Posted by: maboulette | May 14, 2017

Trump Worried about Michael Flynn’s Russia Testimony, But Warned Not to Interfere

Trump and Flynn

In the hours since the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena to Michael Flynn regarding Trump’s Russia scandal, details have started leaking out about Trump’s reaction. Various reports say that Trump is now worried about what Flynn will say, and that he wanted to reach out to Flynn about the matter but was warned not to. It’s also being reported that Trump has become irritated and isolated as the scandal untangles.


First came a report from The Daily Beast which said that Trump feels bad about the state Flynn is in, and Trump wants to reach out to him, but keeps getting talked out of it by his own White House attorneys . Then there was a report which reveals that Trump is privately questioning whether or not he should have fired Flynn to begin with, as he’s now worried what Flynn will end up revealing . Put those two stories together, and you get a better picture of what’s going on in Trump head.


In other words, Trump appears to want to reach out to Flynn in the hope of finding a way to influence his testimony. Whether that would be through friendly or insubordinate is unclear. But Trump’s lawyers are correct in that he’d be committing ‘obstruction of justice’ or ‘witness tampering’ just by picking up the phone, now that the Senate has clearly identified Flynn as a target in its Trump-Russia investigation.  It also was reported earlier this week , Trump debatably violated federal witness coercion laws with his tweet aimed at Sally Yates just before her testimony.


It’s clear that Trump is in panic mode now that his firing of James Comey has backfired and resulted in the immediate Flynn subpoena, among other swift reactions. Washington Post reporter Robert Costa says that according to his sources, a “frustrated” Donald Trump has become “increasingly isolated in recent days”. So it appears at this point that Trump’s rash actions are out of pure exasperation, as things continue to not go his way.

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