Posted by: maboulette | August 5, 2017

Is Trump Just Stupid or Not Very Knowledgeable

strip mining

Our wonderful new President had a rally in West Virginia where he spouted another of his lies about his administration having “ended the war on “beautiful, clean coal.”  This rally on the 3rd of August was on the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 – which is full of loopholes but is only a regulated compromise so that mining could be done by mountaintop removal and allow the legacy of ruin and contamination to remain.


President Trump either is stupid or really does believe there is clean coal – he talks about clean coal all the time.  The media needs to hold Trump accountable for the toxic fallout and daily trauma of those who are still living in the violation-ridden coal mining areas and shouldering the burden of our nation’s energy supply.


Mr. President – there is no such thing as “beautiful, clean coal” slogan.  It is just a lie.  I have an idea, spend some of your vacation time in the areas of our country where coal mining has ruined everything about these once beautiful places – like West Virginia or central Pennsylvania. I spent many summers in areas of Pennsylvania where my mother grew up.  There is coal dust everywhere – you can’t dry your laundry on a clothes line outside because when it is dried it is full of coal dust.  My uncle and my grandfather spend their years in this new country they had immigrated to, in coal mines and both ending up with Black Lung disease.  My grandfather’s old house was never really clean as the coal mining had spread coal dust seeping into all the wood planks that were used to build his home.

“Beautiful, clean coal” is a lie; just a lie.


There is nothing beautiful about coal slurry that has leaked into the creeks in West Virginia and southern Illinois – all a reminder of the many decades of deadly coal slurry leaks that has contaminated wells and waterway.


And each day, there are thousands of residents, who have lived unprotected within a field of massive detonations, fly rock and silica dust all the results of fallout from cancer-linked mountaintop strip mining in West Virginia and other strip mining operations in so many states across what use to be our beautiful mountains.  Since there were so many regulations and danger in coal mining where miners go underground – companies now just blow the top off mountains for strip mining.  It takes less people in mining of this type but it leaves the mountains disfigured even with replacement of trees and soil – it still looks terrible years later and some areas never regaining their beauty


So where is all this “beautiful, clean coal” Mr. President. There is no such thing and this was just a line from your con job that miners believed and voted for because you were going to bring good paying mining jobs back. 


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