Posted by: maboulette | October 13, 2017

Mueller Investigation of Trump-Russia Scandal Is Moving at Swift Pace


Although it may not seem like it to worried outside observers, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is aggressively moving forward at a historically swift pace. The investigation just happens to be historically complicated as well, and the scandal at the center of it is buried beneath a surreal series of trap doors. Yet for reasons known only to him, Trump just decided to hand Mueller the master key.


Trump has apparently managed to trick himself into believing he’s innocent in a traitorous scandal he masterminded. That’s yet another sign of his declining mental faculties. But it also may prove to be a lucky break, because it’s led Trump to recently conclude that the best way to get the Russia scandal behind him is to give Mueller everything he wants. Not only is Trump turning over the kind of evidence that Mueller has long been trying to get his hands on from the outside, Trump is also now talking about voluntarily testifying for Mueller.


There’s almost no way to quantify how bad of a move this would be for Trump. Yet sure enough, Politico is reporting that it’s precisely what Trump and his attorneys are preparing to do. It would be virtually malpractice for Trump’s attorneys to allow him to do this. Yet if they put their foot down, he’ll just find some new attorneys who won’t try to stand in his way.


So unless Donald Trump turns into yet another kind of pumpkin as his mind continues to collapse, and randomly changes his strategy yet again, he’s preparing to pretty much throw his life away by testifying for Robert Mueller. Trump will end up bragging about every crime he and his henchmen have ever committed, because he can’t help himself. He’ll lie under oath, because he has no relationship with the truth. Trump will do Mueller’s job for him during that testimony. Bring it on.



  1. As much as I would love to hear him testify, or at least learn that he does, he won’t. I know it is difficult to underestimate his stupidity, because he continually lowers the bar on just HOW insane he really is, but, I don’t think Drumpf will testify. He is too busy destroying the health of millions of Americans, by writing an Executive Order now to stop payment of subsidies to insurance companies. I am glad Mueller is meticulous, and is circling in closer to Trump, with his recent interview of Reince Priebus, but Trump has been very quickly destroying and overturning everything Obama has done. He is obssessed in his hatred of him, even though he has NO ideas of his own. So while Mueller is taking forever to nail Trump, Trump is destroying this country, day by day. I hope Mueller nails him and gets him impeached or arrested before the end of the year, because the country’s health depends on it. And, he better get Pence as well in the process.

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