Posted by: maboulette | July 13, 2017

Donald Trump’s AWFUL Education Secretary MUST BE STOPPED.


Since taking office, she’s been a total disaster for our students:

— She’s blocked laws designed to help poor and vulnerable students.
— She appointed the CEO of a private loan company to oversee student aid.
— And proposed MASSIVE cuts to public education.

We’re sick and tired of Trump’s cronies rigging the system against the rest of us, so we need to know what our members think.

Betsy DeVos has NEVER worked in public education. She has ZERO qualifications, and she has NO interest in helping American children.
Her only qualification? Her checkbook.

She’s spent MILLIONS to elect Republicans on the state and local level.

If we’re going to fix our Democracy, it’s critical that we stop pay-to-play politicians like DeVos.

Sign this petition!


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