Posted by: maboulette | August 21, 2017

Steve Bannon’s Breitbart Is Already Questioning Donald Trump’s Mental Health


President Trump – time to resign – you are losing your base, the people in the White House that supported you have left.  You are becoming a joke.  Really think about resigning.

Donald Trump demonstrated just how afraid he was of Steve Bannon’s revenge when he spent yesterday tweeting platitudes about Bannon and his site Breitbart. This morning Bannon used Breitbart to harshly attack Trump’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, making clear that this divorce would be ugly. But now Breitbart is already going for the jugular, questioning Trump’s mental health.


That came in the form of a new article titled “CNN’s Stelter Questions Trump’s Mental Fitness — ‘Is He Suffering From Some Kind of Illness?’” Coming from Breitbart, one might expect the article to slam CNN for asking the question. But instead the article simply quotes Stelter’s on-air CNN segment at length, without offering any commentary or rebuttal of its own. In so doing, Breitbart is essentially using CNN as a prop for pushing the notion that Trump may have a mental illness.


Done in once-removed fashion, and you won’t see it if you refuse to read between the lines, but it’s clearly there: Breitbart is questioning Donald Trump’s mental health. The dead giveaway is that 99% of the time, Breitbart is busy railing against networks like CNN for supposedly being “fake news” – yet in this instance, the Breitbart article didn’t demean or question CNN in any way. Considering that Breitbart is Bannon’s baby, and that he officially retook the reins the minute he was fired, there’s no way an article like this would be published on his site unless Bannon wanted it out there.


This comes just one day after Donald Trump had tweeted that Breitbart was real news and everyone else was fake news. Now Trump is stuck owning that, even as Breitbart pushes the premise that Trump might be mentally ill. Steve Bannon is wasting no time whatsoever in trying to turn Trump’s base against him. As per policy, we don’t like to Breitbart articles, but you’re free to google it.

Maybe this would be a good time to resign.


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