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About Mount Everest


For many of my early years, when I climbed mountains, Everest was in my bucket list.  But I was a smoker and even after I quit many years ago, Everest became just a distant dream.  But every year when spring comes and its climbing season on Everest, I keep up with what is going on.


Mount Everest is an incredible force of nature that always seems to wow. The Sanskrit name for the mountain literally means “Peak of Heaven.” Some facts about Everest are pretty well documented, and some are less well known, but they are all interesting. You’ve probably seen films and documentaries on Mount Everest, but how much do you know about this iconic mountain?


Take a look at these amazing facts about Mount Everest to power up your trivia knowledge and give you a new perspective on one of the most famous mountains on Earth.

We know, right?! Well, this one is much disputed and kind of depends on what you count as the “tallest.” Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth if we’re talking feet above sea level. However, there is another whopper of a mountain that claims to be the tallest too. Awkward!

That mountain would be Mauna Kea, a huge volcano in Hawaii that is, in fact, the world’s tallest mountain when measured from its base to its summit. The jury’s out on this one though…


Kami Rita Sherpa has climbed Everest a total of 24 times, beating his own world records. He is a Nepali-Sherpa guide from a mountaineering family. His brother is also a guide and has climbed Mount Everest 17 times.

Interestingly, his father was one of the first guides to take tourists up Mount Everest when it was initially opened to tourists. Kami Rita notes that his fame and recognition has enabled him to give his children a better life, whereas originally he climbed the mountain as a means to “eke out a living,” he told journalists.


Many people don’t know that in order to climb Mount Everest you actually need to attend a ceremony to be blessed by the gods.

If you’ve ever seen images of flags on Everest and wondered what they are, they are prayer flags that are placed there for protection. All mountaineers are required to ask for safe passage before they embark on their climb. The Puja ceremony, as it is known, is held in Base Camp before the climb and must not be missed. It’s an age-old tradition that is thought to bring good luck.


Thirteen-year-old Jordan Romero is the youngest mountain climber ever to make it up Everest. He has also completed the Seven Summits Challenge which saw him tackle the highest mountains on each continent.

He had to take Everest from the Tibetan side, which is much more difficult, as he couldn’t get a permit to go up via Nepal because he was deemed too young. The native Californian relished in proving people wrong, and now spends time encouraging other kids to find their own Everest and tackle it — whatever that may be.


The oldest climber to take on Mount Everest is Yuichiro Miura from Japan, who climbed the mountain in 2013 at the age of 80. Amazingly, he had two heart surgeries prior to this, but was determined to beat his own record which he set in 2003 at the age of 70.

Unfortunately, the oldest man title has been attempted by other climbers unsuccessfully, such as was the case with 85-year-old Min Bahadur Sherchan. The Nepalese man sadly died while trying to take the title, even though he had climbed the mountain in his younger years.


Even high in the sky, with barely enough air to breathe, we still can’t hide from spiders. Euophrys omnisuperstes (“standing above everything”), better known as Himalayan jumping spiders, hide in nooks and crevices on the slopes of Everest, making them one of the Earth’s highest permanent residents. Climbers have spotted them as high as 6,700 meters (22,000 ft)


The official height of Mt. Everest was previously settled at 8,848 meters, or 29,029 feet. That’s a very tall climb already, but there are other things that future climbers should worry about. It’s best to climb Mt. Everest as early as one can because the summit will only get higher and higher. Thanks to geographical forces deep underground, the climb up Mt. Everest will be a little bit longer each year.

In 1994, a research team discovered that Mt. Everest continues to grow approximately 4 millimeters per year. According to the researchers, the Indian subcontinent that collided with Asia to form the Himalayas is still moving, and this movement is causing the mountains to go even higher. The height of Mt. Everest has been kicked up to 8,850 meters. While that’s just a fairly small jump, just think about how tall the mountain will be centuries from now.


Everest garbage .jpg

Countless photos document climbers on their way to the Everest summit, but we rarely see images of what they leave behind. Everest is littered with not just the bodies of climbers but an estimated 50 tons of waste, with more left behind each season. The slopes are strewn with disregarded oxygen bottles, climbing equipment, and plenty of human feces.

If you are interested in Everest, check back here around late April or early May when we can start following who, how many, where they are from and who does and doesn’t make it.

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