Posted by: maboulette | November 18, 2018

Trade Deal Might Not Pass Congress

New Trump 3

President Trump may be bragging about  his trade deal with Canada and Mexico as a victory, but complaints from liberals and conservatives are threatening to sink the agreement in Congress.


Democrats, whose votes Trump needs to pass the deal in the House, say they want to see stronger protections against pollution and climate change, improved labor standards in Mexico and certainty that the U.S. will regain jobs lost to Mexico. And they also want safe guards on the deal can be enforced.


Meanwhile, a group of 40 Republicans is protesting new protections for LGBT workers that Canada insisted on, potentially imperiling some GOP support.


If he is blocked in Congress, Trump will be facing a major setback on an issue where he’s already been claiming credit for delivering on a campaign promise. He will be left with the unattractive choices of leaving NAFTA in place, heading back to the negotiating table, or pulling out of the deal entirely, as he’s repeatedly threatened.  And it is not clear whether the White House can make the fixes that will keep the lawmakers pacified enough so to vote for approval. 


 The Trump administration plans to sign the pact at the end of November, leaving the president with less than 2 weeks to coax Mexico and Canada to agree to any tweaks. After that, Trump could pursue changes through side deals or the legislation to implement the agreement. But both those options would be more difficult and could be a tough sell for Canada and Mexico.


 Some Democrats are also waiting to see a U.S. International Trade Commission analysis on the effect of the new agreement on the U.S. economy and individual industries. That investigation, required by law, will wrap up with a report due by mid-March. It will outline how the deal affects employment and wages — two of the chief labor concerns.


This is the President that told an interviewer today that he would grade the work he has done as A+  (that is your laugh for today!).


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