Posted by: maboulette | August 3, 2019

Beto O’Rourke for President


Guest author Judy Michel <>

Uniter, yes he is, and I only hope we can see our way through this very unusual time to make this man our President. Beto is traveling America uniting us and promising a diversified cabinet, representation for all Americans, women, minorities, disabled, and veterans, finally a man for all Americans, with a little JFK, RFK, Obama, and a whole lot of Beto. 


I really believe Beto was destined to meet this journey, that started with a politician dad that said to his 10 year old son, go introduce yourself and shake their hand. He did reluctantly, and now he can’t shake enough hands.  Politics is Beto’s calling, he wants to serve his fellow Americans.


Beto will do it his way.  Travel from town to town, city to city, state to state meeting its people, finding out everything he needs to know about the people and their issues, and base his great policies on those issues.


Beto will give it his all, tirelessly, doing Town Hall meetings for all Americans and their families.  He can’t meet every last one of us, although he wished he could, he does the only thing he knows, live steaming, to make us all feel like we are part of everything he does.  Beto wants to become the man to represent us all.  


I don’t  see any other candidate wearing their heart on their sleeve or make their run so personal.  I, for one, watched Beto, his run for Senate, and fell under his spell.  I read his biography, I saw his ups and downs, his love for his family, his sister Erin with special needs, and sister Charlotte who believes in her big brother.  Beto’s love for his wife Amy and children, Ulysses, Molly, and Henry is what makes him the family man with a family that is perfect for the White House.  


All of us that believe in Beto, will walk the streets, knock on doors, text, call, and spread the word of Beto.  For Beto is the one candidate that has the best chance to win Texas and beat Trump, the evil man in the Oval Office.

Beto is always saying, I can not do this alone, We The People, have to do this together.  We have to take back our country, fortify our Congress, regain control of the Senate, and vote in a Democratic President in 2020.   Beto is the man for the job.  The one candidate of 24+ candidates that can win Texas and beat Trump.


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