Posted by: maboulette | January 2, 2018

Trump’s Scandals Go Far Beyond What You Can Imagine, And Robert Mueller Will Expose All of It

Trump's kids

With four key members of the Donald Trump campaign having been arrested and two of them having already pleaded guilty, and overwhelming new leaks about the Trump-Russia scandal now surfacing by the hour, many Americans are wondering just how ugly the scandal will get by the time it all finishes playing out. Trump’s crime spree and treasonous rigging of the election are already far uglier than any political scandal in our nation’s history. According to one insider able to know, it’s uglier than anyone can imagine.


Years ago, Tony Schwartz ghostwrite Donald Trump’s book Art of the Deal. He’s since come to conclude that Trump is a criminal sociopath, and has become one of Trump’s most vocal critics. Here’s how Schwartz now characterizes the investigation: “Mueller’s findings will be devastating to the Trump presidency and far beyond what most people currently imagine. Trump has a terrible past.” Based on the most recent stunning revelations, it’s not difficult to see where he’s coming from.


Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross both have deep financial ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia, which they had previously tried to disguise. This is all in addition to Trump’s own long history of financial deals that are shady, which Schwartz may be referring to, as he’s certainly had a front row seat to it in years past.


By arresting the uncooperative Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, and revealing that George Papadopoulos has cut a deal, Special Counsel Robert Mueller managed to set off a chain of events. That led to Michael Flynn cutting a plea deal against the biggest fish in the scandal. Trump’s remaining advisers are now panicking and tripping over each other, out of fear that they might be the next to face the handcuffs. The ugly truth is rapidly coming out as we speak.


 Now comes the question of who’s next. Some names are easier to guess than others, based on existing grand juries and previous leaks. But now the experts are focusing on five names who could be the next to be arrested – and most of them are major players in the scandal.


A source inside Trump’s inner circle has given five additional names to CBS News. On the list is former Trump adviser Carter Page, who testified to the House Intel Committee on Thursday that he did indeed meet with Russian government officials during his summer 2016 Moscow trip – and that he notified the campaign about it.


Trump campaign official Sam Clovis is also on the list; he reportedly testified before a Mueller grand jury earlier last year, he’s reportedly a cooperating witness. Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is on the list, which may explain why the Senate Intelligence Committee canceled his scheduled public testimony at the last minute without any resolution.


The two names that may raise the most eyebrows are Jared Kushner and Felix Sater.  Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, was reported earlier that he began cooperating with Robert Mueller in relation to the firing of FBI Director James Comey, suggesting that Kushner may be trying to fend off a possible arrest. Sater is a convicted Russian mafia money launderer who conducted significant real estate business with Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump, suggesting that his arrest could be an attempt to get him to flip on Trump’s kids.


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