Posted by: maboulette | November 14, 2018

Is Trump Losing Control of the White House?

Trump crying

In the week since President Trump’s party lost control of the House of Representatives, almost guaranteeing that his criminal scandals are about to become the focus of the nation, many are seeing him acting in an unhinged fashion getting progressively while ignoring the most basic aspects of the job. Behind the scenes, things are even worse; far worse.


Donald Trump is circling the drain so quickly, his own people are running to the media to sound the alarm – and many of them are cracking up as badly as he is. One instance, some of Trump’s people are telling MSN that since the midterms, he’s retreated into a “cocoon of bitterness and resentment” and they are all trying to keep their distance from him. Another Trump insider is telling Politico that Trump has become so withdrawn, allowing his people to run amok, this White House has become something out of an episode of  Maury Povich.


In other words, Trump is not a guy who’s eagerly gearing up for the impending fight of his life. Instead he’s falling apart and withdrawing, isn’t bothering to do what it takes to try to protect himself, isn’t bothering to do the job, and isn’t even interested in keeping up appearances.


This all comes as President Trump’s lawyers are finalizing his answers to Robert Mueller’s questions about Donald Trump Jr’s Russia crimes, as Mueller seems only days away from handing down indictments. Trump’s one post-midterms strategy, the weird and somewhat risky move of installing Matthew Whitaker at the DOJ, is already falling apart. Oh, and here come the subpoenas – Mr. President are you ready of any of this?


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