Posted by: maboulette | January 19, 2018

Trump, His Ambien Habit, And His Increasingly Bizarre Behavior


This week Donald Trump’s military doctor announced that Donald Trump was in “excellent health” and had “excellent genes” in a bizarre spectacle which ultimately only served to erode the credibility of the doctor and cast new questions about Trump’s health. Even as the doctor was wildly misrepresenting Trump’s height and weight, he volunteered that Trump is taking Ambien to help him sleep. So, what? Plenty of Americans take Ambien. But most of them don’t put on Trump’s increasingly bizarre displays of behavior. So, what’s going on here?


The doctor claimed that Trump takes Ambien on occasion, and he pointed out that this is commonplace behavior. That is correct.  That is correct. USA Today reports that Ambien was prescribed more than forty-three million times in 2012 alone. In other words, Trump isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary by taking the drug. However, he is behaving in a manner which cannot possibly be described as ordinary. Even as Americans increasingly ask if Trump is mentally ill or senile or high on cocaine or perhaps all three, maybe there’s a different explanation altogether: Ambien abuse.


The website lists the following symptoms of Ambien abuse: “Amnesia or short-term memory loss. Coordination problems. Fatigue. Delusions or hallucinations.” Donald Trump regularly loses track of what he’s trying to say. He slurs his words. He regularly tweets his delusions and hallucinations about, well, pretty much everything.


These symptoms would be caused by Ambien abuse which would go completely against the usage recommended by the drug manufacturer and the FDA. Donald Trump’s doctor claims that Trump only uses the drug on occasion. But Trump’s doctor also stated that Trump is taller and thinner than he is, among other absurd and plainly false claims. So, if the doctor is claiming Trump uses Ambien on occasion, does that mean he’s abusing it? Considering Trump’s increasingly bizarre behavior, it’s a question that needs to be asked.


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