Posted by: maboulette | November 29, 2019

The Republican Party Will Meet the Blue Wave in 2020

blue wave

I am not angry at any of you that Hillary Clinton lost, and I am undaunted that we have different political views.   And I don’t think any less of you for voting one way which was different from how I voted.  


No…… but I do feel less of you since you saw an adult mocking a disabled reporter in front of an entire crowd and you still backed him.  I feel less for you because you saw a man gushing clear racist tweets and you still backed him.  I feel less for you for hearing him promoting war crimes and you still thought he should run this great country.  I feel less for you when you saw him compare a woman’s worth by her appearance yet not one of you said anything. 


It isn’t your politics that I find disgusting – rather it is your personal devotion to support sexism, racism, sexism and cruelty.  You took the side of a bully when you thought it would help you politically and this is a choice that I never will forgive nor forget. 


Since he has been in office, he has turned his back on all our allies – countries that fought beside us going back to WWI, WWII and the Gulf Wars.  He has withdrawn the US from a major global climate accord that we helped write; because he knows nothing about science.


His offensive tweets shows a man that mentally is deranged in many ways plus tweeting to the entire world how you stand on critical issues is not the way to run the presidency – it goes beyond transparency but rather shows stupidity which is not the way to run the government of the most important country in the world. And yet, no one from his own party has stood up to him about anything.


His continued abuse of power has made martyrs of critics.  Canceling the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan and the White House press pass of CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta turned these two partisan critics onto a much greater platform from which to attack him.


After the death of Sen. John McCain Trumps handling of the funeral was graceless and a new low.  Trump did not like McCain but when you are president, there are times you need to honor people you don’t like.  McCain was an American hero; Trump’s incapacity to gather up even one generous or kind word displays poorly on the president.


Trump’s treating of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder hurt American’s moral standing in the world.  Trump perhaps is right about a lasting rupture with Saudi Arabia is undesirable, because no other Middle Eastern country can serve as a counterbalance to Iran.  But it was inappropriate to announce that “It’s all about ‘America First’ with hundreds of billions of dollars in orders”.  There are times when our moral standing is more important.  We possibly would have gotten those orders any way as Saudi Arabia has no one else to order from.  But to let them get away with the murder of a man who is a reporter at one of the nation’s largest news outlet and not say anything – that only shows other nations that we have no more moral standing.


Trump and Vladimir Putin’s joint news conference in Helsinki was disgraceful. This meeting came right on the heels of the Russian’s attempted assassination of an insurgent on the soil of Britain using chemical weapons banned as well as the Mueller indictment of 12 Russians claiming meddling in the US 2016 election. Trump openly took sides with Putin and did not condemn any of these actions – over his own intelligence community. It was disgraceful as well as embarrassing.


The president’s policy on separating children of migrants from families at the southern border was a preventable tragedy. There is not a thing wrong with a zero-tolerance policy for illegal crossings. The problem is the advisor handling these policies is a White Nationalist and yet no one has demanded this man’s resignation from the White House.


Trump’s removal from Syria of all US troops will take America’s boot from the neck of the terrorists.  He has made the claim that “we have defeated ISIS in Syria” is completely wrong. They are not defeated and not one member of Trump’s national security team agrees with Trump’s decision to withdraw in fact he never even consulted with them. The Islamic State has up to 30,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq as well as $400 million in their assets. They are not defeated, and recent report say they have turned their eyes towards the west.  Trump cannot run foreign policy alone and by Tweet.


Trump lacks the emotion of compassion – he has no compassion for the poor, the working poor, the middle class or the elderly.  These are the people most affected if he takes Social Security or Medicare funding for whatever he believes is more important.   All he seems to care for is making the wealthy richer believing that it will trickle down – but this is an economic policy that has been proven to not work.


So, no…. there will be no “coming together” to move forward for the good of our country. Trump repulses me and many others, but it is the fact that he doesn’t disgust or repulse you that will stick with many people like me long after he is out of office.


I have always supported some Republican candidates; in fact, the Congressman from my Texas district is a Republican and I have fully supported him – but I can no longer support anyone from the Republican Party again. Your party has changed – you have seen President Trump violate his oath of office numerous times and yet have not spoken up about it.  Time and time again you have stood up for your party over your country and have violated your oaths also.


There is a resistance building – one of blue – that will vote only blue up and down the ballot in 2020 – from Trump down to the local governments. This Republican party is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln or that John McCain served so well – rather it has become a cult of one personality Donald J. Trump, and it needs to be destroyed.



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