Posted by: maboulette | June 24, 2017

Not Dead – Just Computer Problems



computer problems

For those who have perhaps been wondering where I have been – just remember this.  If you have Windows 10, and it works great; don’t allow Microsoft to update to a new version.  If you don’t have Windows 10- don’t ever get it!  MS did a large update/version change over the weekend, so Monday I could not get into my computer – “password not valid”.

Yes, I have had computer problems – which cost me around $130 and over 24 hours on the phone to “out of warranty” tech department for Dell Computers in India – the technicians were great and they Fed Ex’d me a flash drive with a new operating system (I actually got it in less than 12 hours) and then talked me through saving all my personal items and then rebuilding my Windows 10 operating system.  And I am NOT going to upgrade to a new version – ever.  So now if anyone had problems with Dell Window’s 10, I probably could help you with that problem.

I just wonder why this call center is not moving back to the United States – is it possible that Dell hasn’t been gotten a tweet from President Trump to move that entire call center to somewhere in the US?  I don’t know but I do know that these technicians were able to be clearly understood while we were yelling at each other (actually that was only 1 guy).   If I couldn’t understand them – I was just going to drive over to Dell in Austin and throw my laptop at someone.

So, that was my adventure for the week – I didn’t die, still alive and kicking.  I  do think I have a few more gray hairs.

Now I am going to pray for rain because yesterday’s heat was so bad – did we actually play outside in Texas during the summers?





  1. I feel for Windows users. I’ve been a Mac guy since the late 1980’s and never looked back. My late 2009 iMac still hums away every day without issues. It’s my work machine. That’s an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD machine which has been updated continuously. There is nothing on your Mac that you cannot figure out yourself (and fix). My Windows colleagues have gone thru several Windows laptops in that time period. My wife is a Windows person, and I am her tech. support! I DO have a virus scanner on my machine, but have yet to find a threat.

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