Posted by: maboulette | December 9, 2017

The Truth About the Ambush in Niger

flag funeral

The deaths of 8 soldiers, including 4 U.S. soldiers, in early October in Niger could have been barred and were caused by an inadequately executed mission to collect information on high-ranking Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, a new report claims.


Sources told BuzzFeed News that the deaths at the village of Tongo Tongo would have been avoided if the mission was planned better and that it is unknown whether the calls were made by the soldiers on the ground or their commanders back at the base.


BuzzFeed said that it talked to a Nigerian general, a pair of senior military officials and an official from Nigeria’s anti-terror unit for its report.

The Trump administration has faced increasing scrutiny over this operation.


The soldiers had entered a hotbed of militants in which was known as the “red zone” that had been marked out of bounds by the U.S., BuzzFeed noted, saying the soldiers lacked adequate evidence at the time of the operation in which a series of “negligent” errors were made.


There had been 46 militant attacks in the area over the past year, however, the U.S. soldiers traveled in pickup trucks unarmored and were not armed heavily when they were ambushed by the militants outside of Tongo Tongo.  The ambush reportedly lasted for two hours and was only stopped when a French military aircraft flew over the scene.


Those officials who were familiar with comparable missions told BuzzFeed they were uncertain if this operation should have taken place in the first place due to the delicacy of the situation.


A representative for the Department of Defense did not remark on the results of the report to BuzzFeed but cited the ongoing investigation into the matter.

“The investigation is exploring issues of policy, procedures, resources, doctrine, training, judgment, leadership, or valor central to this incident. The Department of Defense will always strive [to] ensure our forces are properly equipped and have the necessary capabilities to accomplish their mission and defeat any threat,” the spokesperson said.


The mission, which resulted in the deaths of four U.S. soldiers, including U.S. Army Sgt La David Johnson has been thrust into the spotlight due to questions over the preparedness of the troops and President Trump’s response.


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