All this Senate has are people who have been in Congress much too long and are afraid to stand up to Donald Trump – and afraid to uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution of the United States – and these Senators should be thrown out of office by their respective states.  Most of them have become very wealthy with the money that flows freely from big businesses and industry.  They will be well-taken care of for the remainder of their lives and are not needed anymore since most of them no longer represent the people that voted them into office.

I also saw yesterday some despicable behavior by some of these Senators.  Several including Senator Rand Paul did their best to out the Whistle-blower whose life would have then been in danger – and that to me is not Senatorial behavior – shame on you Senator Paul you should resign your job as you are no longer representing the people of your state and do not stand for the principles that a Senator with courage should stand for.

As for the other Senators, I have lost all respect for all of you.  You took an oath to protect the Constitution and to be fair and impartial jurist in this removal trial.  You failed miserably in both.  This is not what the Founders of this country expected of the Senate of the United States.  You will all pay a big price, when John Bolton’s book is released and you can read what a despicable man Donald John Trump is as president.

As for my two Senators from Texas, there is a blue wave coming and neither of you will be re-elected.

Finally, to Senator Leader Mitch McConnell – what the hell have you done to our court system – you have packed it with Conservative Judges many who are just flat not qualified and will now serve life-time appointments.  It will take generations to straighten out the court system to give America the justice they deserve and that the Constitution stands for. It is my opinion you are too old to continue to lead the Senate – they need a leader who has courage and you sir, have none.

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