Posted by: maboulette | May 24, 2017

Trump Displays a Disregard for Science, Ethics and Human Rights Based on His Fracking Policies


Fracking is at the core of the fossil energy industry’s intent—over the coming decades—to “maximize” the amount of oil and gas that is brought to the surface of the United States, and burned. Trump has handed the federal administrative reins to these interests to see that it happens, in a blatant disregard for science, ethics, and human rights.


The fight against fracking is the fight for an altogether different vision for the future of energy. It is the fight to maximize the oil and gas we keep in the ground. True energy security cannot sacrifice public health in our communities, and the climate on which we depend. We require democratic and localized energy systems, built on the efficient use of abundant and renewable energy resources.


Fracking brings a litany of problems to local communities. Fracking puts vital aquifers at risk for generations by creating new pathways through which contaminants—including:

  • Chemicals injected;
  • Radioactive brines;
  • Methane;
  • Other hydrocarbon gases.

This can flow over long periods of time.


It fragments forests and mars landscapes with new roads, new well sites, new pipelines, and other infrastructure. It:

  • Creates toxic and even radioactive waste:
  • Disposal of which causes earthquakes;
  • Risks drinking water.

It leads to thousands of accidents, leaks, and spills each year that threaten public health and safety and risk rivers, streams, and shallow aquifers. It dumps hazardous pollutants into the air above well-sites and other infrastructure, at the expense of local communities, families, and farms.


It’s turned homes into explosive hazards by contaminating water wells with methane and other harmful gases. Each fracked well consumes millions of gallons of water, competing with farmers for local water supplies. More broadly, fracking threatens the climate on which we all depend by dumping carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, and by locking in future climate pollution with each new infrastructure project.


One of Trump’s first actions was repealing the decision by Obama to start an Environmental Impact Statement for considering a reroute of the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). The Obama decision had come just one day before a deadline the US Army Corps of Engineers had set, after which native water protectors at Standing Rock would have been treated as trespassers on their own sovereign land.


We need to move into a sustainable energy future that prioritizes becoming energy efficient and depends on sun and wind power. We also need to invest in a robust mass transit system that is affordable and convenient. These solutions bring wealth, employment, and well-being where they are put in place. They will bring local energy and economic security. They redefine how we should be defining economic and energy security at the community level. What we require is trust that we can do this—it requires political will.

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