Posted by: maboulette | March 25, 2018

Why I Have Three Facebook Accounts

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Ok, since some of you have been asked to friend me up to 3 times, I have some explaining to do.


First, I had my one Facebook account and then election time rolled around, and I get rather crazy during this time every 4 years.   So, I thought that I would set up another Facebook account for just my friends from Brady because my other account was going to have a mixture of political friends, Brady friends – well, you get the picture.  So, I had 2 websites and you might have been asked to be friends on the new website.   But I mainly was using my Twitter account anyway.


Then Facebook started re-designing all our accounts and I guess it was too hard for them to contact me and ask which one my original Facebook account was.  So, they were nice enough to build me another one.  That is how I got 3 Facebook accounts and now a lot of you are being asked to be friends for the third time.  See, I haven’t lost my mind yet – and now no one needs to ask me about this again or warn me that my account got hi-jacked.  Mary Ann Boulette is going to be my main Facebook account.


My son asked me yesterday if I got banned from Facebook – no Robert there is an explanation.  And for those that didn’t get asked to be friends three times – I wasn’t ignoring or banning anyone.

My the way, if you are a big supporter of Trump – don’t accept my Friend request because I can’t stand him.  




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