Posted by: maboulette | July 10, 2017

Hillary Clinton Receives Standing Ovation from the Audience of Broadway’s Oslo


Like an early Independence Day firework in a pantsuit, Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton burst into the evening performance of Oslo, J.T. Rogers’ Tony-winning play about the Oslo Middle East Peace Accords, on Sunday.


The audience went absolutely nuts. Shouts of “Hillary! Hillary!” filled Manhattan’s Lincoln Center as the former Secretary of State and her husband took their seats.


Just as Lorde had her secret onion ring Instagram, surely Hillary Clinton has an anonymous Broadway review blog somewhere by now. It could even be reviews of all the Broadway Standing Ovations she’s received. Frankly, she’s the only critic you could trust on the subject.

Former Pres. Bill Clinton, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton cheered while attending theater performance in NYC.

Hillary is still everyone favorite girl!  She should be in the White House instead of Trump.


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