Posted by: maboulette | June 12, 2017

Here’s How You Know James Comey Had Nothing to Hide, And Jeff Sessions Has Everything to Hide

Comey and Sessions

Former FBI Director James Comey has finished testifying before the Senate about Trump’s Russia scandal, and current Attorney General Jeff Sessions is about to do the same. Even if you haven’t been following the scandal or the roles that these two men have played in it, there’s a dead giveaway as to which of them has nothing to hide and which of them has everything to hide – and they’ve already both shown their cards in that regard.


Now that the Senate is asking Sessions to testify about his participation in the scandal, he’s begged off a scheduled public hearing and he’s requesting that he be allowed to testify in a closed session instead. Why? Because he knows he has to perform verbal acrobatics in order to avoid admitting to his own criminal behavior while also avoiding committing perjury. If he blows it again, as he did when he perjured himself in January, he doesn’t want the public to be able to directly hear him do it this time. He wants it behind closed doors, so if he blows it again, perhaps one of his former colleagues in the Senate might soften it for him.


And that’s all you really need to know. James Comey wanted all the lights turned on when he told his side of the story, and Jeff Sessions wants all the lights turned off when he tells his. That’s because Comey was telling the truth and therefore had no need to worry about his own performance. Sessions is planning to be as dishonest as ever.


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