Posted by: maboulette | June 29, 2017

Country Over Party

country over party1

The Republican health care repeal is not about freedom. It’s not about choice. It’s not even about health. It never has been.

What it’s about is a tax cut for the wealthy and the powerful. $700 billion for individuals and corporations that already have more money than they know what to do with.

The cynicism of the Republican health care repeal is revolting. 23 million people stand to lose their insurance. Medicaid, which covers care for 60%of nursing home residents, faces the deepest cuts of all. Medicaid also pays for some of Medicare expenses that elderly can’t afford.  That’s our parents and grandparents. Our favorite teacher. The men and women who mentored us through difficult times.

People’s Action and its affiliates are in the streets. They’ve sent thousands of calls to the Senate, held rallies outside district offices. They are making a lot of noise. They will defeat this terrible, cruel bill and, when the next election comes along, hang this around the necks of anyone who voted for it.

My opinion that today everyone should call their Senators and tell them to start thinking about country instead of party.




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