Posted by: maboulette | October 12, 2017

Trump’s Own People Signal That They Want This Over With


Yesterday a remarkable thing happened. We saw a tidal wave of negative claims about Donald Trump’s fitness for office, his mental capacity, even talk of the 25th Amendment – and it all came from Trump’s own people. Some of them said it directly, while others filtered it through major news outlets so they could keep their names off it. But the message today was overwhelmingly the same: Trump’s own people are scared of how badly he’s unraveling, and they’re ready to help end it.


There’s no other possible explanation for why Trump’s own advisers would have told Vanity Fair yesterday, for instance, that he’s “lost a step” mentally and that they no longer trust him to do interviews without supervision. There’s no other reason for why Trump’s advisers would have admitted publicly yesterday that Trump is being warned internally about the 25th Amendment. These sentiments precisely mirror what Trump’s enemies and detractors have been saying, and this serves to drive the point home for anyone listening. There’s only one reason why’d they do this.


Whether consciously or subconsciously, Trump’s own people are now ready for this to be over, and they’re feeding the kinds of things to the media that are going to make it a whole lot easier for him to be ousted. These are the people who have wanted Trump to succeed, and indeed many of them may lose their own White House jobs if he goes. It’s not as if they’re trying to spitefully sabotage him by leaking these damning things to the media. They’ve simply come to realize that Trump can’t do this job, it’s getting worse by the day, and it’s time for it to be over with.


What we’re now seeing, in effect, is a metaphorical mercy-killing of a dying presidency. Donald Trump’s own advisers are now offering powerful arguments to those seeking to oust him. They’re helping write the script of his ouster – because even they reluctantly know that the jig is up.


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