Posted by: maboulette | October 14, 2017

Senile Trump Gets Confused; Wanders Off in The Middle of Another Public Event

confused Trump

Donald Trump held a signing ceremony today for a new executive order aimed at sabotaging ObamaCare, which is profoundly disturbing. But the ceremony itself served to provide the latest hint that Trump has gone senile and no longer knows where he’s at or what he’s doing. In the middle of the event, Trump got confused and wandered off, leaving Mike Pence to bring him back – and this is not even the first signing ceremony he’s wandered away from.


Trump gave a brief prepared speech from a lectern today, and then he was supposed to walk about three feet to a desk where he would sign the order. Instead he wandered off toward the door while waving goodbye to everyone. Watch the video of Trump’s latest senile moment, which aired live on CNN:


If this were a one-time thing, it could be written off as a harmless slip up. But this isn’t even the first time Trump has gotten confused and tried to leave a signing ceremony without signing anything. He also tried to wander off in the middle of a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He got off Air Force One and, instead of getting into his motorcade, he blankly wandered away from it. He goes off-prompter during speeches and tells incoherent stories that are inappropriate for the audience he’s addressing.


Yesterday, one of Donald Trump’s own advisers told Vanity Fair that Trump has “lost a step” and that his staff is now trying to prevent him from doing interviews. Whatever has brought it on, it’s clear to even a casual observer that Trump has gradually gone senile since taking office. Even his own staff has been trying to warn us – because it’s gotten just that bad. Therefore the 25th Amendment was written.


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