Posted by: maboulette | July 30, 2017

New York State Has Sealed Indictment Against Multiple Trump Organization Officials

ny indictment

With all the talk this week about whether President Trump can pardon himself and his family, most of that talk coming from Trump’s own mouth, here’s a timely reminder that the president can’t pardon anyone from state or local crimes. And now a new inside report says that New York State has a sealed indictment against multiple people in Trump’s immediate business orbit.


Here’s the scoop according to political insider Claude Taylor, who has been right before about Trump grand juries: “From NYAG Schneiderman source, ‘I am aware of at least one sealed indictment targeting multiple Trump Organization Principals’”. This is juicy because the only Trump Organization Principals are Donald Trump and members of his immediate family. Sealed indictments are acquired by prosecutors as a sort of playing card to be dealt at a particular strategic time, later in the investigation. So, the people who’ve been indicted wouldn’t even know they’ve been indicted until it’s unsealed and they’re suddenly charged.


The source hasn’t specifically said what charges these Trump Organization officials have been indicted for. But it was exposed quite a while back that Ivanka Trump and Don Trump Jr both did business with Felix Sater, a Russian mafia financier, while they were getting the Trump SoHo built in Manhattan. The Trump SoHo is within the jurisdiction of the New York State Attorney General, so this could well be it. But there are also many other legally questionable or suspicious Trump Organization financial transactions over the years that Robert Mueller is surely pursuing.


What will Donald Trump do if he finds out his own kids have been indicted by New York State? Down Goes Trump is a fast-growing political news and opinion site tracking the road to the impeachment and resignation of Donald Trump.


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