Posted by: maboulette | August 21, 2017

Has Donald Trump Lost His Moral Authority

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Watching the NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday morning Chuck Todd asked this question – has Donald Trump lost his moral authority?  What?  Yes, has President Trump lost his moral authority?


First, I do believe most anyone will agree that to lose one’s moral authority one would have to first have some morals.  And that right there shows that Trump cannot lose his moral authority he would have to have some morals to begin with – he doesn’t!  How did I come to that conclusion?


During his days as a businessman he was the most amoral person working in the industry.  If you look back you will find that Trump ruined businesses that were contracted to work on one of his many projects and then Trump would refuse to pay the bill – this caused numerous small business owners to lose their businesses


One company was contracted for $200,000 to work at the biggest prize in Atlantic City: Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal.   This company installed toilet partitions.  But what seemed like a winning ticket soon turned into a nightmare when the paycheck never came.   Read More

“We weren’t this big company,” remembers Rosser, who now runs the company with her brother, Steven. “We didn’t have tons of money in an account somewhere to cover things.”


Jenkins says his dad, who built the company from nothing, nearly lost everything.   Now I ask you is this moral?  And this happened again and again especially with the Taj Mahal project.  Refusal to pay contracts and the little guy must close their businesses.  Some companies spent millions just trying to get paid – is this moral?  Sign a contract then never pay or pay pennies on the dollar.  Trump says its good business – I say it is immoral.


Trump was also on the amoral side in his personal morals – cheated on both wife number 1 and 2.  With his first wife number 1 Trump ran around on her with the soon to be wife number 2. He divorced wife number 1 and married wife number 2.  Then he started running around on wife number 2 with soon to be wife number 3.  Divorced wife 2 and married wife number 3.  Are these the actions of a moral man?


With his political career, while running for president, Donald Trump made promises that he knew he could not fulfill.  Like the coal miners – he was going to put the miners back to work. As president Trump lifted a moratorium on federal coal leases paving the way for excavation of a fossil fuel on public land in the West that few mining companies seem to want.  This was going to bring miners their jobs back.  Now mining has change since these miners first went to work in these coal mines.  They don’t go deep down in the mine to dig up coal – no, now they do what is called “strip mining” where giant tractors take the tops off mountains to get to the coal, and using machines to dig the coal up and put into heavy trucks to take the coal out of the mining area.  A crew of 5 men can do what it took 15 or more miners to do years ago.  So, there are not the number of mining jobs Trump promises the unemployed coal miners.


Industry experts say coal mining jobs will continue to be lost, not because of blocked access to coal, but because power plant owners are turning to natural gas. At least six plants that relied on coal have closed or announced they will close since Trump’s victory in November, including the main plant at the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona, the largest in the West. Another 40 are projected to close during the president’s four-year term.


Basically, his entire campaign was this way – one big lie – tailored to the audience he was speaking to – tell them what they want to hear even when Trump knew he was lying. Now I ask you again – is this moral?  He promises everything he could to get votes.


And guess what happen – he won – barely but he won.  Now he and his entire advisory staff are under investigation by a special investigator for allegedly working with the Russians to hack Democrat emails, then change the meaning of these emails and have Wikileaks then release them on their website.  Now, he has not been convicted of this – but he will because this man has no morals.

7 MONTHS                                                          

He has been in office for over 7 months and has had staff changes in almost every Oval Office position.  He has not passed one item of significate legislation.  All he has done is sign presidential memos changing all the measures that President Obama had put into place.  Some of these were in climate change so that any regulations that would help with the climate problem but cost business owner’s money – well, just don’t worry about these regulations anymore – after all, climate change is just a hoax, no really.  Doesn’t matter that almost every scientist has agreed that the changes in the climate will destroy our planet; if the climate doesn’t change in about 100 years, we should all be living on Mars because Mother Earth will be one big disaster.


Trump ran for president because he got his feelings hurt by President Obama at White House Correspondence Dinner in 2011 when Obama and then Seth Myers roasted Trump.  And the poor child got his feelings hurt.  I can just see him lying in bed that night vowing to run for president and wipe everything Obama did off the map – it will look like Obama was never there.  Well, Donald if that hurt your feelings, wait until the history books are written about your administration.


So, to Chuck Todd – the answer is no one can lose moral authority when they never had it to begin with.  Also, moral authority is something a man has not a man-child.



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