Posted by: maboulette | December 30, 2017

Mueller Targets the Republican Party in Trump-Russia Scandal


Over the past two weeks, several prominent Republicans in Congress have suddenly and dishonestly come out swinging against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Not all Republicans in Congress have gone along with it, but there are enough of them that it’s clearly some kind of coordinated effort. It’s also felt like a desperate effort. Now we’re getting an explanation of why they’re panicking: Mueller has been targeting the Republican National Committee for its role in the Trump-Russia scandal.


It’s long been understood that Mueller is investigating Cambridge Analytica, the voter data analysis arm of the Donald Trump campaign. Cambridge Analytica somehow knew precisely which swing state voters to target on Facebook, despite having never publicly demonstrated that it has anything close to the kind of skills required to have pulled that off. Was the company just uniquely skilled at targeting, or was it working with the voter data that Russian hackers stole from those swing states? That’s for Mueller to determine. But now it turns out he’s targeting the RNC for its connections to Cambridge Analytica.


Respected investigative reporter Michael Isikoff is now reporting for Yahoo News that Mueller has been targeting Republican National Committee staffers to try to determine the connections between the RNC, the Trump campaign, Cambridge Analytica, and the efforts of Russian hackers. It’s previously been reported that Mueller was individually targeting Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal, but this is the first confirmation that Mueller is targeting the Republican Party as a whole.


This would seem to explain why certain Republicans in Congress are suddenly going to absurd lengths to try to smear Robert Mueller and preemptively discredit his eventual findings. Some of the biggest culprits, including Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy, were on the Trump transition team. It’s been reported that Michael Flynn kept the transition team in the loop about his illegal coordination with Russia. If so, those two Congressmen are on the hook for felonies. No wonder they’re panicking.

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