Posted by: maboulette | August 15, 2017

Self-Pitying Trump Signals His Surrender in Wake of Charlottesville Debacle

Stern Trump

Donald Trump is finished. If he had any small fraction of hope a week ago that he might be able finish out his term, that’s now gone entirely. The moment when Trump’s flame extinguished, and his eventual ouster became guaranteed, wasn’t when the white supremacist’s car hit the crowd. It was when Donald Trump decided that the real victim of the Charlottesville terrorist attack was Donald Trump, sending him into a self-pitying spiral that’s now destroying him by the hour.


We now have confirmation from the Associated Press of what we suspected all along: Trump’s own top advisers told him on Saturday that he needed to immediately condemn these Nazi and white supremacist groups by name, but the sad sack couldn’t make himself do it.  In the past Trump would have just thrown this segment of his loyal supporters under the bus and moved on. Instead, this time, he decided to pout while allowing the political ramifications to eat him alive. This is always a sign of someone who, at least subconsciously, has decided that he’s ready to be finished off.


Donald Trump spent days alternating between making his own meek generic statements about Charlottesville, which didn’t satisfy anyone, and allowing his advisers to say more definitive things on his behalf, which didn’t work either. Today a visibly broken-spirited Trump had to go in front of the cameras and halfheartedly read the same speech that his advisers had wanted him to give in the hours after the attack. But then he posted this garbage to Twitter: “Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realize once again that the Fake News Media will never be satisfied…truly bad people!”


Trump might as well be screaming “poor me!” This is the end of him. The most notorious bully of this generation has now been reduced to nothing more than a self-pitying blob of pure pithiness. In his mind, Heather Hoyer isn’t the real victim, even though she was murdered by a Trump-supporting Nazi. The two law enforcement officers who died in an accident while patrolling the debacle weren’t the victims either. Nor were the people whose civil rights are being targeted by Trump’s racist supporters. Instead, Donald Trump thinks he’s the victim here, because his racist political strategies have backfired on him at the worst possible time. It’s a sign that he’s given up. His own self-pity will accelerate his demise even more quickly than any of the of how the Charlottesville situation works against him

Boo Hoo Donald Boo Hoo


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