Posted by: maboulette | August 3, 2017

Trump’s Advisers Throw Him Under the Bus After He’s Caught Spearheading Trump Jr Russia Coverup

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On a day which saw the stunningly swift firing of White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and the debut of new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, the headlines were instead being dominated by Donald Trump’s Russia scandal – because this latest bombshell is just that big. Trump’s own advisers are throwing him under the bus after it was exposed that Trump himself single handedly spearheaded his son Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia coverup.


It’s now being reported by the Washington Post that Donald Trump himself dictated the dishonest initial statement that his son released . In other words, the Donald Trump Jr. story about the meeting being focused on “adoption” was Donald Trump’s idea. Worse for him, his own advisers are now telling the WaPo that they advised him not to do it.


While the quoted Trump advisers are nameless in the WaPo story, the article goes on to describe events from the point of view of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump – painting them as having tried to get Trump to do the right thing – and thus strongly suggesting that Kushner is now scapegoating Trump. Congressman Ted Lieu came away with that interpretation as well, tweeting: “Reading between the lines of this article, it sure looks like Kushner, or those close to Kushner, threw Donald Trump under the bus.” But it gets even worse.


MSNBC justice analyst Matthew Miller believes that Donald Trump’s entire staff has now been exposed to legal consequences: “If Trump’s staff is already leaking this much about him directing people to lie, just wait until they’re under oath before the grand jury” . CNN reporter Evan Pérez added that “everyone on AF1 involved now likely exposed to Mueller probe – no exec privilege” .That may help explain why Trump’s advisers are already throwing him under the bus in last night’s Washington Post story.


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