Posted by: maboulette | August 9, 2017

It Happens to Every President and it Shows Their True Character

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Every man who has sat in the Oval Office has felt the sharp shock when a normal day in the highest office in the land shifts from pomp and ceremony to urgent briefings, immediate choices, crucial decisions where lives are on the line. It’s not something that may happen to a president. It’s something that will happen.


John Kennedy learning of Russian nuclear weapons in Cuba. Jimmy Carter had news of 44 American hostages taken by the Iranian regime filtered in. George H.W. Bush had Iraq invaded Kuwait and the collapse of Soviet Communism shook the boundaries and security of the world. George W. Bush on that fateful September day. Barack Obama as a spring morning in Boston and a night of dancing in Orlando turned into bloodbaths driven by Islamist terror.


Crisis tests the mental acuity and character of presidents. It demands a degree of focus and reveals character like nothing else. The ability to navigate crisis isn’t merely intellectual—Carter was whip-smart, and terrible at confronting crises—it’s also a kind of Wolfean Right Stuff; “Perhaps because it could not be talked about, the subject began to take on superstitious and even mystical outlines. A man either had it or he didn’t! There was no such thing as having most of it. Moreover, it could blow at any seam.”


When they have it, they have it. Some presidents meet crisis with resolve and discipline. Some have a team of serious, capable advisers who bring knowledge, focus, and insight into complex regions and actors. Some have guts. Some have intellectual horsepower and mental bandwidth. Some understand people and power.


Some presidents show immediate command in some crises and fail in others. From the confident rallying cry of “I hear you” on a firetruck in the ruins of the World Trade Center to “Heckuva job, Brownie” shows two extremes of crisis management in one president.


What we know of Donald Trump is that he lacks all of these characteristics, and while some of his advisers have shining parts, he disregards those who offer him counsel on how to behave, govern, and lead as a president. The Scaramucci sideshow was one more example of how deeply unready Trump is for a real crisis and how at risk our nation is because the president is temperamentally (and, let’s be real, mentally) unfit to serve. Donald Trump the television character—decisive, worldly, smart, and always in control—is precisely the opposite of Donald Trump the man. The real Donald Trump is moody, needy, shallow, and impulsive. Think about this when you are trying to fall asleep every night.

And this is certainly missing with threats to North Korea – “fire and fury” – is that really what we should be saying to claim down the situation?



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