Posted by: maboulette | May 12, 2017

There Has Been a Nuclear Accident in America – Did You Know?

reactor site

The country has been so involved in the Trump-Comey firing, many Americans do not realize the U.S. has had a nuclear accident.  This has happened in Washington State with the Department of Energy having declared a “state of emergency”.


This emergency involves the Hanford nuclear site after a tunnel storing contaminated radioactive materials collapsed.  This collapse discovered last week has forced hundreds of workers to take cover in order to avoid potential exposure.  This site has been leaking radioactive waste on and off for many years.  This accident took place after years of alleged safety concerns, whistleblower retaliation, reported Tuesday.


The Energy Department claims no radioactive contamination has been reported so far since the damage was found.  But Edwin Lyman from the Union of Concerned Scientists said:

“Collapse of the earth covering the tunnels could lead to a considerable radiological release.”


Now the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Nuclear Waste Program has announced on Twitter that it has taken legal action against Hanford.


It is problems like this that develops when the United States does not take care of infrastructure problems.  These are problems with dams, highways, bridges, energy grid, public schools and others that can in many instances be a hazard for the population living near these problems.

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