Posted by: maboulette | May 10, 2017

Donald Trump as President, and His Wall Isn’t Helping Him

A majority of voters in the United States are embarrassed to have Donald Trump as their president.  This is according to a new Quinnipiac University poll that was released on Tuesday. 52% of the voters that were polled said they were embarrassed that Trump is president of this country, while only 27% stated they were proud. Trump seems to be losing popularity within key groups of his voter base — men and white people. 51% of the white male voters surveyed and 48% of all white voters polled said they disapprove in the way Trump is managing his new job. In total, only 35% of those surveyed said they approve of Trump’s handling of the presidency, while 57% said they disapprove.


Those who hold critical feelings about the presidency are by no means solely voters who slant left. Some of the president’s voters appear to be having second thoughts. Even in deep-red Texas, he’s having trouble, and that may be exactly because of his wall.


A CNN investigative report discovered the influence for those living near the border. It turns out there is a long history of government efforts to take property from homeowners through the courts. Trump’s wall is planned to cover the entire border, and some of his supporters plan to fight the administration in court.


One family in particular, whose relatives have been farming in South Texas for nearly 100 years, had its land cut in half 10 years ago — the last time the U.S. government was building a wall along the border.


“I was very angry, I just kept saying, how can they do that? How is that possible in the United States that they can do this?” D’Ann Loop of Brownsville recalled to CNN. “They put up a fence in front of our land and then keep us in here — lock us in. I didn’t understand. I was very — I was floored and flabbergasted.”


Members of the Loop family lost the fight in court and were issued a settlement after the government took their land, leaving them with almost no more property in the U.S.

“It essentially left us no property on the U.S. side of the border wall including my house — my residence. Everything was behind — on the Mexican side of the U.S. border fence,” Ray Loop told CNN.

CNN reported:

Though the Loops’ home is on US territory, it is located on the other side of the country’s border fence. The family was basically locked out of its own country when the fence was built 10 years ago.


That’s because construction of a border barrier is difficult because of fears over:

  • Environment;
  • Geography;
  • Topography;
  • Other matters.

 It doesn’t always follow the true border between Mexico and the US.




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