Posted by: maboulette | October 23, 2017

Big Movie Release Weekend Did Not Lead to Big Money


It’s a bizarre season in Hollywood. Is seems as if nothing is “working,” and the studios don’t want to waste more money in the hopes that things will change.  They’re pulling flops from the theatres earlier than normal.

Weekend box office

This weekend, for example, Warner Bros. is putting out a white flag on “Blade Runner” after 3 weeks. They’ve cut the number of theatres showing Denis Villeneuve’s beautiful film by 855. So far, “Blade Runner” has only $66 million.  Audiences have not come out to it. And now, week by week, Warners will quietly take it away.

Tom Cruise

Warner’s isn’t alone. Universal is taking out Tom Cruise’s “American Made” from 539 locations after month in release. The Doug Liman directed thriller has only made $43 million. Reviews that are good haven’t brought any help to Cruise fans coming out. One problem no promotion since Cruise wasn’t available. Also, audiences may have just soured on him after “The Mummy” and other flops.

Biggest Surprise

The largest decease is for the revived “Flatliners.” With just $16 million in the till, Sony would be better off paying people to see this one. They’re retreating from 1,433 theaters this weekend, leaving “Flatliners” on its own. It will be Flatliners with be flatlined by Monday.

More trouble

In the meantime, Warner’s is having more trouble than the other studios. Their “Geostorm” is on its way to be a disaster.

And over all this weekend doesn’t look too promising for new films. “Geostorm” should be joined by “The Snowman” in the kill basket by Sunday.  They could perhaps sell them to NetFick or Amazon and make money in the online movie.

Here’s to better days– and soon!



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