Posted by: maboulette | August 1, 2017

Donald Trump Micromanaging Every Aspect of The Trump-Russia Coverup

worried trump

I have no idea why this surprises me because I have thought this for some time.  But because of all that has been happening in the White House I forgot this.


It seems that President Trump has been managing the entire Russian scandal.  Just hours after Trump fired Scaramucci yesterday afternoon, the Washington Post landed a bombshell that went off right over the president’s head.


First – it seems that Donald himself had dictated the statement that his son Don Jr released in which he made the false claim that the Russia meeting at Trump Tower was only about adoption.   Later the rest of the story came out.


Concerning the Trump-Russia scandal, the president rushed right in and personally took charge.  What does this mean – it means that there is a lot more to this story that the Washington Post is still piecing together.  It also means that it is clear now that the President has micro managed the Donald Jr-Russia cover-up from the very beginning.  I will not be surprised if it turns out that the president knew all about this meeting when it occurred.  In fact, I will not be surprised if he also was at that meeting – everyone else was – hell it probably took place in his office.  The meeting was about Hillary Clinton and the dirt that Russia had on her.  Does anyone really believe that the president was not told about this meeting or he was told and decided not to go?

It also tells us that the president took charge of all the other efforts to coverup the Russia scandal – every aspect of it.


Just wait until it comes out the president told Jeff Sessions what lies to tell while under oath about his Russia meetings or that the president told Jared Kushner to lie about Russia on his security clearance forms.  He probably has been micromanaging the entire Trump-Russia coverup all along from the very beginning. 

This entire scandal gets more and more like Watergate every day.


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