Posted by: maboulette | August 11, 2017

Scaramucci’s Strange Appearance on Stephen Colbert Could Be Key in Trump-Russia Investigation


Anthony Scaramucci’s time as Donald Trump’s White House Communications Director has turned out to be so short that there have already been as many days since his firing as there were during his tenure. But now he’s already surfacing again, having booked a surprising guest appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. The interview could end up being key in the ongoing Trump-Russia investigation.


There is no reason to believe that Anthony Scaramucci was involved in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal at all. But he just finished spending ten days in the lion’s den with Trump and his cast of characters. Scaramucci may have learned insider information in the process that he doesn’t realize is relevant to the Trump-Russia investigation. And he’s about to appear on the Colbert show, where he’ll probably try to come off as being as witty and funny as Colbert himself. So, the question becomes what Scaramucci – who we’ve learned likes to speak frankly – might end up blurting out during trying to keep up with Colbert.


If this sounds far-fetched, keep in mind that this is the entire premise behind publicly televised investigative hearings that are held by House and Senate committees. The committee members ask a reluctant witness to show up who may be sitting on knowledge of a scandal, and then they try to trip that person up into unwittingly giving something away.


The differences here are that Anthony Scaramucci is volunteering to appear on Colbert, and the interview will be a comedic one. But the premise is largely the same: while Scaramucci will be there to try to retake control of his reputation, Colbert will be trying to bait him into saying something scandalous about Donald Trump. At the least, it’s a safe bet that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office will be tuning in for any potentially useful tidbits.


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