Posted by: maboulette | November 5, 2018

An Immoral Man

Before departing as White House counsel, Don McGahn was blamed by President Trump for special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.  This once again shows what the President is, a lawless sociopath who has no respect for order, or institutions or account ability.


This bears repeating, because it can’t be overemphasized: Trump is a lawless sociopath who has no respect for institutions or order or accountability, either in theory or in practice, and he will not move from this position; no one can convince him that there are things greater than he is that he must submit to, or that they must submit to, against Trump’s interests.


Donald Trump thinks he is a law unto himself, and he expects all around him to behave accordingly. Donald Trump has no allegiance to the Constitution or to our way of life, or to law, or morality, or democracy, or to logic, or decency, or civility themselves. Donald Trump barely believes in the difference between right and wrong, and Donald Trump believes that if there is such a thing, he is above it, and everyone around him must agree.


Don McGahn was in the Trump administration, the White House counsel, and so he did not work defending our laws or our Constitution as much as he was expected to protect Donald Trump from accountability, at any cost to the rest of it. Don McGahn is quite conservative, but he must have been the most worn-out person anywhere by the time he left, because he knew who Trump is, and that no lawyer has a chance when dealing with Trump. Donald Trump is a sociopath, and he is the president. That means that anything is possible. any kind of lawlessness.


 II you believe this same way about the President and I know there are millions of people in the United States who do, then tomorrow on election day, you must vote Democratic for the House and the Senate.  If you don’t, who knows what Trump will do in the rest of his term.  He is an immoral man, and these are the people that can really mess up this great social experience that our Founding Fathers set up for us.


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