Posted by: maboulette | May 30, 2017

Foreign Leader Befuddled As Donald Trump Wanders Off During Joint Press Conference

trump no one is home

During the course of Trump’s overseas trip, it has been pointed to several pieces of evidence that have surfaced which suggest his physical and mental health may be in sharp decline. He sounded winded during his speech in Saudi Arabia. He read the wrong words off his teleprompter. He canceled several events and meetings. Now there’s video evidence suggesting that something is wrong with Trump, period, during this trip.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump held a joint press conference in Israel this week, with both men sitting in chairs. But at some point, with the questions still coming in, Trump simply got up and wandered off in careless fashion with a blank look on his face. Netanyahu tried to reach out to Trump with his arm twice, in what might have been an attempt to get him to remain for photos or a handshake.  But Trump just kept going, leaving Netanyahu looking befuddled at what he was witnessing.


Former Hillary Clinton aide Adam Parkhomenko, who posted the video online, offered his interpretation of Trump’s behavior in the clip: “He’s just not there. There’s nothing going on in that head.” We couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t take a medical professional to figure out that there’s something seriously wrong with Donald Trump’s physical and/or mental health, and that the overseas trip is exposing that problem in glaring fashion.


The media reacted in obsessive fashion when Hillary briefly appeared lightheaded during the campaign. Yet now that Trump has spent an entire overseas trip looking, sounding, and behaving like he’s on the verge of a total health collapse, the media is largely choosing to ignore it.



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  1. Sounds like early dementia or Alzheimer’s

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