Posted by: maboulette | June 3, 2017

FBI Is Now Officially Investigating Donald Trump Himself, And Not Just His Campaign

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The FBI’s unofficial motivation for investigating the actions of Donald Trump’s campaign advisers and associates has always been to pressure them into eventually flipping on Trump himself in order to avoid the most severe punishment for their own crimes. It’s why we keep hearing about the nearly limitless number of Trump associates under investigation. But now things have shifted, as Donald Trump himself is also directly under FBI investigation.


That confirmation came by way of NBC News yesterday, which reported that the FBI and Congress are now both investigating an alleged secret meeting between Donald Trump and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel in April 2016 (link). It’s long been confirmed that Kislyak was at the foreign policy speech which Donald Trump gave that day. It’s also long been known that Trump, Jeff Sessions, and other campaign advisers met with Kislyak during a private reception before the speech. But now the FBI is investigating an alleged second meeting that day.


Yesterday CNN reported that Jeff Sessions may have circled back and met privately with Kislyak after the speech. But now NBC is reporting that Donald Trump may have done the same exact thing.


So we’ve reached the point where not only has the FBI graduated from investigating Trump’s associates to investigating Trump himself, it’s also reached a point where it’s willing to leak as much to the public through the media. This shift is also notable in that it comes shortly after Special Counsel Robert Mueller took charge of the direction of the FBI’s investigation of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. This points to Mueller swiftly upping the stakes as he looks to pin Trump down


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