Posted by: maboulette | July 24, 2017

Trump Has Found a Way to Exit Office That’s Even More Humiliating Than Anyone Thought Possible

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Five weeks ago one of Donald Trump’s own advisers told the media that Trump wants to resign, but that he “doesn’t want to go down in history as a guy who tried and failed”. This established that Trump fails to understand anything that’s transpiring; he’s already covered as the least popular and most loathed president in U.S. history no matter how he finally ends up leaving. But now he’s found a way to leave office that’ll even make his exit historically humiliating.


Simply by inquiring as to whether he can pardon himself, Donald Trump has found a new way to shovel dirt on the grave of his own legacy. He just branded himself as A) guilty of everything he’s been accused of, and B) a complete idiot. Sure, Richard Nixon went down as a failure because he resigned. But at least Nixon peacefully walked away once he finally realized his crimes were going to take him down anyway. Trump doesn’t even has that.


No matter how Trump finally leaves office, he will be remembered as the guy who was so historically guilty, so unimaginably guilty, that he actually floated the idea of trying to pardon himself. He’s now registered himself as an admitted traitor, and the day he leaves office will forever be remembered as a de facto national holiday. For the next thousand years, history textbooks will point to Trump as one of the most shameful figures in history, and a cautionary tale for what no nation, no public, can ever again allow to happen.


Even Richard Nixon wasn’t stupid enough to try pardoning himself. It’s why he’s remembered as the corrupt criminal who spent a year trying to shred the Constitution to save himself, but at least walked away once he’d lost. Donald Trump will forever be remembered as the traitorous filthy animal who managed to make a criminal like Richard Nixon look noble in judgment. And even if that doesn’t bother Trump, this will: for the next thousand years, schoolchildren will laugh out loud at him for being the bleeping idiot who tried to pardon himself and ended up in prison anyway.


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